Theseus Scamander: Thoughts, Musings, and Predictions

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'Crimes of Grindelwald' introduced me to Newt's brother, Theseus, and he is inexplicably my new favorite character.

Theseus Scamander: Thoughts, Musings, and Predictions


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald introduced fans to the upstanding and slightly mysterious Theseus Scamander. As an auror with the British Ministry of Magic and well-known war hero from WWI, he brings in a big contrast to his little brother and magizoologist, Newt.

The first time we see Theseus is at the beginning of the film. He is instructing Newt on his fifth meeting with the ministry to reinstate his license to travel out of the country.

First meeting him, he is basically telling Newt to go along with the ministry for once. We, the adoring fans of Newt, are thinking during this scene, BUT HE JUST WANTS TO SEE TINA! Theseus doesn't seem to have any chill and only tolerates Newt in this opening scene.

Throughout the film, Theseus is just trying to do his job. He is under the stress of Grindelwald on the run and attempting to locate Credence. My impression is that he cannot see the forest for the trees - there are all of these specific things he needs to do because he wants to do what's right. What he cannot see is that Newt has the same goal, just done in a very different way.

The result of Grindelwald's rally shows Theseus that perhaps there is more to consider than simply the laws of the ministry. Dumbledore warned Theseus not to fall in Grindelwald's trap and Theseus proceeded to fall into Grindelwald's trap. His perspective of Dumbledore has changed and Leta's supposed death must have lit a fire beneath him.

As far as his relationship with Newt, I believe that they are going to really feel the bond of wartime. Tragedy brought two very different people together in the film and I believe that Theseus is now prepared to defend and support Newt's actions.

The more I watch this film the more I love Theseus. I find myself rooting for him because he is the good guy - he just needs to redefine his priorities.

Also, the fact that he is a hugger is my FAVORITE.


Newt and Theseus are going to be my new favorite brothers. (Sorry, Fred and George!)

Theseus will join the core four (minus Queenie) and either leave the ministry or persuade them to listen to Newt.

Theseus and Tina will not see eye to eye but will eventually come to respect each other.

Newt and Theseus will argue often because Newt is emotional and Theseus is logical.

Theseus will play a part in bringing Queenie back to the core four.

Theseus will apologize to Dumbledore.

Theseus will not understand Newt's insistence on including Jacob and all interactions between Jacob and Theseus will be hilariously awkward.

The greatest successes will come from Newt and Theseus setting aside their differences and working together.

Theseus will be a Gryffindor.

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Hannah Howard
Hannah Howard
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