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The Most Popular Marvel Movie

Which movie made the most money vs the most watched movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

If you’re like me you love the Marvel Cinematic Universe or you just enjoy the movies. Either way you are not alone, a lot of people feel the same way. However, a lot of us would have differing opinions on things such as which movie was the best and who the best superhero or villain is within the MCU. I know I’ve got my favorites, but so do a lot of others. So, what I wanted to find out was which movie is the most popular overall.

To the producers the best movie is the one that brings in the biggest crowd. The bigger the number of people that watch the movie the more money goes into the box office. To us fans though the best movie is the one that we could watch over and over and probably never get sick of it, I know I’ve got one or two. It’s the movie that makes us feel something, anything, strong.

It’s no shock that the most popular Marvel movie by box office definition is one of the more recent ones, Avengers: Endgame. This movie was one of the most anticipated movies in the Marvel universe. Much like myself, many people bought the tickets for opening weekend weeks in advance. Within the opening weekend Endgame brought in 1.2 billion dollars.

By the time this movie was out of theatres for good Avengers: Endgame had made a total of 2.79 billion, surpassing Avatar and becoming the biggest movie of all time. This of course was their goal once they realized that they actually had a shot at it. Which is why after removing it from theatres in early June they re-released it back into theatres. Doing this is what allowed them to reach that goal and make to number one.

Although Avengers: Endgame made the most money in the box office, what is the overall most popular (or most watched) Marvel movie? Now of course, like I said earlier, everyone has their own but I want to know which one is the most common. Personally, mine would be the Captain America movies (mainly Captain America: The Winter Soldier). A close friend of mine said hers was Spider-Man and a friend of hers said that theirs was Doctor Strange and/or Iron Man.

According to Disney+ the most watched movie is Avengers: Endgame. Which I guess doesn’t come to much of a surprise, it makes sense that the movie that made the most in the box office would also be the most popular. It is averaged to be watched/searched on Disney+ around 2.8 million times monthly. That’s a lot of people watching that movie more than once a month.

I know that I’d have a hard time with that one, being the die hard Marvel movie fan I am it always gets me. Just like the first two times I saw it in theatres, I cry throughout most of the movie.

It seems that overall both by box office definition and by the majority of the people’s opinion Avengers: Endgame is the most popular Marvel movie. Even though it's not necessarily my favorite, I can understand why it is the most popular. Not only did a lot of fans wait years to finally meet Thanos in Infinity War, but the last two Avengers movies were hyped up a lot before they even had a title. Endgame was the solution to the cliffhanger in Infinity War, thus explaining why it became so popular. That and the great actors and actresses, the characters we love all being in one movie, and the humor that each Marvel movie carries.

So, what is your favorite Marvel movie to watch over and over? Or are you the type of person who watches them in chronological order and then start over when you hit the end?

Mackenzie Macdonald
Mackenzie Macdonald
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