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These 5 Movies Will Help You Stay Motivated & Keep Studying

You need to watch it before getting upset about yourself!

By Sriparna MallickPublished about a month ago 5 min read

Good Will Hunting (1997)

"Good Will Hunting" is a critically acclaimed drama that explores themes of intellectual potential, personal growth, and the importance of relationships and mentorship. The film, directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, stars Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, and Minnie Driver.

The story centers on Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon), a young janitor at MIT with extraordinary mathematical abilities. Despite his genius, Will struggles with deep-seated emotional issues and a troubled past. After assaulting a police officer, he narrowly avoids jail time by agreeing to study mathematics under Professor Gerald Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgård) and attend therapy sessions with Dr. Sean Maguire (Robin Williams).

  • Will's intellectual brilliance contrasts sharply with his working-class background and his job as a janitor. The film explores the idea that genius can come from unexpected places and that societal roles often mask true potential.
  • The relationships Will forms with Professor Lambeau and Dr. Maguire play crucial roles in his journey. While Lambeau pushes Will to pursue his mathematical talents, Dr. Maguire helps him confront his emotional scars and personal demons.
  • Ultimately, "Good Will Hunting" is about self-discovery. Will must decide whether to continue on a self-destructive path or embrace his potential and the possibilities for a better future.

October Sky (1999)

"October Sky" is an inspiring film based on the true story of Homer Hickam, a coal miner's son who dreams of building rockets. The film is an adaptation of Hickam's memoir, "Rocket Boys." Set in the late 1950s in the small coal mining town of Coalwood, West Virginia, the film follows Homer Hickam (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) and his friends who are inspired by the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik. Despite the expectation that he will follow in his father's footsteps and work in the mines, Homer becomes fascinated with rockets and decides to build and launch his own.

  • Homer's journey is a testament to following one’s passion despite societal and familial pressures. His dream of building rockets seems unattainable given his background, but his determination drives him forward.
  • The film emphasizes the transformative power of education and mentorship. Miss Riley (played by Laura Dern), a dedicated teacher, encourages Homer and his friends to pursue their interests in science and engineering, providing them with the support and resources they need.
  • The support of his friends and the eventual backing of his father (played by Chris Cooper) and community play crucial roles in Homer’s success. The film illustrates how collective support and belief can propel individuals toward their goals.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

"The Pursuit of Happyness" is a biographical drama film directed by Gabriele Muccino and starring Will Smith as Chris Gardner. The film is based on the true story of Chris Gardner's struggle with homelessness while raising his young son and pursuing a career as a stockbroker. Set in San Francisco in the early 1980s, the film follows Chris Gardner, a salesman struggling to make ends meet. He invests heavily in portable bone density scanners, which he believes will be a big seller, but they are not as successful as he had hoped. As a result, he faces mounting financial difficulties, which eventually lead to him and his son, Christopher (played by Jaden Smith), becoming homeless.

Even in the face of adversity, Chris successfully lands an unpaid internship at a prestigious brokerage firm., Dean Witter Reynolds. He must compete with other interns for a full-time position, all while facing the daily challenges of finding shelter and providing for his son.

  • Chris's unwavering determination to improve his and his son's lives, despite overwhelming odds, is the core of the film. His resilience in the face of adversity is truly inspiring.
  • The film highlights Chris's dedication to his son, emphasizing the importance of parental responsibility and the sacrifices parents make for their children.
  • Chris faces numerous obstacles, including homelessness, financial instability, and intense competition. His ability to overcome these challenges demonstrates the power of perseverance and hard work.

Freedom Writers (2007)

"Freedom Writers" is a drama film directed by Richard LaGravenese, based on the true story recounted in the book "The Freedom Writers Diary" by teacher Erin Gruwell and her students. The film stars Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell, a dedicated teacher who inspires her at-risk students to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams through writing. Set in Long Beach, California, in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, the film follows Erin Gruwell, a young, idealistic English teacher who takes a job at Woodrow Wilson High School. The school has recently implemented an integration program, leading to racial tension and gang violence among the students. Erin’s class is composed of students from diverse and troubled backgrounds, many of whom are considered unteachable and are involved in gangs.

Despite the initial resistance from her students and the lack of support from her colleagues, Erin introduces them to the power of writing by giving them journals to document their lives and experiences. She also exposes them to literature that they can relate to, such as "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "Zlata’s Diary," which resonates deeply with the students.

  • The film highlights the transformative impact of education. Erin's innovative teaching methods show how education can empower students, giving them the tools to change their lives.
  • The students face significant personal and social challenges, including violence, poverty, and discrimination. Their journey underscores the importance of resilience and the ability to overcome adversity.
  • The film emphasizes the power of writing as a tool for self-expression, healing, and personal growth. The students' journals become a means for them to articulate their thoughts, fears, and dreams.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (2009)

"Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story" is a biographical drama film directed by Thomas Carter and starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as Dr. Ben Carson. The film is based on the autobiography of the same name, which chronicles the inspiring life of Dr. Ben Carson, from his troubled youth to his remarkable career as a neurosurgeon. The film begins with Ben Carson’s challenging childhood in Detroit. Raised by a single mother, Sonya Carson (played by Kimberly Elise), Ben faces significant obstacles, including poverty, a volatile temper, and poor academic performance. Sonya, despite her own struggles with illiteracy, is determined to provide a better life for her sons. She instills in Ben the importance of education and hard work, setting high expectations and limiting his TV watching to encourage reading and studying.

Through determination, support from his mother, and a newfound interest in science, Ben turns his academic life around. He earns a scholarship to Yale University and later attended the University of Michigan Medical School. The film highlights his groundbreaking work in pediatric neurosurgery, particularly his pioneering surgery to separate conjoined twins.

  • Ben Carson's journey from a struggling student to a world-renowned neurosurgeon underscores the power of perseverance and the ability to overcome significant obstacles.
  • Ben’s dramatic turnaround in his academic performance serves as an inspiration for anyone struggling with their studies. His story demonstrates that it is never too late to improve and excel.
  • Sonya Carson's unwavering belief in her son's potential and her determination to provide a better future for him illustrate the profound impact of parental support and encouragement.


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