The House Appreciation Series: Gryffindor

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This is the first in a four part series featuring the best of each Hogwarts house!

The House Appreciation Series: Gryffindor

For most of my teen years and four years of college, I was a Gryffindor. I was Pottermore sorted and full of house pride. I didn't care that Gryffindor was considered the mainstream house that everyone was in. I loved it and was proud of my sorting. To this day, I own the following Gryffindor merch: a scarf, a crest blanket, a t-shirt, a Head Girl pin, a Prefect badge, several decorations and pieces of wall art, the 20th-anniversary edition of the Philosopher's Stone, a house crest necklace, and a house crest keychain. I spent the majority of my fandom career wearing Gryffindor red and keeping the lion face at the top of my frequently used emojis.

While I eventually reached a point in life where I found myself identifying with a new house (and was resorted into it on Pottermore, to be revealed soon), I have always loved and always will love Gryffindor.

My dad, my sister, and several of my best friends are all Gryffindors. Gryffindors are amazing encouragers, fierce friends, and always ready for an adventure whether that be going to Target or across the world.

The best parts of Gryffindor house: Minerva McGonagall, the Sword of Gryffindor, the super cozy common room, and the Marauders.

What I love most about Gryffindor is that it is the one house that we learn so much about the types of people who qualify as a Gryffindor. Considering the Golden Trio is made up of three Gryffindor students, we see much more of this house than the rest. While I do wish we had this kind of depth of information on the other houses, I'll simply settle for applying my knowledge of the diversity in Gryffindor house to all houses.

Fact: Human beings cannot be sorted into the following four categories: brave, cunning, clever, and kind. It just isn't possible. Which means there is much more to your everyday Gryffindor than bravery.

Let me present a few facts for you to consider:

  1. Cormac McLaggen and Percy Weasley are in the same house.
  2. Lavender Brown and Ginny Weasley are in the same house.
  3. Fred and George Weasley and Neville Longbottom are in the same house.

These combinations of people are not necessarily complete opposites, but what they have in common is minimal. Yet, their similarities are what brought them to the great house of Godric Gryffindor.

Cormac and Percy both have unmatched nerve. Lavender and Ginny are both incredibly courageous. Neville and the twins are all three the bravest of leaders.

According to the sorting hat, Gryffindors are daring, brave at heart, chivalrous, and have great nerve.

While it would be easy to see Gryffindors only as the brave and reckless stereotype, there is much more to them than meets the eye.

What I would add to this list: Gryffindors are PASSIONATE.

Whether it comes to studying for OWLs, standing up to or for your friends, fighting alongside your housemates in battles, or the choice between what is right and what is easy, Gryffindors are full of amazing passion. While this can often lead to recklessness or poor decisions, it can also lead to an exciting life full of unforgettable experiences.

BONUS: From the Fantastic Beasts film franchise, I believe that Tina Goldstein would be a Gryffindor had she been enrolled as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

If you are a Gryffindor or love a Gryffindor, give this article a tip and a share! Also, look out for the remaining three houses in my House Appreciation series coming out in the next few weeks.

Up next: Slytherin!

Hannah Howard
Hannah Howard
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