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The old and young match, "it" again tricked my tears

Watching more movies viewers will find such an immutable truth, as long as the film's actors with young and old, especially the elderly and children such a golden pair, the quality of the film is not necessarily poor.

By Strange SuePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Like our domestic film "Sun Tzu from America", the French film "Summer in Provence" and so on. These are all films that match the old and the young, and all of them will give the audience an extraordinary viewing experience. Even after watching more of them, we will feel that they are not new, but such films will have a natural healing effect to a large extent. For fans of the film, this effect is very deadly.

The film we recommend to you today is called "Butterfly", a French film, but also a film that matches young and old. Lisa is an 8-year-old girl, but also a single mother's child, and Lisa's mother takes her to a new residence. The new residence has an old man named Julian, who is eccentric, but has a love for butterflies. 8-year-old Lisa is very interested in such an old grandfather, and even more interested in the butterflies he raises. And so, the story slowly begins.

The story of "Butterfly" is still a kind of compensation for the lack of affection. Julian, who is very indifferent to affection, and Lisa, who is very eager for affection, are a perfect match for an audience with delicate emotions. Julian's sons have unfortunately passed away, and the only son who has been with Julian for a long time is also hospitalized due to mental problems. Accompanying Julian is only the son's long-cherished wish, a butterfly called Isabella. Such a butterfly is very rare and not easy to catch.

Julian knew his son exbut could not fulfill his expectation during his lifetime. So, the butterfly became a kind of support for Julian to live. Without his children, Julian could only send his condolences to the butterflies. The butterflies are a symbol of life for Julian, symbolizing that his children are still alive, Julian did not find affection in life, and the butterflies became a support.

Lisa's mother could not give affection to her child because she was an abandoned "child". She was pregnant and forced to leave home when she was a teenager. For her, finding a person who can sustain her emotions is the important thing, while for Lisa, even if she is her child, her love for Lisa is just a responsibility, to have food and a place to live, as far as other concerns, sorry, no.

What Lisa is missing is the mother's love, to be exact, the affection of elders, while Julian is missing the affection of children, he needs a child to help him maintain his life support, and Lisa hopes that there is a person who cares about themselves to help them find support in life, so the two people formed a complementary, Julian successfully formed a good partner with Lisa.

The next story is more familiar to us, two people who are strangers to each other, through the butterflies to build up a friendship needs to develop deep, they need to experience some things, and the things created in this film are for such a deepening friendship progression. Lisa and Julian in the process of getting along, constantly deepening their understanding of each other, and constantly find each other can balance the point, eventually, two people each accept the arrangement and the original friendship will be a deeper consolidation. Lisa and Julian have become a pair of grandparents.

The precise control of emotion makes the creator in the face of such a simple story, always in the ordinary see deep feelings. The essence of a simple story is not simple, because the creator can accurately perceive the emotion he wants to show. The creator of this film does a good job of presenting this emotion to the audience and can endorse this presented emotion through a series of details. This emotion is not only presented but also has its reasoning in it, which is very important.

Only when this kind of perception can be communicated with ordinary people, the works created by the creator will be meaningful and accepted by more people. Butterfly" is a simple work, and this simplicity is rooted in the original uncomplicated emotional logic of the film, and even more so in people's understanding of this simple affection. The creator has sorted out the veins and presented them well, thus, in the viewer's opinion, the simple "Butterfly" is indeed the most touching.

The combination of young and old does have its unique charm, and this is something that the audience can naturally bring into the process of watching the film because of the comic effect brought about by the age difference. This comic effect will to a certain extent offset other shortcomings, such as the story of other people in this film besides the two actors, this film does not show everything but can be diluted by the rivalry between the two people for Other storyline attention.

For the creator, only one old and one young, the emotions between the two actors summarize and show enough to present very good work for other aspects, as long as it is slightly mentioned. Even in the character set, as long as the two main characters can complete their own interpretation of the characters, the others can be ignored. Therefore, in this kind of setting, want not to succeed is difficult.


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