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The Hidden Powers of Loki

What the MCU Hasn't Shown Us Yet!

By FetaGeekNewsPublished 9 months ago • 3 min read

Hey Geeks!

Ever wondered why our favorite God of Mischief, Loki, feels a bit...underpowered in the MCU? Let's dive deep and uncover some of Loki's abilities from the comics that haven't yet made their big-screen debut.

1. **Telepathy & Telekinesis**:

- Picture this: Loki not only reads minds but controls objects just by thinking about it! In the comics, he's known to hypnotize people, even planting memories in their heads. Just imagine the mayhem he could cause with this one!

2. **Teleportation Magic**:

- Who needs Bifrost when you can teleport? Comic book Loki can pop from one city to another, planet to planet, or even hop between dimensions. Just think of the dramatic entrances he's missing out on in the MCU!

3. **Flight – Powered by Magic!**:

- Forget capes and jetpacks. In the comic universe, Loki takes to the skies using pure magic. Picture a majestic Loki soaring above New York City, just like Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch.

4. **Mastery Over Energy**:

- Beyond being just an Asgardian god, Loki's a top-tier sorcerer. He conjures energy blasts, creates force shields, and more. Let's hope we see this magical side soon, adding a touch more flair to his already flamboyant character.

5. **Power Sharing (Because Sharing is Caring?)**:

- Chaos is Loki's middle name. In the comics, he occasionally transfers his powers to others – temporarily causing...well, chaos! After seeing Thor share power in "Thor: Love and Thunder", it'd be a treat to see Loki do the same, but with his mischievous twist.

6. **Astral Adventures**:

- Think astral projection is only for Doctor Strange? Think again! Comic Loki's astral game is strong. The idea of Loki challenging Doctor Strange in the astral realm? Mind-blowing!

7. **Pact with Death**:

- Ever wonder why Loki's so hard to get rid of? In the comics, Loki's got a special deal with Death, ensuring he always bounces back in some form. Immortality with a mischievous twist!

So, MCU, while we adore our silver-screen Loki, maybe it's time to unlock some of these epic abilities in future films?

What do you think, fellow fans? Which power would you LOVE to see Loki showcase in the MCU? Drop your thoughts below! ⬇

If you enjoyed this magical journey into Loki's untapped potential, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and ring the bell. Stay super, and until next time, keep embracing the Marvel madness!

**Video Highlights:**

1. **Telepathy & Telekinesis**: What if MCU's Loki read minds and controlled objects with his thoughts? Let's explore the hypnotic mischief he's causing in the comics!

2. **Teleportation Magic**: Discover how comic book Loki doesn't need Bifrost, making those MCU entrances look so 2000-and-late. 🌌

3. **Magical Flight**: Envision a majestic Loki soaring above skyscrapers, not with a cape, but powered by sheer magic!

4. **Energy Mastery**: Uncover the flair of a top-tier sorcerer - our comic Loki's not just any Asgardian!

5. **Power Sharing**: Dive into the chaos when Loki shares his powers, creating a ripple effect of mischief.

6. **Astral Feats**: Did you know Loki's astral game rivals Doctor Strange's? Mind = Blown!

7. **Eternal Pacts with Death**: Immortality takes a fun twist when you've got a deal with Death herself!

**Fellow Fans**:

So, while MCU's Loki holds a special place in our hearts, maybe, just maybe, we can hope to see more of these epic abilities on screen? 🎬 Let us know in the comments which power you'd LOVE for Loki to flaunt next!

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