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The entanglement of lust in the deception of "The Handmaiden"

Love saves each other, greed binds oneself

By Gauthier LanctotPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

"The Handmaiden" is based on the famous British writer Sarah Watts' novel "Fingersmith", which changes the original Victorian era to the Korean peninsula under Japanese colonial rule. Story Description In the 1930s, Miss Xiuzi, whose parents died early, was raised by a perverted uncle. The swindler who became Earl Fujiwara coveted the huge inheritance of Miss Hideko, and found a girl pickpocket disguised as a maid to sneak into Miss Hideko's house to persuade the lady to marry the earl. Unexpectedly, it caused entanglements between the three people's lust, greed and calculation.


The film is divided into three narrative chapters. The first chapter uses the maid’s point of view to bring out his kind nature, take care of the orphans in every possible way, give warm embraces like a mother, except for breastfeeding, his character and behavior also plant follow-up and follow-up. The reason why Miss Hideko surpasses the relationship between master and servant. The first chapter explains the whole story of the scam. The maid was sent to a psychiatric hospital with a frightened face. The unexpected plot was reversed and the audience couldn't wait for the next chapter. The second chapter narrates from the perspective of Miss Hideko, explaining that she was trained to participate in the erotic book recitation of her abnormal uncle since she was a child, and after meeting Earl Fujiwara, she was determined to plan a seemingly seamless escape conspiracy.

Double-sided noble lady

Miss Hideko's calculations in the second chapter, the lust with the maid, and the hatred for men completely broke the gentle and delicate appearance of the previous chapter, and the appearance of the maid opened a window of love for her life; Putting the past suspicion away, combining the inside with the outside, come up with a trick and a trick, let Earl Fujiwara become the stepping stone for the two people to stay and fly without knowing it. In Chapter 2, whether it is a naked female love scene, facing the bipolar expression of male and female eroticism, and fascinatingly recite the "Jin Ping Mei" in Japanese, the changeable emotions, the complex presentation of body language and inner psychology can be called It is the most eye-catching performance from the movie.

Love saves each other, greed binds oneself

Love came unexpectedly. The flow of lust extended by the conspiracy was only one of them. Xiuzi and the maid spoke out of their identities apart from their position of identity. After being frank, they destroyed the erotic books and freedom ran on the grassland. The maid’s sincere treatment was quite moving.

People who say that they will run into something, greedy people will not be able to catch the quicksand in the end, and shouting in the name of desire will only end up hitting their own feet with a rock. Chapter 3 describes the three people fleeing to Japan and finally revealing their true colors. The earl wants money but also loves, but is no match for the true love of the two women. The last chapter gives the story a perfect ending. The earl is a liar after all. He wants to have a happy ending with Xiuzi, but ignores that the pickpocket he hired stole Xiuzi's heart.

In the first part of the movie, the uncle and Xiuzi are unattainable nobles. Compared with humble liars and pickpockets, the relationship is reshuffled at the end. Xiuzi and the maid are connected, regardless of status, and the relationship between friendship, family and love makes It is amazing; the sea and sky where the two are on the boat is contrasted with the liar and the perverted uncle who can only stay in the dark basement to torment each other.

The dizzying visual design makes "The Handmaiden" a visual feast

In addition to the plot, the character’s erotic and emotional transitions, and the erotic scenes, the film’s visual scenes include buildings, gardens, and erotic literature libraries that combine Japanese classical and English-style houses. Xiuzi's different styles and functions, as many as 25 sets of clothing, matching hats and gloves, show her ever-changing charm and make the movie a visual feast.

"The Handmaiden" gathers the crime and love themes that Park Chan-wook is good at. What is more powerful is the dramatic tension in the character setting, the erotic desire and conspiracy that challenge the moral standards. Park Chan-wook still has a deep skill in dealing with isolated characters, using chapter narratives to let people know what medicine is sold in the gourd. The characters in the story spy on each other, explore each other's hearts, satisfy the desires of sight and hearing, and make the audience seem to be holding a telescope to spy on the protagonists' sin and hatred, hatred and love, and plan and jealousy.


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