the real bros of simi valley

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the best satire you've never seen

the real bros of simi valley
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A piss take on "The Real Housewives", "The Real Bros" centres around a group of friends who live in, you guessed it, Simi Valley, California. These friends are like teenagers, (even though they haven't been teenagers for a long time) and the show is about them learning to grow up - dealing with jobs, college, debt, marriage, babies and dramaaaah.

A far cry from the ordinary "man child" trope, these men children use the trope to their advantage to give it new life. It's obvious they've taken inspiration from early Adam Sandler movies and other alike, but they're smarter about it. Not just throwing a man child in a crazy scenario, but restructuring a subculture for the sake of comedy.

Written, directed and starring Jimmy Tatro, who you may know from his YouTube, or even Netflix's first season of "American Vandal". A comedian of parody bringing incredible wit to an otherwise outrageous storyline.

For example, sampling the "Real Housewives" structure and twisting it to fit a group of friends throwing a kick back and treating it like it's the party of the year.

In the first episode, we're introduced to the bros and given some background. They all went to school together; it's been 10 years since they graduated, but they're still in that mindset. And all live with their parents.

Jimmy Tatro plays Xander, the "leader" of the group with long term girlfriend, Molly. Xander is daft.

Nick Colletti, plays Duncan, the aimless guy who is shattered when his girlfriend denies his marriage proposal. Duncan is also daft. You may know Colletti from back when vine was alive, ("What is up Kyle?") and he now performs comedy that he has written.

Cody Ko plays Wade, younger brother of Xander. Also aimless and daft. Primarily known from his YouTube channel where he makes commentery videos collaborating with friends, and making music. The music thing started as joke, but it actually low-key slaps.

Tanner Petulla, also known as Getter plays Bryce, skater boy who is convinced he'll make it big, but he can hardly do a kick flip. Getter is a DJ, rapper and comedian. I honestly don't know much about him. I didn't recognise him from anything else so I had to google for this information.

Along with a full cast of girlfriends and side bros, parents and bosses, the minor inconveniences of their lives are treated like giant disasters, just like the real housewives.

Season 1 centres around and leads up to the bros throwing a kickback. Some of the girls are acting, "sketch", and some of the bros feel the need to "squash the beef" between them. The lingo on it's own is enough to throw me into a laughing fit, but then there are the names. Brayson, Hawk, and Yonder are just a few gems of ridiculous names that I can't imagine are real.

Then there's the storylines:

  • An unplanned pregnancy may be a classic drama trope, but the bros made it feel new and fresh.
  • A rejected marriage proposal because, "the vibes".
  • Beef between a friend and a baby.
  • Starting a small business in direct competition with your father who yelled at you for being sad because your girlfriend said no to your marriage proposal.
  • A relationship breakdown over facial hair.
  • An upset because Wade may or may not burn (he definitely doesn't).
  • There's an all out competition for best man at a wedding.
  • The time Xander was obsessed with Sons of Anarchy.

Consistently a great viewing experience. Lols and likeable characters, and totally bingeable. You can find Season 1 on YouTube, and the rest on Facebook Watch.

Watch Season 1

Watch Seasons 2&3

Legit 10/10. Cannot recommend enough. Straight up good time.

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