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To Understand Humans, Listen to These Podcasts

The favourite podcasts of a long-term psych student

By Asterion AvocadoPublished about a year ago 4 min read
To Understand Humans, Listen to These Podcasts
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Applied Psychology Student's Favourite Podcasts

Where to learn about the brain, behaviour, economy, and creativity in your free time

I enjoy reading, in fact, I'm thinking about doing it more frequently. However, I also believe that there are many more methods to learn than reading books. Is it possible to learn more effectively by listening to podcasts rather than reading books? I'm not sure, but it's beside the point. Sure, depending on your viewpoint, it may be better.

For example, you could be the type of person that absorbs knowledge considerably more quickly when presented with visual or auditory stimulation.

Reason 2: You can't read books while driving, travelling, exercising, or cleaning the home, but you can listen to podcasts while doing so. This is a great way to put your time to work. Or just detach from what you're doing and enjoy your time more.

Reason 3: Usually podcasts are hosted by multiple people, or at the very least, they have guess speakers. This means that you'll get to learn about a topic from more than one point of view, and not just from one author.

So, we've covered the usefulness of learning through podcasts, but you might still be wondering: which podcasts should I listen to? I will give you my personal answer and suggestions, especially coming from the angle of a long-time psychology student.

Hopefully, anyone will benefit from listening to these suggestions, and I would guess they may even be particularly suited for students. They are free, can be listened to anywhere (I tend to use Spotify), and you know, some are kinda funny too. Which helps.

Without further ado, here are my favourite podcasts about psych, behaviour, marketing, and more:

No stupid questions

People who know me in the academic area of my life, or who have heard me talking about psychology ever, might know that I am a die-hard fan of Angela Duckworth, and that her book Grit rekindled my love of studying.

Well, she is one of the hosts of No stupid questions, and that's the first reason (in my opinion) for listening to the podcast.

Stephen J. Dubner (co-author of Freakonomics) and social psychologist Angela Duckworth enjoy asking other people things and have come to feel that there is no such thing as a dumb question. As a result, they created a podcast in which they ask one another "stupid questions".

Everything, including psychology, behaviour, life, and jobs. Is a fantastic podcast that will teach you a lot while also making you giggle.


With Stephen J. Dubner (yep, the same one from the podcast above), discover the "hidden side of everything". Every week, Freakonomics Radio tells us things we always thought we knew but didn't, and things we never thought we wanted to know but now do. Or so they say.

Kidding, it's all true.

If you want to know about anything from the economics of sleep to mastering your life and "eat like a fish", this is the place to go. Dubner interviews Nobel Laureates, provocateurs, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and other pretty interesting thoughts.

2 psychologists 4 beers

Two psychologists attempt to drink four beers while debating the latest news and debates in science, academia, and the general world of the mind. Isn't it incredible? Two of my favourite things…I mostly like beers, but I also enjoy psychology. Sometimes.

And! You can hear them talking about how good the craft beer they're drinking is. Ah! If only I could listen to them while sipping a drink. What better way to learn than this?

They are mostly focused on the world of Social Psych, and you know, stuff like that. But above you'll find (if you're interested) a more general-psych podcast episode. Cuz self-care is good care, right?

Especially with a pale ale.


This is not your usual marketing podcast. But a marketing podcast any psychology-inclined person will love. Nudge is a quick (usually under 15 minutes) guide with specific examples that you can use. Every episode is simple and direct, with an "MBA's worth of insight."

How do I know the teachings of Nudge are applicable? Well, for starters I have studied nudges, sludges, and all of this sweet stuff. But, most importantly, I have used their suggestions myself.


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