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The Last of Us

Episodes 7&8

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

So we have established that this show wrecks me emotionally and now Joel is dying and we are apparently doing a flashback episode. Look, I love the background on Ellie. It's some great character growth and I like seeing it. I think it's a great way to get us ready for a death that's going to be hard for her…because as a storyteller that's what I would do. I hate that that's what I do but here we are.

So we are in a flashback episode, and we are seeing what it was like for Ellie to be raised in the QZ. We get to see her have another important relationship (outside of Joel). She seems to be the one that taught Ellie to stand up for herself, as she was apparently the non-confrontational one.

The girls' chemistry is great, they are super cute.The whole mall date was adorable and super gay. From their first interaction I could tell what was going on. Side note the lighting and cinematography in the entirety of the mall scene did an amazing job of making it feel like a teen movie which was perfect for the vibe of their story as well as building up their relationship and reflecting just how young these girls are. Sometimes in apocalyptic movies and shows with young protagonists we as the audience forget how much these literal children go through, and it was a brilliant story move to show us that part of them.

And of course because they're gay and I love them I knew her friend was gonna die. I also predicted that it was the first time that Ellie got bit and she had to watch her friend die. Every storytelling bone in my body is telling me that Joel is going to die, but my husband refuses to confirm or deny.

Also these fireflies are fucking stupid, there is an infected in the mall where they posted a 17 year old noob…what the hell. If you are going to choose somewhere abandoned to be a base maybe do a basic fucking sweep of the place? Perhaps make sure that it's clean and secure first? No, no common sense whatsoever.

That’s almost move for move how I would have written it, and it's super depressing. Especially considering the fact that Ellie didn’t have any idea that she wasn’t going to get sick. The girls thought they were going to go out together but they didn’t. Further solidifying my fear that Joel is going to die.

Episode 8;

Ellie tending to Joel was so upsetting to me. Since the beginning of the series he has been there to protect her and the role reversal is heartbreaking.

Ellie is met with another side quest when she runs into the leader of a smaller group of survivors. Who are of course cultist assholes. Joel is still on the edge of death so all this side questing is really stressing me out.

This shitty fucking preacher is the worst, we’ve apparently reached the point of the apocalypse where we are resorting to cannibalism, super gross. A few shots of penicillin later and Joel is on a daddy revenge mission.

This guy read Running a Cult 101 and is using all of the culty fucking phrases. Ellie of course remains unaffected and supremely badass. And I will always love that no matter how injured or out of it Joel is that he will always be strong enough to defend his loved ones. Though Ellie has established that she is pretty good at helping herself.

The relationship between Ellie and Joel is so beautiful. Her reaction when she escapes and realizes that he came for her made me want to cry. I am definitely not emotionally ready for the finale but we will be watching it soon and speculating on what season 2 might bring.

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