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The Two Ways Ms Marvel’s Post-Credit Scene Could Go!

This article will contain spoilers discussing the two likely ways the post-credit scene for Ms Marvel could play out in the upcoming MCU film The Marvels.

By Craig ArnottPublished about a year ago 3 min read
One of the future heroes of the MCU, Ms Marvel

Be warned this article will contain spoilers.

A post-credit scene was not invented by Marvel, but it has easily become the latest trend to excite fans for future instalments thanks to Marvel. However, it is safe to say Marvel have mastered the art of a post-credit scene. As each one allows their audience to try to figure out and connect the scene to the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel’s most recent series Ms Marvel has just concluded and keeping with MCU traditions a post-credit scene was featured at the end of the final episode.

Ms Marvel did a superb job of introducing new fans to one of the newer superheroes to not just Marvel Comics, but comics in general. Kamala Khan quickly became a popular comic book character. Marvel were highly praised for their portrayal of a Pakistani Muslim teenager who admired superheroes, with her all-time favourite being Captain Marvel. The MCU series of Ms Marvel followed this trend and presented audiences with an instantly likeable Pakistani Muslim teenage girl with a longing for superhero adventures. But at the end of her series came a twist within the post-credit scene.

Captain Marvel in the Ms Marvel post-credit scene

In the post-credit scene, the bracelet which had been granting Kamala access to her new-found powers begins to glow. In a burst of energy, she is thrown through her closet door only for her idol Captain Marvel to emerge in place of Kamala. Instantly confused the Captain Marvel states, “Oh my god!” Before sprinting off screen, ending the Ms Marvel series. Now you might think the ending is pretty obvious as to what has happened, but you could be wrong, and it could mean one of two things.

So, yes off the back it appears that the new Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel have switched places. Which could prompt and set-up for Carol and Monica to reunite before joining forces and heading into space to rescue Kamala. This set up would be clean and obvious, with the three heroines joining forces against a foe in the upcoming MCU film The Marvels. But one thing the MCU is well-known for now is throwing a curve ball and catching fans out, as there is another possibility.

L-R: Monica, Carol & Kamala set to unite for The Marvels

In the comics Kamala’s first power to manifest is one that may have been what we saw in the post-credit scene. In the comics when Kamala’s powers first activated, she triggered a shapeshifting power which turned her into Carol in her former heroine appearance of Ms Marvel. During this initial period Kamala was extremely confused and it took time for her to realise what was happening to her. Given the reaction seen within the post-credit scene, the confusion seen in the Captain Marvel could actually be either Carol trying to figure out why she is in a strange room, or Kamala confused at the activation of her new power.

Now some may be pointing out how Kamala and Carol had different outfits on, so it must be the two switching places. But this is where Kamala’s shapeshifting differs from what you would expect, as her clothing will also alter. When it first happened in the comics Kalama altered both her physical appearance and her clothing to match the appearance of Carol as Ms Marvel. If they have used this same power in the post-credit scene it means Kamala may be what draws Captain Marvel back to Earth.

Kamala regaining control after her powers awoke in the comics

The option of Carol coming back to Earth could also result in a confrontation between her and Monica. As we know, Monica’s mother Maria died of cancer during the 5 years gap of the snap, during which time Monica was one of the people to fade to dust. Not much has been mentioned around Maria’s passing in Monica’s absence. But if Monica found her mother’s oldest friend never returned to Earth to comfort her mother as she died. It could mean Monica and Carol may have some issues to work through. This could then allow Kamala to be the one to make to two find a way to move past the trauma of the snap.

Either of these options are likely, but they are truly only two options. As we all know, Marvel could completely surprise us all and show Kamala was actually a Skrull all along. Okay, that one is probably not likely, or is it with Secret Invasion looming for the MCU? But what were your thoughts on Ms Marvel? How do you think the post-credit scene will play out in the upcoming MCU film The Marvels?

Ms Marvel will return in The Marvels


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