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The Stunning Detail You Might Have Missed in "Stranger Things 2"

by Hannah Pilgrim 5 years ago in tv
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It was probably overlooked by many.

The cast of "Stranger Things 2"

Let's talk about Stranger Things2. If you have yet to see the new season, turn back now. Prepare yourself, there will be spoilers ahead. There will be no turning back from here.

The unsung hero of Stranger Things 2 is most definitely Bob Newby. His untimely death from the Demadogs was unfortunate, but not in vain. In the long run, his sacrifice to get everyone out of the hospital was the heroic action that saved the day. Bob Newby is the man we all wish we could be.

But did you miss something about Bob? Bob Newby is played by the ever handsome Sean Astin AKA Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and the adorable Mikey from The Goonies. Sean Astin has had a huge influence on the show, seeing as Mike Wheeler's character was initially based off of Mikey. If you haven't seen The Goonies, here is your quick catch up. A group of boys is chasing a treasure that belongs to the infamous pirate One Eyed-Willy because the main character, Mikey, has lost his house to the bank. They hunt for the treasure while a group of criminals does too. In the end not only do they find the treasure, but they reinforce their friendship and save Mikey's house. It's a classic 80s movie that is rewatched time and time again.

So now you are asking, "What is the detail I overlooked?" Hold on just a moment, we've got a little bit more. Let's talk about the episode "Dig Dug." In this episode, things get a little wild. Hopper is trapped in The Upside Down infected tunnels, Joyce is assembling Will's drawings, and Eleven is learning more about her mother. After Joyce has put up Will's drawings, she has a hard time figuring out what it all means, but when Bob gets a good look at it, he figures out it's a map of Hawkins! They don't call him "Bob the Brain" for nothing, right? Bob's puzzle solving skills eventually led them to save Hopper.

Here's what you missed: an inside joke pertaining to the time Sean Astin had spent on The Goonies. While he was in the middle of figuring out the map he made a small little joke about buried treasure.

Of course, the joke went underappreciated in the show itself, but it still hit home with all of us out here who have a love for the 80s and The Goonies. Unfortunately, there was no The Lord of the Rings joke for Mr. Newby. The Duffer Brothers thought it would be in bad taste. We should all be happy that we got the one small joke from Sean Astin. Hopefully, we can get a Heathers or Beetlejuice joke from Winona herself, but only time can tell.

RIP Bob Newby. Forever in out hearts.


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