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"The Equalizer 2": a knight who is a knight who is righteous and righteous. After self-salvation, he finds a response and some calmness

by Manville Varieur 2 months ago in movie

"Lynching" and "Education"

(The Equalizer 2) is a movie star: (Denzel Washington)'s first sequel film in his career. The director is still (Antoine Fuqua). After the last episode was widely acclaimed, the sequel four years apart is still quite anticipated. However, at the moment the trailer was released, the film can’t help but make people worry: because the texture of the trailer and the plot revealed are not as good as the first episode, the plot also looks like a very old-fashioned execution of "lynching." Revenge drama... But these doubts disappeared after watching the feature film! I can now say loudly that "The Equalizer 2" is a sequel that I am quite satisfied with and like!

"Lynching" and "Education"

Inheriting the characteristics of the first episode, this film still interprets "lynching" and "education" separately, but the part of "lynching" is slightly more common than the first episode. Maybe we have already dealt with it in the first episode. The protagonist's power and methods have been amazed, and the freshness of the same things will inevitably decline; but in terms of violent aesthetics, don't worry, Anthony Facquey's style is still alive and refreshing! In view of the last time the home hardware store was arranged at the end of the scene, I was looking forward to how the final battle will be arranged this time... As a result, the location this time was arranged in a place full of the protagonist's feelings, although it is not as creative as the home hardware store. The killing bridge section, but also arranged ingeniously.

As for the "education" part, Danzo still plays the role of a wise man who sees through all aspects of life in the film: he took over as a taxi driver to see the common people's world from the perspective of the driver. Different from the prostitute in the first episode that Danzo was enlightened in the plot, this time it was replaced by a deviated young black boy. In the middle is a cultivating drama between Danzo and the black boy, which I really like, although there is no great line. But with Danzo's acting skills, this section is full of tension! The screenwriter re-presents this aspect of education in a similar way, which is still moving.

The knight

Overall, "The Equalizer 2" still follows the same structure as the first episode, but focuses more on the protagonist in the plot. This mysterious character did not reveal much information in the first episode. We only know that he is a retired spy in his past, and we only know a little bit about the rest. But in this episode, we still didn’t directly dig into it. The protagonist’s past, but indirectly through dialogue, scenes, objects, etc., we can be sure that the protagonist is a lost person who is in the process of self-salvation.

The most notable point is the continuation of the 100-book list about the protagonist in the first episode. This is how he inherited the spirit of his late wife and found peace. From the first episode of "The Old Man and the Sea" and a book about knights who are heroes, to this episode of "Between the World and Me" (the connection between the protagonist and the common people) and "Siddhartha" ( The current situation of the protagonist), and the last one, the 100th book "A La Recherche de Temps Perdu" (the protagonist’s dead past), is actually alluding to the protagonist’s story and mood. The director chose to use the side-by-side approach to make the audience themselves Dig. Perhaps, those 100 books represent his path to self-salvation.

In the two episodes of the story, several people have already asked the protagonist what is he sacred? But he did not give an answer once. Because maybe he doesn't know who he is at all, or he is also groping; on the one hand, he fills up the emptiness and loneliness in his heart by implementing justice.

At the end of the movie, the scene of the old man and the sea is brought back again. This scene not only echoes the first episode, but also returns to the original intention, and finally finds a balance for this lost character. How poetic and picturesque this is. With Danzo Washington used his eyes to tell stories many times, the so-called silent victory is probably such a thing, the actor's strength has nothing to say!

The story is complete because of "2"

"The Equalizer 2" seems to have received quite bipolar reviews after its release. For me, it is a very successful and beautiful sequel. It is not a sequel to show off the old-fashioned themes, even if you haven’t watched the first episode, it doesn’t affect the viewing of this episode; but if you delve into the role of Robert McCaw with ulterior motives, you will find that the two episodes have a certain degree of continuity. Some things you want to know in the first episode can be answered in this episode, so it is strongly recommended to watch the first episode. If you compare the two episodes, I would think that they are on the same level. The first episode is the action scenes are more excellent and fresh, but in terms of the plot, the existence of this episode can be said to have "it" to complete the story of "Lynching Education" .


Manville Varieur

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