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The Sexiest Villains in Movies

My Top Ten List of Wowza

By Jane DoePublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Some Stars Make A Villian Look Good Enough to Eat

Everybody wants to be a hero most of the time. When a hero is done right, we admire and want to be like them. If they are good looking and charming also, we might have some delectable fantasies about them. However, there are many villains that are not mentioned in regards to how their portrayel of darkness worked a spell of sexiness upon the viewers. Here are my picks for a top ten list of the sexiest villains to grace the silver screens.

1. Javier Bardem (in No Country for Old Men)

This role he took on was probably a character that would have bored us to tears if not for his brilliant performance. The tone and the fear factor he instilled within the movie kept us on the edge of our seats. The goosebumps on my arms were a huge turn on and seeing how in-control he could be during intense and frightful scenes made me want to jump into his arms and cry "Save Me!" as if the villain was better than the hero.

2. Anthony Hopkins (in Silence of the Lambs)

It was a shocking experience to see Mr. Hopkins (so usually calm and considerate) showing us a savage portrayal of a man so passionate and convicted that he could deliver venomous critiques with appropriate politeness. That was so sexy that to my eyes it didn't matter how old he looked or what he was wearing or even how horrific what he was doing was. When he told Clarice, "People will think we're in love." it was one of those magic silver screen moments that shakes you to the core.

3. Gary Oldman (in Brahm Stoker's Dracula)

Just as no other actor in my mind could ever compare to Hopkin's Hanibal, Oldman delivered the same passionate display with his Dracula. Dracula is a classic age old character that we love to hate or love to love. He is often called EVIL, but to those who love him he is romantic, perfect passion, and even deserves compassion and forgiveness. Oldman's performance makes you wonder if you want Dracula or if you are afraid of desire. It's definitely a sinister kind of sexy.

4. Robert DeNiro (in Cape Cod)

His performance as Max is bone-chilling and so scary that one has to catch their breath as they watch. I don't want to want him as he is terrifying me, yet I can't help myself. I must be sick in the head. What's wrong with me? Why would I want such a psychopath? Why does he pull me in as I strive to repel against that magnetism? A truly horrible villain yet with the power to leave a disturbingly haunting sexual fantasy in my mind.

5. Denzil Washington (as Alonso in Training Day)

He won his first Academy Award for playing the villain right after we all got comfortable with him being the new good black guy. Shocked us into a whirl of Huh and WTF? That smile is like the smile on a shark or gator. He flashes his pearly white teeth right before he's going to eat you alive. The charm and sexiness of that kind of powerful persuasion is disturbing and scary and makes me wet my panties in some kind of cowardly damsel in distress manner.

6. Heath Ledger (as Joker in The Dark Knight Rises)

How can I possibly explain my twisted fantasy of a madman in a clown outfit? As a child I liked painting clown faces and collecting paper mache clown figurines, but I never thought I'd lick my lips in sexy wonder at a villainous clown especially after seeing that ugly clown in Poltergiest terrorize the poor kid with braces on his teeth. However, Heath pulled it off and if you don't think his dark portrayel of the Joker is sexy, I think Harley Quinn would disagree with you and agree with me.

7. Alan Rickman (as Hans Gruber in Die Hard)

Only Alan Rickman could deliver a villain with a subtlety that moves an appreciative movie viewer to see the sex appeal in the one we should be afraid of. I didn't pay much attention to him at first because it was more fun watching Bruce Willis go about avoiding him; however, the character of Hans Gruber stays within the subconscious mind in a sort of "Father Figure" fantasy that many of us without fathers have.

8. Brad Pitt (as Tyler Durden in Fight Club)

This is one wackadoodle movie of genius proportions and the entire creative department involved in this film should be praised and not forgotten. Right now I'm focusing only on Sexy Villains, and in this film that honor goes to Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden. The twist of this is that he seems to be the hero, which is really the Devil in Disguise. But who can pretend that his courage to reach rock bottom and take over the world isn't sexy? Not me. If Tyler is sexy enough for Helena Bonham Carter, then he's sexy enough for me.

9. Al Pacino (as Carlito in Carlito's Way)

Al could wear a bean bag and look sexy, but Carlito was supposed to be a villain. The drug dealer gangster foreigner that we are supposed to stay away from and fear because of the trouble it could cause us good law-abiding citizens. The woman he's in love with in this movie, definitely wants him, however she wants to know if he really loves her in the Cheesecake scene and tempts him to be even worse than a drug dealer. I've been called insane, but I think that Cheesecake scene is one of the sexiest scenes on the silver screen. HOT. HOT. HOT.

10. Adam Driver (as Kylo Ren in Star Wars)

I didn't know what to expect with a Darth Vader worshipper and Han Solo killer. Something very alluring about Kylo. He's dark and sinister, but just like Vader he has a heart for the female. It's brooding romance and appeals to those of us who like Obsessive Compulsive romances. He's got power that can scare, yet he guides and tempts like a lead dancer. Suave. Suave is always sexy.

Honorable Mentions

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Loki is an underated villain in my opinion. If Hiddleston had tried to play the hero instead of the villain, the sex appeal would have been totally lost.

Robert Carlyle as Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin

Only Carlyle mastered this role and I fell in love with Mr. Gold immediately. He's the perfect blend of love and evil. However, he prefers to wear his ugly face so sexy isn't usually what we think.

Steven Bauer as Scott Muller in "Thief of Hearts"

A strange movie with a secret admirer. Scott is the villain but he sure is good at making her fantasies come true.

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