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The Suicide Squad Review

by Kevin Mitchell 9 months ago in movie

A Review by Kevin Mitchell

Riotous Fun!

The short read

A riot from start to finish with entertaining twists and a stellar performance from Margot Robbie once again! Despite expectations King Shark was a comic masterpiece. The best WB release since Shazam.

The long read

Those who follow me know I love film. I watch copious numbers of films and re- watch my favourites many times over the years. Only those with a certain panache get a review published by me.

The Suicide Squad (2021) makes the cut. A movie for action fans with a taste for the superhero genre. The plot is sweet, way better than Suicide Squad following all the tampering by WB. The movie is entertainment focused, characters develop and evolve, story elements have arcs that fulfil. All in all riotous fun.

Gory doesn’t do it proper justice. In the UK The Suicide Squad is rated 15, R in the US. This is definitely not a film for kids.

Nor does it take itself seriously, happy to acknowledge the absurdity of its own setting in a way that works bringing humour and fun to events.

Margot Robbie reprises her role as Harley Quinn for a third time, and once again is sensational. Clearly the lead character from beginning to end, Margot Robbie takes the weight upon her shoulders and carries it with ease. Her performance is one of emotion, of action intensity, leading to a film better than Birds of Prey and the first Suicide Squad. We may never know if the original director’s cut of Suicide Squad (2016) would have been better, we can still hope to see it with its focus on Harley Quinn.

Joel Kinnerman is great, as are the vast ensemble of squad members, villains, and Amanda Waller’s government control team. Special mentions are needed.

Joel Kinnerman reprises his role as Flag, and delivers a lighter touch performance than in Suicide Squad. An actor I continue to be impressed by after awesome work in Altered Carbon, the Netflix series. The twist for the character was perhaps a slightly weak point in the script, coming without foreshadowing. But a minor quibble in an action avalanche.

Idris Elba as Bloodsport is solid, better perhaps than his performance in Hobbs and Shaw last year. There are parallels to the story and progression of Will Smith’s Deadshot in Suicide Squad, but empathy with Elba’s character is easily attained despite the maelstrom the character progression is happening within.

Michael Rooker as Savant delivers a powerhouse performance. A true success of the film.

John Cena, playing Peacemaker,surprised me here again, as he did in Bumblebee. A solid performance in keeping with the tone of the movie he carries his part with skill. Perhaps playing repeated roles as a grumpy soldier type concerns me a little as to his range. He’s no Dwayne the Rock Johnson. But thoroughly enjoyed his performance here.

David Dastmalchian is great as polkerdot man, carrying off a potentially absurd character and bringing emotion and comedy to the film with equal measure.

Viola Davis delivers again as Amanda Waller, finding just the right evil and callous disregard for life.

No performance brings the whole down. Every character plays a part in the carnage of the tale.

The action is unrelenting and entertaining throughout, a theme of this summer’s blockbusters. Here it is shocking and gory at times, but the extravagance provides the backdrop to The Suicide Squad, making the purpose of X- force clear as expendable deniable soldiers. The comedy is well placed and never feels forced. The scene of who’s Milton was laugh out loud funny. All credit to James Gunn, the director of the The Suicide Squad, he delivered exactly what he promised the fan base.


The Suicide Squad (2021) is A definite watch. I can’t wait to see it again in a year or two. Recommended for action fans and superhero fans who don’t mind the R rated gore. Credit where credit is due, this better than the Suicide Squad (2016) release. Lovers of Harley Quinn will adore this. Perhaps it’s too much to hope Venom Let There Be Carnage will make a similar leap on from its prequel.


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