Top 10 Anime of Winter 2019

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Now that these anime shows have all prevailed, let's recap on the top 10 anime of winter 2019.

Talk about starting off the year with a bang. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Anime of Winter 2019."

For this list, we’ll be looking at the new shows and sequel series that were released during the winter season and ranking them on both their popularity and impact. If you haven’t given these a watch yet, what are you waiting for?! Hop to it.

Following the antics of a mysterious reaper as they battle everything from man-eating shapeshifters to a psychotic teacher who can cut away sadness, Boogiepop might sound like the supernatural shounen we’ve all been waiting for, when in truth its enigmatic sense of narrative is more akin to Serial Experiments Lain. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be experienced, as the philosophical viewpoints it presents will indeed keep you up at night.

For those of you that have always wondered how a pet might view the world of humans, or if you’re just a cat lover, then this a must watch. Following the daily antics of an introverted young man and his newfound companion Haru, be prepared to be barraged by an onslaught of wholesome adorableness as both human and feline try to find happiness. Haru and Subaru’s relationship easily hits close to home, the lighthearted comedy never fails to earn a chuckle, and let’s be honest, who gets tired of watching cat videos?

Ah yes, the harem anime that keeps on giving, all tropes included! As Shidou and his set of deadly ladies continue to seek out more Spirits, things take a turn towards the dark side with the introduction of Natsumi; and from the looks of things, she’s got no interest in making kissy faces with our lucky lead, instead seeking to destroy his life from the inside. Good job he’s got a fleet of kickass girls to aid him. Whether you care for the space-fairing story or not, you can take solace that all your favourite waifus are back; though if the show knows what’s good for it, we’d better see a lot more of Kurumi down the line!

Ah Yumeko, it’s like you never left. The gambling addict and her allies find themselves thrown to much deadlier game when the Momobami clan invades the academy, all seeking to overthrow the school council and assume power for themselves. Of course, it wouldn’t be Kakegurui if the battles didn’t involve crazy gambles, and with some of the games carrying the risk of death, it’s fair to say that this sequel has ramped up the tension tenfold. And as you’d might expect, Yumeko’s loving every chaotic second of it.

Have you ever wanted to see anime try its hand at being a soap opera? Well, look no further. In the strangest twists of fate that can befall a student guided by his hormones, our boy Natsuo finds himself with two new step-sisters—one of them just happens to be the teacher he’s been crushing on, while the other is a classmate he’s recently had sex with. From there, it’s one explosive piece of drama after the next, as all three find themselves descending into scandal, romance, and a seemingly inability to keep it in their pants.

A contender for rom-com of the year? These two lovebird certainly make a strong case. Kaguya and Miyuki are utterly infatuated with one another; however, since they’re a pair of highly intelligent and prideful school council members, they just can’t come out and say it. Instead, they spend their days trying to outwit the other into confessing, with the results often being just as hilarious as they are cute. What other pairing could lose their shit as much as these two over something as small as cat ears?

From the mind of the original God of Manga, Osamu Tezuka, and re-adapted with a fresh coat of bloody paint courtesy of Mappa, this beast of a show has managed to slice its way to the forefront thanks to its unyielding tale of sacrifice and suffering. After his bastard father makes a deal with demons in exchange for power, Hyakkimaru is born into the world without any limbs, senses, and even skin. What’s a doomed soul to do? Hunt down the demons and reclaim what was stolen from him, one ligament at a time. Accompanied by our titular child-thief, this series will have you by the throat from the first episode onward.

When your whole world turns out to be a lie and the people you love turn out to be monsters, then there’s only one option: Run. Upon discovering that their home is actually a farm, and their fellow orphans are mere delicacies for hideous creatures, life-long friends Emma, Norman, and Ray are forced to devise an escape plan before anyone else is killed. Going toe to toe with their so-called Mom and the unsettling Sister Krone, the sheer amount of mental warfare, deception, and risk of failure that our leads have to endure has set this series up as one of the most thrilling in recent memory.

Spoiler alert, this ain’t your daddy’s isekai. Earning itself quite a bit of controversy upon release, Shield Hero presents us with every fan’s worst nightmare—what if you were transported into a fantasy world rife with magical possibility, only to be shunned and backstabbed at every turn. Welcome to Naofumi’s new reality. Despite being summoned as one of the four heroes in order to stop an incoming catastrophe, a royal conspiracy leaves him in disgrace after being falsely convicted of rape. However, thanks to the companionship of new best girl Raphtalia, Naofumi finds himself becoming the kind of hero that the kingdom may not want, but they sure as hell need.

Life’s never dull when you’re the world’s most powerful esper. Delivering on everything we could want in a sequel, Mob finds his worldview start to shift as he continues to try and better his social life while also moonlighting as Reigen’s secret psychic weapon. Not only does he have to deal with some of the most powerful vengeful spirits ever encountered, but also come to grips with how humans are just as complex as ghosts. Considering the character growth here is just as mesmerizing as the fight scenes, it’s fair to say the quality of this show has gone way passed a hundred.

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