'The Kissing Booth' Movie/Book Comparison

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A Netflix Original Movie with a Book Comparison

'The Kissing Booth' Movie/Book Comparison

As I had been skimming through Netflix, looking for something to watch, I had come across this movie and I decided to watch it. Now, Netflix had been coming out with a lot of original movies and television shows. There are so many more out there, but there was an interest that I had when it came to watching this movie so I took the chance.

The movie overall was well done. I do love how the cast had done an amazing job making this movie. But, there are some points that I noticed that I want to bring up as I had watched this movie.

Now I believe that most of you have seen this movie, but if you haven't seen this movie, please don't read this since it might become a spoiler for you. Because what I want to do is compare the movie with the book since there are details from the movie that made it different than the book. Now, I know that movies pretty much tend to make chances when it comes to being based on a book. But, for this movie, I just wanted to make a few points that were different in this Netflix movie from the book by Beth Reekles.

1) Elle and Lee's Popularity; Warren

In the movie, Elle and Lee seem to only really have each other. They aren't really the popular ones and Lee is mostly known for being the little brother of Noah who happens to be popular. And Elle is the known to just be the best friend of Lee. But in the book, Elle and Lee actually are pretty popular and have a good amount of friends that they hang out with. Although at the end of the day, it is usually just the two of them.

Then there is Warren. Now in the movie, Warren talks to Elle at a beach party about a party that happened at Lee and Noah's house where she got so drunk and wanted to go skinny-dipping. Then he tried to get her in the hot tub in hopes that maybe he could actually get her to undress herself. But Elle resisted and Noah ended up stopping Warren from pulling Elle by her wrists. But, meanwhile, in the book, Warren is actually a good friend and is very sweet to Elle. He never tries to take advantage her at all and get her to do anything that she doesn't want to do.

2) Elle's Date

While in the movie, Elle was going to go on a date with a guy name Tuppen who wanted to take her out after he inappropriately touched her since she was wearing a very short skirt. But, Elle got stood up and ended spending her night with Lee. Tuppen did however end up going to the arcade where Elle and Lee were at and apologized. There he told her that Noah had threatened boys not to date Elle or they would get beaten up by him, which angered her. But, in the book, even though Elle did find out about no boys being allowed to date her cause Noah had threatened them, there was one guy in her chemistry class name Cody who took the chance and asked her on a date. This made Elle excited and nervous since it was her first date, but, it annoyed Noah since someone actually had the courage to ask Elle on a date despite his threats. Noah took her to the date and waited for him to get there and left, even though he didn't want to leave Elle alone with Cody. The date had all went well and Cody had taken Elle home. He tried to kiss Elle but she quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek out of fear and got out of the car and went inside her home.

3) Elle and Noah's Relationship

Although in both the movie and book, Elle's first kiss was at the kissing booth. But as their relationship began to grow, it was different on how it went. In the movie, Elle, Lee and Noah were at a beach party where Noah got into a fight for Elle and he took her to the Hollywood sign where he likes to go on his own and Elle had set up rules if they were going to start a relationship together and had made love for the first time together. But, in the book, they had gone to a party at their friend Warren's house and after a guy name Patrick tried to make a move on Elle, Noah comes and hurts Patrick. Noah then drives to his house where he and Elle had spent kissing and made love in his room.

In both the movie and the book, Elle and Noah had kept their relationship a secret from everyone, especially Lee. But, in the movie, when Lee had found out, Elle had hurt herself trying to get a wrench for Noah. Then when they secretly went to share a kiss and Lee had caught them, it angered him. Then after a argument that had gone down between the three of them, Lee and Elle didn't talk for a while and Noah had drove off for a while, keeping everyone worried about him. But, in the movie, Lee finds out when Elle and Noah are in a classroom together talking and sharing a kiss. He was angered by this but it only lasted for the night and Lee and Elle almost went back to normal. Noah did drive off from home, but he was still going to school everyday.

Then in the movie, Elle goes to prom as the third wheel to Lee and his girlfriend Rachel where there was a recreational kissing booth. There, Noah shows up unexpectedly and tells Elle in front of everyone that he loves her. But, Elle didn't want to cause anymore problems between her and Lee as they had just made up and she leaves the prom. Then for Elle and Lee's birthday, Elle tells Lee that she loves Noah wanted to tell him. So since she had believed that Noah had left for Harvard early, Lee suggested Elle to drive his car and they would drive and try to catch up to Noah. But Noah ended up trading places with Lee and Elle then tells Noah how she truly felt about him. But, in the book, as it was called summer dance instead of prom, Elle was going to go with Lee, his girlfriend Rachel and a whole group of friends. But, Noah goes to Elle's house unexpectedly, dressed up for the dance to match her dress and asked if he could take her to the dance. Elle says yes and they end up going together. Then there Noah makes an announcement about them being together and asked Elle if she wanted to be his girlfriend. Noah had promised that he wanted to make their relationship better the so he wanted to make it as romantic as possible by getting a room at the hotel where their school dance was and they spent the night together. They waited a little bit before they said that they love each other. Then in both the movie and in the book, Elle and Noah spent the summer together until it was time for Noah to go to college.

4) Elle and Lee's Friendship Rules

In the movie, Elle and Lee have rules that they had made when they were younger and one of the rules was that Elle was not allowed to date Noah. So when Elle and Noah decided to start a relationship, the reason to keep it a secret was because Elle knew that Lee would be upset because she had broken the rule and started dating Noah. So when Lee had found out that Elle and Noah were dating, Lee was angry and hurt. He wouldn't talk to Elle for quite some time and still didn't want Elle to date Noah. But when Elle told Lee how she had felt about Noah, Lee finally accepted it.

But, in the book, there were no rules between Elle and Lee. They had never come up with rules. So Noah wasn't off limits to Elle at all, although Lee was upset at the fact that Elle and Noah was dating. One was because Elle had been keeping it a secret from Lee instead of telling him the truth from the beginning. Then also because Lee did not approve of Elle dating Noah since she was just going to get hurt. Noah had a history of being a player and Lee didn't want Elle to become one of those girls that Noah just hooked up with and just hurt her feelings. But, Lee only got upset for the night and he and Elle were talking again by the next morning. Then also, when Elle told Lee that she had come to the dance with Noah and that they were going to be together, Lee wasn't upset and told her that he knew that Elle and Noah were going to be together and he accepted their relationship.


Now I am not shaming on the movie at all. I just wanted to let out a few points that was different in the movie from the book. As I had said in the beginning, it was a good movie. I had liked it a lot and I already have seen it a few times. But, after just finished reading the book, I just wanted to make a comparison how what they had made in the movie from the book. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who are interested in watching movies based on books and I recommend to read the book if you really are interested in reading a new book.

Katherine M.
Katherine M.
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