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The Glory Season 2 Ending Explained: Joo's Revenge is Not Yet Done

The Glory PART 2 Ending

By Ayush VermaPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Yes, the finale of The Glory has come with the knowledge that it will deliver what you were waiting for; it will shock you, surprise you, and satisfy you in the end. Even as this season progressed, she was punishing bad people according to their deeds, and my reaction was "Uff" after seeing the treatment of those punishments.

Definitely, The Glory Part 2 is not perfect; it had many shortcomings, which we will discuss further.

To see The Glory season part 2, you have to watch a total of 8 episodes, and if you have not seen part 1 yet, you have to watch part 1 to understand the story of part 2.

I have seen this show in its dubbed Hindi version, whose quality is very good, but do not watch it with your family because elements like abusive and adult scenes are there.

The Glory Part 2 Story Plot

The story of Part 2 begins where Part 1 left off, meaning that Queen Dong-Eun extends her revenge plan in Part 2, where other characters who were involved in Part 1 feel fear.

Now, how is Queen Dong-Eun going to punish all her villains, especially how is she going to remind them of what they did to her or someone else, and now all of them are going to get her punishment?

So to know whatever twists and turns come in its execution, you have to watch The Glory Part 2.

Now, in fact, how is The Glory Part 2?

Perosnally, The Glory, Part 2 I have liked Yes, I accept this thing that, according to the setting of Part 2, it also takes at least three episodes to explore its things.

Part 2 of the glory takes the test of your patience, so if you maintain your grip, then definitely the things ahead will give you fun.

Keep in mind that this is not an action series but a thriller drama, and it is a very dark one, and accordingly, you get to see the drama because of the intense performance, and the drama that you get to see is BOOM.

The Glory Season 2 Ending Explained

The ending of this show is very satisfying, and this ending will not leave you wanting for season 3. That means the complete ending of The Glory has been done in Part 2, so remove this thought from your mind that you will have to wait for Part 3.

Maybe Part 3 can come because Joo's revenge is yet to come.

This time new characters were also seen, and the detective who used to work for Park Yeon-Jin's mother also tried to plan his retirement, but unfortunately he failed and was killed by his own men.

Part 2's production value and background music are the same as Part 1, so you will not see much difference.

This time the drawback is that Part 2 is a bit time-consuming, meaning that two to three episodes were such that even if they weren't there, it would have been better.

Personally, I have felt the length of Part 2 and, in comparison to Part 1, Part 2 is very slow.


If you have seen The Glory Part 1 and you want to know how Dong-Eun takes revenge for what happened to him, then don't miss The Glory Part 2.

And if you have not seen the entire Glory series yet, then I would just say that if you want to see a slow-paced revenge thriller, then give this series a try; otherwise, you can skip it easily.

I would like to give a rating of 8/10 to this series. Don't forget to give your opinions.

Ok bye.

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