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The Eternals -- the least Marvel like movie?

The Everglades is an American action fantasy film produced by Marvel Studios. It is directed by Zhao Ting and stars Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Kumel Nanjiani, Ma Dongxi and Salma Hayek.

By 黄德新Published 11 months ago 7 min read

The Everglades is an American action fantasy film produced by Marvel Studios. It is directed by Zhao Ting and stars Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Kumel Nanjiani, Ma Dongxi and Salma Hayek. The film tells the story of the eternal race and the abnormal race, which have been fighting each other since millions of years ago when the cosmic creatures called "god" created them. The film will be released in the US on November 5, 2021.

The story tells the story of a group of god clan, as early as seven thousand years ago came to the earth, in addition to immortality and immortality, but also each have very different extraordinary ability, and protect the human from the "mutation clan" invasion, at the same time behind the society silently help human evolution. They disappeared until Avengers: Endgame, when a group of old enemies forced them to reunite...

Marvel's highly anticipated fourth installment has been the talk of the town for both the director and the cast, especially after director Zhao Ting won an Oscar last year. But previous foreign critics of polarization, exclude debate about a particular ethnic group, is not big, but the common notion "eternal clan" in shots and score level characters, indeed different from Marvel previous style, also injected into the depth of human nature and the exploration of the value of content, and the picture is beautiful; However, to some extent, it is no longer a pure super English entertainment film, so the entertainment and tonality are what ordinary audiences need to adjust. If they watch the film from the right Angle, they can feel the charm of this work and examine the so-called "human" and life in a different height.

"God" plays the creation of the universe life and rebirth, using the circular energy to balance and maintain the universe, in order to achieve this mission, must cultivate new family of god, in a suitable planet, so the plant a seed, and create "eternity" to ensure that the task smoothly, make its from failures of the destruction of the "alien" until "god is now complete.

The Celestials are Celestials.

In the Marvel universe, the Celestials are the true gods of the universe, the dominant beings who create the eternals and the mutants. They look like giant robots with slightly different colors, but all have god-like powers. Their goal is to nurture intelligent life on the planet, and thus feed on the core of the planet's "seeds" to give birth to a new celestite race.

② Eternals

It was created in the "melting pot of the Universe," and was sent to Earth by the Celestials 7,000 years ago, leading the development of human civilization. But they were also subject to their orders not to interfere with human life unless there were mutants, including the invasion of Earth by Sanos. The abilities of 10 members of the Eternals

③ Deviants

Mutants are the products of the eternals, and the original intention is also to send them to each planet, so that the planet becomes a suitable environment for the birth of celestials, but I did not expect the evolution ability of mutants is excellent, constantly eating all kinds of creatures, but not conducive to the incubation of celestials.

The eternals focus on themselves and their stories, so whether the characters are portrayed deeply is the most crucial. Film begins with writing elaborate basic background for the audience, then picture to Mesopotamia, 7000 years ago, just a few minutes with our ability to rapidly know this group of people and positioning, concise and strong and full of myth, can feel the director with lens language origins of telling us that a people of god, majestic and beautiful. Even though there are ten new characters, the flashbacks of the past and the present are timely used to let us know them, bringing out the contradictions and relationships between each other without any intentional feeling. The camera switch is actually smooth. That's zhao ting's pen stroke, and I'm glad Marvel Studios hired her as director to inject her unique sensibility into this heroic film, which is filled with delicate sensibility and soul.

The concepts behind "The Eternals" are both familiar and deep, and raise many questions worth pondering: Are these heroes good people protecting humanity, or bad people helping to torture it? Or is there no such thing as good or bad, and we are all pawns or victims on a chessboard? There is no correct standard answer to these questions, they can only try to explore and explore in the process, even at the end of the film, they are not sure whether this "choice" is right. We get to see big events through their eyes, and think about history on a different level, which not only gives the book a different level, but also deepens the meaning of Endgame.

If you had extraordinary power and wisdom, how would you change the world? We can see the debate between Druig and Phastos. The former helped mankind invent nuclear energy, but prompted mankind to have the Hiroshima nuclear explosion in 1945, which made him give up on mankind. The latter sees humans killing each other, and his ability to stop everything but his limitations make him disheartened by his team and mission. Even when the eternals finally learn the true mission they were sent to Earth, what should they do as their own capable selves? The characters' moods and internal dilemmas are described in great detail, whether to obey or change.

In addition, for the proposition of "free will", the situation of the eternals is just like the relationship between gods, angels and humans, and each role is faced with the same problem: whether they can only follow the established destiny, firmly carry out the tasks of god, and then continue to carry out the cycle of life? In the film, the different views of the eternals are expressed, and the dialectic of self-identity and self-existence value is reflected in each other, which gives the film more in-depth discussion meaning. It's also perfectly integrated with the story and the character's personality, and it's not out of place.

"An extraordinary heroic film" and "a beautiful epic full of wonder and imagination" were praised by foreign media. Kevin Feige, Marvel's chief creative officer, has said, "Zhao's insistence on location and less CG is, I think, something new with Marvel films. When Disney executives saw the footage, they were impressed by her ability to direct." The film was also filmed in London, Oxford and the Canary Islands of Spain, and was praised by some critics as "a beautiful scene never seen in Marvel works". The consistency of image evaluation of this work is quite high, everywhere can see director dorothy view characteristic, the magnificent natural beauty into the film, in addition to magnificent scenery beautiful shock to the audience, also with a variety of ancient civilizations scenario, plus the grand sweep of background music, make the picture presents a sense of the story of epic.

Of course, in addition to the background, the characters also show exquisite and charming visual charm. The superpowers and movements of the Eternals are so elegant and elegant. The special effects of gold thread and interwoven composition make people feel gorgeous and noble, and the golden curve gives a supreme sense of holiness to the vision. In addition to neatly echoing the Eternals' storytelling style, it even makes the film one of the best visual aesthetics of any Marvel film. In addition, the story is to build a huge history and cosmology, so the enormity of "Celestials" is also quite shocking, there is a strong visual contrast between the maximum and the minimum, and there are many sci-fi special effects sincerity.

"The most not diffuse as diffuse wei wei films" is a lot of people to make annotations, indeed, it is less dense diffuse wei movie that is full of laughter, action, and tripping audience familiar with the formula of "cool" if looking forward to see exciting blasting condition, fall into the meat and quick melee fighting, that may be disappointed. Moreover, the plot involves Marvel's cosmology and human development, and the time span is long, so there are a lot of explanatory content. Moreover, the director's style is not the bright and fast narrative rhythm of MCU in the past, which requires the audience to slow down and enjoy it. It is no wonder that the evaluation is polarized, and some foreign film critics even said, He prefers Shang Qi, which is more commercialized and action-packed, a narrative that might not be accessible to fast-paced audiences.

Perhaps "The Eternals" isn't a marvel movie that you'll find very enjoyable after watching. It's not a familiar origin story, whether it's narrative pace, characterization, action or jokes, that the average viewer needs to get used to. But it broke the established Marvel framework. With the director's deep and delicate emotional description and beautiful epic cinematics, it made me feel full after watching it. In addition, from the perspective of eternals, it explores more familiar and in-depth value thinking, so that it has inner meaning that can arouse the audience's resonance. This is not only a superhero story, but also a fascinating one with a strong connection to the value of life.


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