The Scream

by Ange Gee 14 days ago in celebrities

An embarrassing encounter with famous actor and comedian James Corden demonstrates a darker theory of life.

The Scream

I am 42 years old, so I guess I am about halfway now, and I figured out life recently. Basically for about the first half of your life, you have no idea what you are doing. But then at some point, you start to figure things out and you become more self aware. And from that point onwards, the rest of your life is basically just your brain continually reminding you how much you have fucked up your life. And you never get a good night's sleep again, you just lie there at night relating intently to the painting The Scream. I had a really talented client once who did this amazing painting of The Scream, only instead of one person screaming he had a whole line of people screaming. He said it was because sometimes one scream isn’t enough. And that is pretty much life. I shall give you an example…

I met James Corden. For those of you who don’t recognise that name, he is best known for carpool karaoke. I met James Corden and I didn’t know who he was. I was talking to him for about 10 minutes and the conversation was getting awkward, but I couldn’t figure out why at the time. Of course, now I realise it was because it was James Corden. So I simply walk away from James Corden. The next day he friend requests me, I accept, and then he sends me a private message with a poster for his show and says, "You might want to check this out." I say sure but then never do because I was working full time in a stressful job and gigging at night. I was crazy busy and crazy tired. So for the next few months he proceeds to like all my stuff on Facebook and comment on stuff, and then after a few months of this, someone finally comments on one of his comments, "Oh wow James Corden has commented on this, that’s pretty cool." So I write, "Yeah, I met him a few months ago and spoke to him for like ten minutes and now he is commenting on everything. It's a bit weird, do you know who he is?" and they have responded with, "Don’t you know who he is?" I say no and then they put a long line of "hahahahahah." At which point James Corden unfriends me and blocks me. Several months later, I finally have some time to watch some late night TV because I have quit my job and I am flicking through the channels when James Corden comes up on my screen. I stop to watch and he is interviewing Gwyneth Paltrow, and once I see him in context, it suddenly dawns on me who he is, and I’ve gone, "Oh my fucking god."

So my point is that 42 is basically just whole bunch of memories just like that one just randomly popping into your head, and once that starts to happen, one scream is never enough ever again.

Or that could just be me, there might need to be more research on that.

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