The Most Timeless TV Shows

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What I Keep Coming Back To

The Most Timeless TV Shows

There are certain shows that stick with you long after you've finished the series finales. These are shows that you re-watch despite knowing the entire plot by heart. As an avid Netflix binger, I finish off shows faster than I finish my homework, but occasionally I need a break from going from new plot to new plot. That is when I queue up some of my old favorites so I can get lost in the familiar plot and beloved characters. Below are some of my favorites.

1. 'Criminal Minds'

I just finished watching Criminal Minds in August of 2017, so this is still a relatively new shows in my library, but it has captivated my heart with the complex and dynamic characters. For a show about constantly catching serial murderers, it manages to make its characters both endearing and relatable while they battle against some of the worst monsters imaginable. What started out as independent episodes about various murderers flowed smoothly into a mix of one-off criminals and a larger seasonal plot-line which kept me captivated until the end. Whenever I need a familiar show with lovable characters, I turn this on.

2. 'Friends'

On the lighter side of things, Friends is a classic that I will love until I die. The carefree problems of 90s television are something that is hardly seen in modern shows. The issues these characters face is something that can always be solved in a 20 minute episode, and in the face of modern politics and the world in general, this can be a welcome relief. If I ever need to escape from reality and go to a world where everything will be okay after 20 minutes, Friends is my go to.

3. 'Psych'

Another criminal themed show, Psych, brings a lighthearted turn on grisly murders. I love this show for its balance of humor and horror. Shawn Spencer isn't the classic serious, never smiles protagonist of crime shows; instead, he's humorous, often to cover his insecurities, and sassy. These characteristics make Shawn both lovable and hilarious. I never get tired of watching him take on criminals while wearing an obviously fake beard and making a spectacle out of himself.

4. 'Planet Earth'

Completely different than any of the other shows on this list is Planet Earth. Something about this nature documentary makes it so calming. If I ever need something soothing and nostalgic, I always start replaying Planet Earth. David Attenborough's calm narrating voice coupled with the beautiful scenery in this series make it my go to for finals season breaks. Sometimes I even play it in the background because I don't have to pay attention to it at all.

5. 'Supernatural'

Yet another dramatic, action-packed show has made my list. While I loved these exciting shows for the drama and cliffhangers they brought to my life when I first watched them, I love them even more now for that sense of familiar love I get when I re-watch them. My favorite seasons to repeat are the early seasons of Supernatural, before things spiral out of control and everyone is always dying. Dean and Sam are the endearing, ghost-hunting brothers I need when I crave a show that has action but a familiar plot.

6. 'Parks and Recreation'

Parks and Rec is my favorite comedy. I love the genuine characters and their simple workplace conundrums. Much like Friends, this show's problems are lighthearted in nature and always solvable. They portray even larger problems as something that can be solved given the time, resources, and help from others. It's a refreshing reminder in a modern world that often seems so grim.

7. 'Doctor Who'

I think many would agree that Doctor Who is the ultimate timeless TV show. After all, it has existed for over 50 years now. Not only does the concept of regeneration keep the show and its characters fresh, but the sci-fi nature of it means that there's no limit to the planets and problems out there. This show hits the perfect balance of fantastical and realistic with its otherworldly issues and down-to-earth sidekicks. I couldn't ask for a better chill Friday night than one of my favorite episodes and some great snacks.

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