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The Good & The Bad and the Ugly of Indie Films.

by Bruce Curle ` 5 months ago in movie
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Not Haunted 2020

Not Haunter (2020)

"Not Haunted” is a film that is just over six minutes in length. Shadow Alley Productions is a film company and appears on YouTube. I also found it had a webpage.

Adam Hartwick is the creative mind behind Shadow Alley Productions and has a small section about himself on the webpage. Adam Hartwick in this production was the Director, Producer, and, I suspect, involved in Film Editing and more.

Though I could not find a trailer for this short horror comedy film, I was impressed to see at the end of the film a few out-takes of the filming of the movie during the credits. This is rare to find on Indie productions and any short film.

I have invited Adam to respond to a few basic questions to assist in preparing for this review, and should he respond, I shall add it to this review. Research revealed this film was more than likely filmed in or around the city of Indiana, Pennsylvania.

This film does not have a logline, but I wish it had something to grab the attention of those surfing the internet. A suggestion would be, "Not HAUNTED, discover why some homes on the real estate market are so cheap…."

This film is about a realtor taking a couple to a very inexpensive home for sale. He admits it is a unique home where the construction has not been completed yet. He also lets the lovely couple know it is "Not Haunted."

Without giving away the plot, the next few minutes in the house are an experience for the couple and the realtor that is both scary and funny at the same time. Having bought homes a few times in my lifetime, the realtor's lines are fantastic and remind me sometimes of agents telling me to think beyond what I am viewing.

This film has an original score created by Adam Johnstone, which adds something unique to the film that you do not find in many Indie productions.

Sharron Herring and Bill Herring portray the couple visiting this home. The film decided to keep things simple by calling them, Sharron and Bill.

The Realtor "Ned" is portrayed by Ned Brida, who gives a good performance as the agent in this film.

Like many Indie Films, there appears to be a family connection. Kevin Hartwick portrays the Devil and the Devil's Pet.

The Ghost in the film was Carina McClurge.

Brexin McConnel and Jill Pedersen portrayed the Pedestrians in this film.

The dog was portrayed by "Murphy."

Addition crew credit goes to Sound Technician Joe Kushner.

Sequel? Should they decide to do a follow-up film, I would be excited to view it.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Indie Film rating of this film.

Things to Consider:

- The very everyday non-glamorous look of the couple.

- Despite psychotic Demons, creatures and at least one Ghost, little actual violence is observed.

-Night effects?

-No Racist or Sexual overtones

- Realtors come back to problems with the house.

- Music soundtrack

- Comedy and Horror

- Opening of the film & Out-Takes are well done.

- Good website, significant commitment to creating quality films.

Bonus - Free to view on YouTube!

Not Haunted (2020)

Effects Rating - Two Stars

Humour Rating - Two and a Half Stars

Acting Rating – Three Stars

Trailer Rating - There is no Trailer

Logline Rating - There is no Logline

Final Rating - Two and

Trailer Rating - There is no trailer

Overall - Two and 2/3 Stars

*** Watch the video. It is amusing, and Bravo to work poured into this.***

I look forward to your next production.

Logline Rating - There is no Logline

Final Rating - Two and

Trailer Rating - There is no trailer

Overall - Two and 2/3 Stars

*** Watch the video; it is amusing, and Bravo to the work poured into this.***

I look forward to your next production.


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Bruce Curle `

A Fifty something male that enjoys writing short stories, scripts and poetry. I have had many different types of work over my lifetime and consider myself fairly open minded and able to speak on many topics.

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