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The Lost City is Actually Pretty Okay

a movie meant for laughs and laughs only

By Anna Thomas Published 2 months ago 3 min read

Tonight I watched the Lost City starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. I didn't expect alot from this movie and it was just a last minute "we need something to watch while we eat the pizza we just bought," kinda movie. My fiance literally said, "Get it, I'll literally watch anything," and so we did. And I'll be the first to admit there were much worse options to rent, and this one went pretty well with my bread sticks.

The film centers around Loretta (Bullock) who is a romance author who's husband has passed and she's having trouble getting back on track writing again. However, her friend and publicist pushes her to write the last chapter of her book and come on a book tour she's planned.

During the book tour Alan (Tatum), who is her cover model for her books, causes some pretty bad mayhem and Loretta storms off mad. This works out pretty bad for Loretta because she ends up getting stuffed into a car with a couple of goons. After Loretta gets kidnapped by a cheese loving Daniel Radcliff he tells her he wants her to decode an ancient riddle to find some jewels she wrote about in her book. Radcliff plays this character perfectly and actually has some pretty comedic moments in the film. Of course he is an evil guy so Alan comes to Loretta's rescue. The two have a pretty funny adventure trying to escapes his grip.

While comedy is rough around the edges there are some moments that made me laugh out loud. The funniest scene in the movie is when Loretta is kidnapped and tied to chair, instead of untying her they just pick up the chair and toss it in a wheel borrow. Later in the scene Alan shoves her and the chair into a tiny car and it is truly a moment of glory. There are a couple moments throughout the film that have this same comedic feel, but that one is definitely the best one.

The story is overall exactly what you'd expect from this style of movie and it's a pretty decent ride throughout.

Loretta also has a really likable best friend/publicist in the movie and she's probably my favorite character. Beth is a strong-independent woman who's just trying to make a living and take care of her nana and her actress just does an outstanding job with her character.

The movie does have some cringe moments, pretty much all of the romance was off-putting to me, but to be honest it is in most movies of this genre so it may not be this movie's fault specifically and it's definitely needed for story progression. There are also a lot of moments were Alan says "how would you write it?" and it honestly is so cringey. We get it, Loretta's an author, you don't have to tell us every 10 minutes throughout the film, once definitely would have been enough here.

Honestly, this movie was worth the 1.25 I rented it for and it was worth a watch. It gave me and my partner something to laugh about while having dinner and that in itself is worth it to me.

If I had to give this movie a rating I'd say 5.5/10 would be my most realistic answer. It was cute, it was what you'd think you were getting into, but definitely a little cringe at times.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed the article and want to see more movie reviews please feel free to follow! Also if you enjoyed the article tips are always appreciated!-Anna <3


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