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The Life of Sirius Black

Just a Fan's Perspective of His Life, from Before His Letter, After, and What He Went on to Be

By Amy WalkerPublished 6 years ago 18 min read
A Perspective of a Possible Life of Sirius Black, from Child to the Man We Instantly Fell in Love With!

There are millions of fan theories all over the years from every possible character out of the Harry Potter universe that you could possibly imagine. They differ from believable and unique, to far-fetched and even smutty. The point is, there's something out there for everyone. One of the first theories that ever took shape in my mind was of Sirius. How could one person be so different from his family? There's always the 'black' sheep in many families, but Sirius wins, I think. So, here's another fan theory from a perspective of Sirius.

When I first started to think of Sirius and how he came to be, I pictured a young child, who always felt awkward at families gatherings and was unable to form bonds or conversations with none of his family. This was because he would silently listen to his family members tell other what they had done since they'd last been together as a mass clan. Some of the things that he heard disgusted him, whereas the rest of his family would applaud and laugh. He learned quite early on that it was best to keep his opinions to himself. Every time he took part in a conversation, his views were radically different from his kin. This resulted in no one ever wanting to talk to him, apart from the passing hello. So, as it would to any child, this ripped his confidence and self-worth to shreads.

When the day finally came that he received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts, an array of emotions hit him. For the first time in ages, his parents took a serious interest in him. He was their first child to attend the school and they were telling him the family names he should take notice of and try to befriend them immediately or how to curse someone when their back is turned. Their favourite topic was blood purity. Coming from a line of pure blood dating back generations, they were obsessed with pure blood mania. They, especially his mother, didn't want him making friends with any 'mudbloods' or 'blood traitors.' That night that he went to bed, he was hit with an array of emotions. Firstly, he was so happy that he would spend time away from his family. For the majority of the year, he'd be able to escape his childhood home with memories of abuse and torment and, hopefully, find a place of acceptance. The second emotion was dread. What if people learned his second name and wanted nothing to do with him because of his family's bad reputation? What if he had no choice but to socialise with kids that had the same family values as his own? He promised himself that he wouldn't let that thought eat him up inside as it was stupid worrying over something that was so far away.

When his parents took him to Diagon Alley for his school supplies, his face lit up. He was so used to being in a dark and decaying house that the colour and joy hit him hard. The hustle and bustle of other witches and wizards made him smile. This was the first place he was allowed to go where every family was different. He walked behind his parents, soaking up all the happiness from everyone he walked passed. Most of the parents looked at his and frowned, then they looked behind them at Sirius, he'd smile at them but he rarely got one in return. As they went into Florish and Blotts, he noticed that some families were parting to make way for his parents — some with fears in their eyes, some with hatred. He was able to glance at his parents from time to time. They always carried an essence of importance and acted like they were one of the best families in the wizarding world. After all his equipment was bought, they spent the rest of the time in Knocturn Alley with other families that they deemed acceptable to socialise with. Most of the kids had the same attitudes as their parents, which made Sirius feel like he had no hope.

The day had come to board the Hogwarts Express. He made sure that he was out on the platform nice and early. His parents watched him get on the train but before he could say goodbye, they'd left. He picked an empty compartment and prayed that no one would bother him. As the train started to fill up, he saw a boy stood in the doorway, smiling at him, asking if he could sit with him, Sirius just nodded and faced the window again. The boy tried to speak to Sirius and, as he did, Sirius realised that he wasn't like the other kids he'd met. He introduced himself as James Potter and when James asked for a name in return, Sirius stated his first name and left his second name a mystery, to which James didn't seem to mind. Not long after they started to converse, two more boys joined their compartment and the four of them chatted as I felt they'd been friends for years. Sirius enjoyed the time while it lasted. He knew a good thing like this wouldn't last long for him because it'd only be a matter of time until they learned who he really was. If it wasn't then, then it would be at the Sorting, considering all their families came from different houses, but none of them from Slytherin.

As they made their way down the Great Hall and down to the Sorting Hat, Sirius's heart started to pound. It would be in a couple of minutes that his second name would be shouted and the boys who he'd spoken to on the train would turn their backs on him. With him knowing that his family had been in Slytherin for decades, he readied himself for the same fate. As the Hat was put in his head, he heard a voice saying what he could see in his head. Sirius felt himself go weak when he heard the Sorting Hat announce he would be in Gryffindor rather than Slytherin. He almost ran to the table before anyone could say that there had been some sort of mistake and mix up of his house. It wasn't long afterwards that all the boys he'd been talking to were also sorted into Gryffindor. It was at that moment that he felt like his life was truly changing for the better. They sat next to him, now knowing what family he came from as if it was nothing! Some kids stole frowns and looks of uncertainty towards him, but he didn't care because for the first time in his life, he felt accepted.

The first night that they spent at Hogwarts was one of the best nights he'd ever had. They told jokes, exchanged stories, and messed about until the early hours of the morning. When the other two (who found out were called Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew) had fallen asleep, James asked why Sirius had kept his name a secret. Sirius replied that he thought that they wouldn't want to be his friend because of his family reputation. James laughed it off and told Sirius that they aren't defined by our families actions and that he felt that would become very good friends. When James finally fell asleep, Sirius laid in bed and stared at the top of his poster bed. He couldn't believe that three boys, who all knew his family, were so easy to accept him as a friend and not an automatic enemy. It was the first time in a long time that Sirius fell asleep with warmth in his heart and a smile on his face. He knew that his family would be ashamed when they found out that he'd broken tradition, but he no longer cared as he felt like this was his chance to change his life.

As he progressed at Hogwarts, he found himself going from strength to strength. He found his confidence that he thought had died years ago and he was actually excited to get out of bed in the morning and go to school with his friends. He found particular strength, as he could have predicted, in Defence Against the Dark Arts. He was brought up with members who cursed people for fun and hexed just because they felt like it. He remembered once that his aunt's husband found a Boggart and brought it with him to dinner one night and finding it funny that Sirius was scared to death of his mother. When facing a Boggart now, it turned into James, telling him that he hated him and no longer wanted to be friends with him. He retaliated by making the Boggart James wear a floral dress and wearing his hair in pigtails. James found this realisation to be staggering because it seemed that one of the main people that mattered to Sirius was James. After that, James promised himself that he'd never speak about Sirius's Boggart to anyone.

It always killed Sirius inside when the school year was over. Every time he had to board the train back, it felt like someone had put a heavy weight in his stomach. He made the most of the train journey with his friends before starting the summer of exile or abuse, whichever his family felt like. When he was at home, he was always kept away from his younger brother so he couldn't be a 'bad influence' towards him. This meant Sirius had no one at all he could talk to to make the time pass. The first day he got home, he hung all his Gryffindor stuff around his room, feeling pride that there was finally some colour against the dark walls. This was torn down the next day by his ashamed mother, which he also took a beating for. After a week of the holidays starting, he found himself going to Diagon Alley nearly every day to use their owl service to write letters to his friends. He told the wizard who ran the service to get his mail delivered here because he didn't trust his parents to not go through his mail. The keeper agreed and left it at that as he saw it was important to Sirius for some reason. From then on, Sirius snook out of the house to communicate with his friends in private.

At Hogwarts, Sirius made friends with all sorts of people from different backgrounds. Some were from pure blood families, some were half-bloods, and some were muggle born. A muggle born he made friends with was called Lily Evans and he automatically thought that she was the smartest and kindest person he'd ever met in his life! Even though James had told him a thousand times, it was Lily that taught him how to finally let go of his family name and make the Black name his own. He had conversations with her that he couldn't have with anyone else. He told her what his family had done to people like her, he told her what he felt like he had no place in the world but all he knew was he wanted to be someone. Lily didn't laugh or shout at him. She merely encouraged him to follow his inspirations and his dreams. He thought the world of her and was so happy that someone like her had accepted him.

When his final year at Hogwarts ended, he felt a numbness shadow him. What was he going to do now? All he had was the awful house to go back to until he had enough money to move out, and who knew how long that would take? When he got off the train for the last time, James took him to meet his parents. James's parents loved Sirius like a son. They always sent him presents and birthday cards and everything else a loving mother and father would do. James explained that he'd told his parents the hell Sirius would end up going through now that school had ended. Mr. Potter told Sirius that they would gladly open up their home to him any time he wanted. Mrs. Potter even told him that he could move in so he could be away from his horrid family for good. Sirius took Mrs. Potter up on her offer and agreed to move in with them. He felt so happy that he didn't have to live with his parents anymore. He was finally going somewhere where he would be loved every day, not hated. He went to his family home one more time after he left the train station. Mr. Potter told Sirius that he was going to come in with him to confront his parents while James and Mrs. Potter stayed outside. When they entered the house, Mr. Potter was amazed that a child as well-adjusted as Sirius was born into such a dark house. Sirius' parents were appalled when Mr. Potter had the guts to confront them about their parenting skills when it came to Sirius. When Sirius told them that he no longer wanted to be a part of what the Black family stood for, his face was blasted from the magical family tree that was hung from the wall.

It wasn't long until James and Sirius found accommodation of their own and moved in together. That's when he found out that James and Lily were still very madly in love. He encouraged that James should ask Lily to marry him, joking that he'd never find another girl like her in his lifetime. Not soon after, they were engaged and Sirius was made best man at the wedding. He helped organise as much as he could towards the wedding because this was his way of showing his gratitude of being involved on the happiest day there could ever be! It wasn't long after the wedding that Lily announced she was pregnant to which, James almost sat heavily down next to Sirius and begged him to be godfather to his child. Sirius never thought that someone could have trusted him that much, so he immediately agreed.

After Harry was born, Sirius felt like his life was complete. He knew that he never wanted kids because of the upbringing he suffered. To know that all the family would hate the child was more than he could bare. When Sirius was walking back from James and Lily's house, a man bumped into him on the street, grabbed his arm, and they separated. He looked around and noticed that whoever had had the nerve to do this had taken him to a crowded pub to which no one had noticed that they'd appeared out of thin air. He looked at the man and it was Regulus, his brother he hadn't seen or heard from since he left home. He heard that Regulus had joined the Death Eater ranks and was surprised he wanted to see Sirius. After asking why he had chosen this place, he found that it was a muggle out and no one would suspect looking for him here. Regulus had come to warn Sirius that James and Lily were on Voldemort's hit list and he was fast approaching. When Sirius asked why, he got told about the prophecy about Harry. Sirius asked Regulus why he was doing this, to which he replied he had witnessed firsthand what Voldemort was capable of and he wanted no part of the death of a child.

After measurements were put in place to hide James, Lily, and Harry, Sirius had begged James to change his mind of choosing Sirius as Secret Keeper. Sirius suggested using Peter as no one would think to go after him. After reluctantly agreeing, James and Lily started to live in secret, with Sirius visiting when he could. When he came to visit one night, he saw the house in full view and in ruins. He ran into the house and saw his best friend on the floor, staring at him with empty eyes. Sirius dropped to his knees and cried his heart out by the side of the man who helped him change his life. As he sobbed, he heard crying coming from upstairs. He dashed upstairs to find Lily lying just feet away from Harry's crib. He was just about to pick Harry up and take him away from this madness when Hargrid showed up and took Harry away, ordered by Dumbledore himself. Sirius put up a fight, but he knew that Harry would be better off with his sister's family. He knew this because his main aim now was to find Peter and hold him accountable for his actions. After Hagrid left, he stared at Lily's lifeless body and realised that she'd been moved slightly to where she had fallen. He didn't have time to ponder why that would have been before he heard someone enter the house. He slowly moved his way round Lily and into the corridor, where he heard a man starting to cry. He went down what was left of the stairs to find Remus stood over James's body. Remus saw Sirius and they embraced each other and wept and mourned over their best friend. It was then that they swore to find Peter and avenge James and Lily.

When Sirius found Peter in the street full of muggles, he tried to confront his old friend, but that went horribly wrong and landed him in Azkaban. As he was escorted and thrown into his cell, he sat and beat himself up for hours on end. How could he have been so blind? How could he have not seen that Peter had swapped sides? He turned himself into the black shaggy dog, curled up on the floor and listened to the mad screams and insane ramblings of the other prisoners around him. After a while, he realised that the Dementors couldn't detect him when he was a dog, which was a good thing, that was he couldn't lose his mind like the rest of them did. He then realised that he could easily escape this place because no one knew he was an Animagus. He resented the idea because, in his mind, he was the one who got James and Lily killed, he felt he deserved to die in that tiny cell. There was nothing in the outside world that make him feel any better. The only thought that kept him going was that Harry was living with a family that could give him a enter life than he ever could.

Years went by and Sirius heard that the Minister would be laying Azkaban a visit. This always amused him because Fudge would walk past him and shudder on how sane Sirius was. Fudge walked past his cell yet again and Sirius smiled and politely asked to borrow his newspaper. Freaked out by his calmness, Fudge threw it at him and briskly walked away. Sirius laughed and sat on the floor and looked at the front page. That's when he the photo. He saw Peter in his rat form in the hand of a boy about Harry's age. Peter was alive and Sirius knew that Harry could be in trouble if he ever found out the truth. Sirius finally found d himself having a reason to break out. So when the Dementor opened the cell door, Sirius slipped out in his dog form and headed for the nearest door. He knew that it was sea for miles, so the escape wouldn't be easy, but his love for Harry kept him going strong. He knew that he would track Remus down and he would be instantly on board to help in any way he could. When he finally got to dry land, he made that plan a reality when he showed up on his doorstep. He found out that Remus had accepted a job at Hogwarts and so they started to devise a plan. Remus also told Sirius that Dumbledore believed that Sirius was innocent, so he'd also help in any way he could. Sirius said that he'd take refuge in the shrieking shack and play the part of a loveable stray dog in Hogsmeade to keep an eye out for anything he could.

From then until his death, Harry was his motivation. Every time he saw Harry, he saw James. He heard that Harry was walking in his father's footsteps at school, getting into a bit of trouble, but still getting his head down when it counted, and that he had become a Quidditch player like James, which Sirius couldn't have been prouder. In the end, it was Harry that gave Sirius his purpose in life again.

Sirius is one of my favourite characters because J.K Rowling showed that it is possible to be your own person, even if you have to be your own inspiration. Sirius came from a family of pure blood maniacs, but he never valued any of those things. It was only when he found James that he turned into the man he grew up to be. As long as we all have someone to push us to be the best we can be, there is always room to grow into the person you want to be, instead of the person you wish you could be. It shows that sometimes it's your friends that support you more than your family does, which goes to show that blood isn't always thicker than water. Some children are just dealt a bad hand with the family but it's their friends who show them who they really are inside.

So, there we go. A very long fan interpretation of what she pictured Sirius Black was like. If you stuck with it right to the end, thank you and I hope you found my view if his life interesting!


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