Thor: Love and Thunder: Natalie Portman Teases ‘Really Silly’ Parts in Marvel Sequels

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Thor: Love and Thunder: Natalie Portman Teases ‘Really Silly’ Parts in Marvel Sequels

As we all know by now that Marvel Studios has been back on gearing up their upcoming productions on phase 4. We can finally start seeing images, clips, behind the scenes, posters, interviews, promos, news, etc from a dozen new projects from Marvel Studios with about eight confirmed movies. While phase 4 will kick off with the highly anticipated TV series WandaVision, which premiering on Disney+ in the end of this year and the highly anticipated Black Widow movie next May 2021, which was postponed from May 2020 release due to pandemic.

Phase 4 will introduce tons of new characters including with their own spin off as well as closing out some chapters from earlier phases, as we know, the God of Thunder is the only one that get more than a trilogy or at least the first hero from earliest MCU hero that is getting another fourth solo. We will never know if any of the earliest MCU heroes could get their fourth solo sequels, we can only hope. Thor: Love and Thunder starts its principal of photography in January 2021 and Taika Waititi is back to write and direct the fourth installment of Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder as he promises fans the adventure of the fourth installment can potentially make Thor: Ragnarok into dust.

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, via Twitter, Jane Foster actress from Thor, Thor: The Dark World and Avengers: Endgame; Natalie Portman gave some discussion for the upcoming release of Thor: Love and Thunder on the Twitter video, although Portman did not give any new information in this video but enough for fan to get a bit excited after she said “gonna be really silly, and funny, and great.”

You can check the full tweet video below.

Natalie Portman tells Jimmy about preparing for #ThorLoveAndThunder with @TaikaWaititi 🎥 #FallonTonight

— The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight) October 21, 2020

We can’t be more excited to have Natalie Portman back to portray Jane Foster after her absence for years until we see her cameo in Avengers: Endgame. As we know, Thor: Love and Thunder is the mark of Jane Foster will find herself worthy to wield the Mjolnir hammer as she becomes the new Thor, taking the mantel from Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. We will see Jane Foster as a major player in the future MCU films, as we actually had the tease for a reminiscent of A-Force in Avengers: Endgame, where all the female superheroes gathered together and ready help and protect Spider-Man holding the Infinity Gauntlet.

In the comic, A-Force is a team consisted of female superheroes, She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa (which was introduced in Marvel’s Inhumans on ABC), Nico Minoru (which was introduced in Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu), Singularity, and Captain Marvel as part of Marvel’s Secret Wars crossover in 2015, which a popular Marvel story line since the 80’s that spawned to three more Secret Wars storyline. As we heard of some rumors that MCU phase 6 could lead to either Secret Invasion which involving the Skrulls (which was introduced in 2019’s Captain Marvel) to take over the heroes or a Secret War storyline where all of our heroes are brought to a planet to battle their notorious villains.

Taika Waititi was able to bring Thor: Ragnarok to a different path and became incredibly successful financially and critically. His portray as Korg was hilarious and became a fan favorite from that film. With his helming on Thor: Love and Thunder, we can definitely see Thor himself and Jane Foster wields the Mjolnir across the universe.

Thor: Love and Thunder will start production in January 2021 and will wield to theaters on February 11th, 2022.

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