The crossover of timeline between Avengers, Persona 5 and the foretelling of the Phoenix Prophecy IMAGINE / STORY


Humanity will be doomed, consumed by the evil Goddess who was thirsty to rule over the universe, eyeing all the humans through her delight. She grew with anticipation of killing and ruling over the entire planet. Trapped for 100 Billions of years in the earth’s dimension, her power had been awakened taking time for her release.

Thus, the portal had opened; forests burned, lakes and rivers dried while the ocean cursed killing all the animals. Creatures and demons moved their way to the path. And then came all sorts of calamity, spread across the globe. Families panicked, violence prevailed, and man faced death.

However, there will be a certainty of heroes who will never give up despite the burden and the weight of the world surrounding them. Losing the fight is not the option, it’s as if there is no other way but to do it until you will die with blood and despair in your hands. Cassidy, unbeknownst to her what is truly happening. Little by little she realized the prophecy of dark phoenix. How her thoughts lingered at the moment she was told of her gift. She stood up, seeing her teammates one by one, faith is nonetheless, telling her that there is still hope.

Morgana was beside her, he sensed with sadness in his eyes as he slowly diverted his eyes to Cassidy. Steve kneeled down across from her with a nod and precautious; decided in aiding her as they moved forward for one last time with his emblem shield.



As the dark phoenix will end it once and for all.

This is a work of fiction. The crossover between Avengers and Persona 5 characters is not from ATLUS nor from the MARVEL. This work is authentic and true. I do not own these characters. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.





THE DARK PHOENIX CASTS (The image of the characters are preferences only) (I have no copyright of these images)











Flight delayed that snowy night of New York City. Her thoughts wondered to her last night’s dreams. A dream between reality and supernatural. It was vivid, she doesn’t seem to remember it clearly until she got irritated just by thinking about it. That night, she was so caught up to it, she was drenched in sweat; holding on to her duvet covers as if to keep herself calm.

“3 am?” looking at her phone, she decided to drink some water from the fridge and walked towards the hotel room’s window, she folded her arms and slightly gazed up at the stars. Her phone buzzed.

“Bad dream? I couldn’t see it either sis.” Her twin seemingly sensed her dismay over a stupid dream.

“Neh, don’t worry about it Cai.” She typed and send, obviously not surprised. Twins are predicted to be connected no matter the distance between them, the feeling of uncertainty surely can be seen and predicted through telekinesis and telepathic powers. After all, they are the direct descendants from their family’s bloodline of vampires and witches.

“I doubt it sizzy, but be careful on your way home tomorrow, Okay?”

“Plus, Jet is soooooo annoying. He has been biting my toes every time I exposed my feet without them covering my blanket. Even if I do cover myself in blanky, he would literally stepped on my face like its some kind of a rock and act like a lion in a jungle. Argh!”

Cassie laughed so hard. She knew cats are like that, can’t be change because it’s a fact of them being hyperactive at night and sleeping during the day.

“Com’ on! Don’t be so harsh. It’s in their nature.”

“I would love to have taken a video of it though! I found it hilarious. Jet’s adventures with Caiden”…”LOL”

“You’re the harsh one sizzy!” He sent with the crying emoticons.

“Anyway, try to get some sleep, you’re flight is tomorrow night after the wedding yeah? Aunt V seemed restless lately.” Caiden added, as Jet slept under his feet comfortably.

“It’s the Coven’s Assembly tomorrow. Though there are times we missed it due to other commitments, I sensed it’s very important.”

“Well, let’s get some sleep. I better be refreshed since I am the Maid of Honor, I wouldn’t let my best friend disappoint her on the day of her wedding.”

“Good mornight, sizzy.”

“I’ll see you at the airport tomorrow, Aunt V won’t drive you, and I’ll fetch you on her stead.”

“Kk. I’ll see you then” Cassie looked on her phone one last time. It was 3:35 in the morning of November 19th. The night was still and quiet as she slid in her bed; closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Announcement had been made at the pre-departure area of JFK airport, the agent then called them that the plane had finally landed from Minnesota. Cassidy fell in line with the other passengers and her blue eyes shifted inside her sling bag and took out her plane ticket. Flipping her long black wavy hair, she straightened herself up and stretched her arms, since her back ached a little from a 2 – hour delayed flight.

All passengers were finally settled down, flight attendants were making sure all the top cabins are secured. Cassie on the other hand, finally rested her head and decided to take out her headset.

“Good evening passengers. Welcome onboard Flight 4B7 from New York to San Francisco. We are currently third in line for take – off and are expected to be in the air approximately seven minutes time. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments. Please turn off electronic devices, laptops and cellphones. Smoking is prohibited for the entire duration of the flight. Thank you for choosing UnitedOne Airlines. Enjoy your flight”

Hazed from her sleep, without even realizing that they have already taken off, an eerie sound came in, almost like a whisper. A cold air from the deepest corner of the plane came rushing down from the aisle finding her asleep. It lingers, Cassie stirred in her sleep, finally the air stood but rushed down to her spine up to her ears.

It’s the voices. Ancient voices of whispers, frightening and ghostly sounds almost like a song. “Soon, you will be chosen. Soon, you will rule. The chosen one will forever be bided, for the chosen one rules all the universe.”

“Riseeeeee! CASSIDY! Descendant of the Realms of Fire! Awakened to your powers..s…ss…”

Cassidy, drenched in sweat just like last night and clutching her hands as her heart beats faster and louder, nevertheless, she realized too late. Her dream from last night now came down through her, she remembered every moment of it. The plane’s going to crushed.

The eerie air vanished as the plane got in turbulence, the plane shuddered in conflict as were the passengers of the flight. Panic and fear among the humans, Cassidy knew what to do, no matter how frightening it was, the voices she encountered never spooked her as there is no time left but only death upon them all.

The eerie air once again on its act, slicing it’s way to the plane’s wings, one of the wings got cut and broken to pieces, there was no other way but to do an emergency landing by the plane’s pilot. The air slowly vanishing, as if the entities were finally satisfied with the outcome of the awakening.

Oxygen masks flew open from the over boards’ top cabin as the lights went on and off, completely shutting down all the systems.

Cassidy on her highest peak of adrenaline rush spoke in Greek language, forming a spell surrounding her. Clenched from her seat, she chanted a ritual from her tongue as the passenger beside her was stunned not knowing what she was doing, only holding on to his oxygen mask and praying for mercy.

Only a matter of minutes, less than 10,000 feet in altitude, the spell bounds back, leaving Cassidy in a slow motion of moment as the plane will crush somewhere in the depth forests of Essex. Her eyes changed color as the fire rages through her body.

800 people died. Only one survived. Flight 4B7 crushed. CNN News reportedly aired live alongside with Yahoo! and ABC News. Locals all around the states heard the sudden crushed after Flight 4B7 had taken off. Plane’s crew, pilot and all the passengers died without survivors, reported that the plane had a wrong maneuver; landed on fire at the Blue Mountains of Essex, Hamilton.

Bodies cannot be identified as of yet due to 3rd degree burns, FBI and NYPD were still investigating the cause of the plane crush. Unbeknownst to mortals, exactly 9:00 in the evening, Cassidy Swan died on a snowy night of November 19th 2016. Her body was not found.

The Portal

The portal from San Francisco opened up like a time machine from the past, the coven came all down to Blue Mountains to save one of their kind. The snowy night was a very cold breeze of 25 degrees Fahrenheit with wind-chill. Caiden, as white as a ghost was silent alongside with his Aunt V, who was as stressed as them. All seven immortals gathered and silently looking at the scenario of 800 deaths upon them as they walked on the forest. Vivian, approaching the edges within the field, the other members followed her.

“I can’t see her at all, it’s her gem necklace, which I can no longer traced.” One of the witches spoke, her long white hair shined under the moonlight sky.

“It must have been broken while she was casting a spell, a plane crushing down while chanting took toll on her body, she cannot do it alone, Lady Shelly.” Vivian spoke, brokenhearted. Caiden looked at his aunt and finally, breaking his silence.

“I’ll look for her, we have the same necklace after all.” He concentrated and focused in between mind and matter.

“Gather around my fellow witches, we have no time.” Vivian spoke harshly as the wind and the cold blazes them through the night. “I despise winter. Let’s get this over with before the people will see right through us.”

“The police will come by and FBI will soon go after. The news will be made right on the spot as well.” The cousin of the twins spoke, her eyes wondered to Caiden as he finally gathered his strength in finding his sister along with his necklace. The six remaining witches formed in circle and chanted a spell – ritual to freeze the time.

The momentum of time was frozen. All motions of men seemed to stop at its course to save them some time. People all around stopped moving; cars and traffic jam. It was a beautiful moment in time were everything is frozen at its place like it was a picture in frame or a picture in magazine. The snowy night was put on halt as the snowflakes stopped descending one by one.

Caiden, as he closed his eyes, he saw a light coming from the depths of the forest, away from the plane crash scene. Holding on to his gem necklace, the necklace itself clenched away from him, floating in midair. At this point, the gem is telling him to follow it to find who he was looking for.

Caiden, shocked to his core. His gem necklace landed on the body he doesn’t quite knew. All he could think of is how this could be happening, the sister he once knew is completely different. Same face, same body type but not too similar. He immediately let go of his winter coat and cover the body of his sister. Supposedly, once the gem necklace is broken, it means the owner itself should have died.

“Is she?” he thought. Cassidy laying at the other field of the snowy forest, all naked covered in snow, he took her out and carried her slowly into his arms. Her body as white as a snow, no burns and no cuts; only her intact skin like a porcelain doll. As her head slowly ascended from the icy snow, Caiden suddenly realized her hair color changed. Her hair was as bright as a red rose from the earliest sunset to sunrise. It shined like a burning fire so beautiful it was like a silk. It was a lot longer than before. Caiden frowned as he walked back to his coven.

The momentum of frozen time has stopped. Continuing at its motion, the witches gathered once more as they took their sight on Caiden who finally came up to them.

“Aunt V…is there something you’re not telling me?”

His aunt, wide eyes along with the fellow witches, stood silent. As they were looking at his twin’s body, her complex completely changed.

“AUNT V!!!!”

Caiden, angered by his aunt’s reaction, he can’t deny the truth in her eyes with the other members of the coven. Jasmine and Brody, the twins’ cousins were extremely shocked.

“Is that really, Cassie?” Jasmine spoke, breaking the silence. Looking from Caiden to the other four old members of the coven.

“What the hell is going on, Aunt V? Uncle Charles?” Brody asked them. Vivian looked up to her fellow kids, the look on their disappointed faces just sadden her. She just wanted to protect them. It’s not yet their time to know about the prophecy. I guess I am wrong in so many levels. She thought as she sighed and finally spoken.

“I am deeply sorry, please do understand, I only have what it means to protect Cassidy at all costs. She’s not supposed to be awakened yet by her true powers.”

“It’s too soon. Something or someone provoked her to easily finish up the process.” Charles answered, deeply in thought.

“We have been taken care of the key for a number of generations since the time of Before Christ.” Blaise said, one of the old members had spoken.

“The Prophecy has already began, we need to do some countermeasures.” Lady Shelly added. “It’s a matter of time, Goddess Glorificus will rise from the depths of the Earth’s dimension.”

“Goddess Glory….. The beast of Abomination” Caiden whispered. Remembering his classes in history at the Academy of Salvadore alongside with his twin and his two cousins. 14 years at school was joyous for them, they had awoken by their powers since the ages of 5 – 7 years of age as witches.

His thought lingers through on the days he and his twin had to control their thirst as vampires. Being born as both vamp-witch from their descendants were quite alluring and frightening at the same time. As his sister used to say “Hunting is my favorite hobby, why wouldn’t you be? Let’s race shall we? Which one of us can caught first a lion or a drizzly deer?” Caiden chuckled, looking way back, they were just kids happily hunting some stupid lions and deers for a snack. What a way to start a competition between two kids.

“It’s supposed to be a myth but since we are here, revealing the truth behind it. Its time you elders telling us the whole truth.” Jasmine

“The prophecy has been kept in the dark, never to be revealed even in the Academy of Salvadore. It’s too risky to be learned by such children as all of you might use it by your own personal gains.” Vivian added with an apologetic look on her face.

Not long after their conversation, the townspeople had gathered. The police were already at the scene, firemen with their truck did their duties surrounded by the reporters on the plane crashed scene.

“We need to go….”

“It’s time for us elders to reveal you the truth…..” Vivian eyeing Caiden and patted his shoulder. Caiden just smiled at his aunt. Hurt by his twin sister’s overturned of destiny, he still hoped for another miracle to come as he looked at her sleeping yet exhausted body.

As the members of the coven opened their portal back to San Francisco, Charles turned his back to the scene.

“800 people faced death just to use them by all means of evil.” He sighed.

“Contact Doctor Strange, it seems like we need his guidance.” Blaise added as he stood beside his brother. Charles nodded and agreed, slipping back to the portal together with the coven.

fan fiction
Bernadhette Jeanne Bier
Bernadhette Jeanne Bier
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