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The winners of the Golden Globe 2021 in the name of politically correct, but it is the art that pays the price

by Marco Bonomo 6 months ago in entertainment

The Golden Globe awards were held in Los Angeles, in full it was "politically correct", and most of the victories went to women and artists of color, with very rare exceptions

Lee Isaac Chung, winner of the Best Foreign Film with “Minari”, together with his daughter at the 78th edition of the Golden Globe Awards. Credit Image: © NBC via ZUMA Wire

The Golden Globe Awards took place in Los Angeles, in full it was "politically correct", and most of the victories went to women and artists of color, with very few exceptions (The Crown, Borat). Let's see them in detail. The most coveted award goes to a woman in a film about women: Chloé Zhao in the play “Nomadland” starring Frances Mcdormand. The Best Actress Award goes to Andra Day, African American interpreter, for "United States Vs. Billie Holiday", which wins competition from Carey Mulligan and the beautiful Vanessa Kirby, western and white, in "Pieces of a Woman".

Best Actor to African American actor Chadwick Boseman for "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom". Rosamund Pike wins the award for best actress for "I Care a lot", beating Borat's Maria Bakalova, according to many more meritorious accomplice an incredible and spontaneous interpretation, truly amazing. The award goes to Sacha Baron Cohen, as best actor of Borat, probably for the merit of the choice and direction of Bakalova in the same film.

Following other awards with clear ethnic or LGBT connotations, Jodie Foster wins the award for best supporting actress with "The Mauritanian" at the expense of an absolutely meritorious Glenn Close, amazing interpreter of "American Elegy". Even the Best Supporting Actor award is politically correct. African American Daniel Kaluuya wins for "Judas and the Black Messiah", overtaking Sacha Baron Cohen, Jared Leto, Bill Murray.

Politically correct triumphs at the most coveted prize, best director. Chloé Zhao wins, with “Nomadland“, an Asian artist, bypassing Western authors. Best Screenplay to Aaron Sorkin, in “Trial of the Chicago 7,” one of his most politically correct films. Best animated film in "Soul", again starring an African American with the voice of Will Smith. Best Foreign Film is no exception, Lee Isaac Chung's “Minari” wins, canceling Western European films, including our The Life Ahead, starring Sophia Loren. Films, among other things, really unsuccessful, like all Italian films. This is not new.

Instead, Laura Pausini, an artist very attentive to feminist themes, wins for the best song in the same film. The curiosity is that all the songs in the running were better than his. Even in the comedies, a surprisingly successful work "Gender Equality" with Shitt's Creek to the detriment of the masterpiece "Ted Lasso", shot in Europe starring a man. "Ted Lasso" takes a small revenge with the victory of the protagonist Jason Sudeikis as best actor. Discounted the victory of "The queen of chess" in the best series, also in this case female protagonist. Less obvious is the victory of Anya Taylor-Joy as the female protagonist, in the opinion of the writer the worst among the actresses in the running.

Mark Ruffalo wins Best Actor in a Television Series for "I Know This Much is True" and Emma Corrin wins for "The Crown". “Ozark” remains dry-mouthed, with Caucasian protagonists in all categories. He wins nothing, not even Jason Bateman manages to make it in the best actor award that goes to Josh O'Connor. John Boyega, an African American, wins over five white actors for "Small Ax" for Best Supporting Actor. It beats the likes of Donal Sutherland, Brendan Gleeson, Jim Parson.

Hollywood has imposed new rules, from 2022 no film will be able to win if it does not contain at least a "Minority" and does not deal with issues of "Gender Equality". Already last year, the exclusion of Sam Levinson's "Euphoria" from all categories, despite being clearly the most revolutionary and quality series, and still undefeated to this day, caused a sensation. The two special episodes of Euphoria remained out this year too, despite one of the two protagonists being a transgender and the other African American.

However we want to think, this edition of the Golden Globes will remain in the history of a furrow already marked with the very questionable victories of "Moonlight" at the Oscars a few years ago and of "Parasite". Or the choice not to reward "History of a marriage". Protagonists Western actors, Western director. Bret Easton Ellis in his "White" book criticized the choice by bringing evidence. Ethnicity and gender are rewarded, not quality. This is demonstrated by the fact that Louis C.K and Woody Allen have been placed at the corners of the American show. Thanks to their being men, heterosexual, white. Although uncontested genes. In this triumph of "Cancel Culture" it is art that pays the price. It is one of the poorest editions artistically in the history of the Golden Globe. And the die is now cast.


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