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The Possibility of Using 'Tactical' Nuclear Bomb Attack on Ukraine?

What is the 'Tactical nuclear bombs' policy

By Henry madmanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Possibility of Using 'Tactical' Nuclear Bomb Attack on Ukraine?
Photo by Daniel Stuben. on Unsplash

Joe Biden believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not use 'tactical nuclear weapons' or 'specific tactical nuclear weapons' in the ongoing Ukraine war. But even before Biden's idea, Vladimir Putin has said Russia will use all weapons at its disposal to defend its territory (including the four recently annexed regions of Ukraine).

Biden said this in an interview given with the American broadcaster CNN. How realistic is Putin's threat to use strategic nuclear weapons? In response to such a challenge, Biden said: Then Biden said, "I don't think Putin would do that."

But Russian forces are being forced to retreat from some occupied areas in eastern Ukraine. So Russia can use nuclear weapons to avoid defeat. Analysts think so Because that possibility, though low, cannot be completely ignored.

What are 'specific strategic' nuclear weapons?

There is no universal definition of a specific strategic nuclear weapon. But the ability to hit at a certain distance is characterized by the use and size of targets at a limited distance. It is much larger than ordinary and conventional bombs. The use of these weapons resulted in long-range radiation of the blast site and radiation, as well as extensive damage. There is no specific size of the bomb to denote a specific strategic nuclear weapon.

Specific strategic nuclear weapons are often referred to as 'non-strategic weapons' as distinct from 'strategic weapons' or 'tactical weapons. Strategic nuclear weapons are used at a distance.

According to the US military, tactical weapons are designed to target the enemy's capability and will to fight. These targets include infrastructure, transport and communication systems, weapons production, and other targets.

Specific tactical weapons are used to achieve more immediate and smaller-scale results to win a battle. The term 'tactical weapons' is generally used to refer to those that do not have a long range of explosive radiation after hitting the target and cause relatively few casualties.

Attacks can be carried out with specific strategic weapons such as bombs, missiles, or artillery fired from warplanes. These weapons have a much shorter range than intercontinental ballistic missiles, which can travel thousands of miles and hit targets in different oceans. Specific strategic nuclear weapons are developed to give military commanders a greater advantage on the battlefield.

Attacks can be carried out with specific tactical weapons such as bombs, missiles, or artillery fired from warplanes. Like other intercontinental ballistic missiles, they can launch thousands of missiles and hit targets in various oceans, but these missiles have a much shorter range.

By Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

Which country has this weapon?

All of the world's nuclear powers have short-range or battlefield tactical nuclear weapons. There are about 2,000 of these weapons in Russia's arsenal. The US Congressional Research Service gave this figure last month. Of the 12,700 countries in the world that possess nuclear weapons, 90% are held by the United States and Russia.

Russia has the world's largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. Vladimir Putin has said many times that if Russia is attacked by the US and the Western world, Russia will be forced to respond with nuclear weapons. Putin also said that in 1945 America created such a precedent through a nuclear attack on Japan.

America has about 230 tactical or non-strategic nuclear bombs. Among them, there are about 100 bombs called B61. These weapons are deployed in different parts of Europe. North Korea will often conduct missile tests. Pyongyang claims they developed it to launch a tactical nuclear attack on South Korea. Experts believe that if North Korea starts testing a nuclear bomb, the country will test a nuclear bomb that can be used on the battlefield.

What weapons will be used in Ukraine?

The possibility of Russia using nuclear bombs in a war situation in Ukraine is now looming large This was once unimaginable. These fears have increased recently as Ukrainian forces began to retake control of some areas of Ukraine occupied by Russian forces. The use of nuclear bombs would undoubtedly cause a global catastrophe.


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