The Five Worst Comic Book Movies

by Kenneth Belliveau 11 months ago in movie

DC and Marvel have each had their own misfires. Here are the Top 5 worst comic book films of all time.

The Five Worst Comic Book Movies

We have seen major success for both Marvel and DC films within the last decade. Both have been staples for years. Both have had very bad movies as well and those are the ones I am here to talk about. The Top 5 worst comic book movies of all time.

5. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'

This movie was atrocious. It had too many characters outside of their own backstories forced into a working Wolverine movie that did damage to his original origins from the first X-Men movie. The only redeeming quality was Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth. The rest was just comic book nonsense. Fans may be a little more forgiving after the solo series ended with Logan which is a more in tune film for what the fans expected. Hugh Jackman definitely did all he could and it's hard to place the blame on him for this mess and it really is a shame that this film exists a long side some very enjoyable X-Men films.

4. 'Spider-Man 3'

This series is the definition of ending on a whimper and not a bang. That dance sequence was one of the most laughable scenes I have ever seen in the history of cinema. Tobey Maguire deserved a better ending to his run. I am well aware this was not intended to be the end but how could they have ever expected to bounce back after this dumpster fire? I would love to see Tobey make a comeback as an alternate reality Peter to try and apologize to him for letting his turn as Peter Parker end on of the most sour cinematic notes of all time.

3. 'Green Lantern'

Yeesh. This film is lucky to not have the number one spot. It has become a laughing stock and was even brought to light in Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds was not the right choice and the script was famously bad. It just never really had a purpose or a good storyline. Just a bad movie all the way across the board. Script, acting, CGI all bad. All terrible. Not even redeemable in anyway. The content within Green Lantern's history is rich but I fully expect that WB and DC distances themselves from Hal Jordan and this very disrespectful film to the lore of this character and the entire Lantern Corp.

2. 'Catwoman'

This could have easily been number one but there is a reason it is not. As bad as it was, it still tried. I remember watching this in cinema and the sound cut out in the middle which I was extremely frustrated about at the time but in retrospect probably made it better. Halle Berry is capable of better. The studio is capable of better and I didn't need a film where Halle Berry dresses as a sexy cat with no plotline. I'm just not on board for that. It was melodramatic and tried to bring a new origin for Catwoman that just failed miserably.

1. 'Batman and Robin'

Read the cast list and you would expect something decent albeit a little cheesy. What we got was a bat credit card and cheesy ice related one liners from Arnie. It doesn't age well. The worst representation of a vigilante who makes a habit of hiding in the shadows. The actors involved have even owned how bad this film was. The silver lining? It quite possibly led to the conception of Batman Begins which began the best Batman series we may ever see on the big screen. The Dark Knight Trilogy unfortunately is not enough to forget this atrocity exists and always will.

These are the creme de la crop of what is the worst of what Marvel and DC have attempted to bring to the table. Honorable mentions include Blade 3 and The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. Let's hope no future films from either studio bump any of these films off the list.

Kenneth Belliveau
Kenneth Belliveau
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