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The Bob's Burgers movie is coming out soon, so let our family meat you!

What are you looking forward to? Do you watch the show?

By 'Vive AkughaPublished about a year ago Updated 8 months ago 5 min read
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Bob's Burgers is about a man running a restaurant with his wife and three children as they encounter the daily adventures they are met with. This animated television show first aired in 2011 and is still on the air with its twelfth season of the Belchers. The show has great cameos, beautiful songs and will now have a movie called The Bob's Burgers Movie

This upcoming movie will be shown in theatres exclusively and according to the 20th Century Studios Youtube channel description, will be:

… an animated, big-screen, musical comedy-mystery-adventure based on the long-running Emmy®-winning series. The story begins when a ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of Bob's Burgers, blocking the entrance indefinitely and ruining the Belchers' plans for a successful summer. While Bob and Linda struggle to keep the business afloat, the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family's restaurant. As the dangers mount, these underdogs help each other find hope and fight to get back behind the counter, where they belong.

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The movie had been postponed severally but is no longer delayed. The show tackles unorthodox yet hilarious topics in a family setting. Their voices are distinct with a personality of their own perfectly complimenting each character. I watched a video of their table read at a conference matching an existing episode and although certain things were different in the produced episode, it was great to watch them become the familiar characters.

Video Credit: Bob's Burgers with Live Voice Acting on YouTube

I also watched this video of the cast being questioned on certain lines and asked about their favourite lines. This made me think of my favourite lines and characters.

Video Credit: Shine on Media on YouTube.

My favourite characters are the main ones with a preference for Louise, Linda, and Tina. I also like Nat(Jillian Bell), Mickey(Bill Hader), Mr. Ambrose(Billy Eichner) and others. The characters are incredibly likeable even Gayle who I was once annoyed by her mere presence became likeable for her outrageousness. Louise is incredibly intense but has shown promise over the seasons with increasing character growth and a revealed appreciation for others.

Some of my favourite lines from the characters are:

  • Bob (H. Jon Benjamin)- "I'm gonna bring him to his knees", "Barbara Bunckley!!!!!", "They're gonna cover me up in candy and eat me", "You're horrible, You're all horrible".
  • Linda(John Roberts)- "Ah! my face!", "Ah! my eye!" "Put a cannoli up your wholie", "Bob, you're crazy", "I serve people every day at the restaurant and thought I would finally get the chance to be a wealthy upstairs lady", "I'm engaged to Hugo, is that great I don't know".
  • Tina(Dan Mintz)- "I warned you SKANK", "We're the leader of the free world, not the litre".
  • Gene(Eugene Mirman)- "We're Belchers, from the womb to the tomb", "That does not seem like a thing you would need a gun for".
  • Louise(Kristen Schaal)- (except the popular ones)"I respectfully say no friggin way", "Mortimer, pay the man a fair price for the house", "Save some room at Thanksgiving for the words you'll be eating", "Which makes you the worst JonASS", "Double 0, so sad".
  • Gayle(Megan Mullally)- "Now, you're my boyfriend".
  • Teddy(Larry Murphy)-"I like to play with a Yo-Yo so something comes back to me".
  • Mort(Andy Kindler)- "Wigs can be scary"
  • Mike the Mailman(Tim Meadows)- "Look at my calves…wait don't look it's not that impressive"
  • Hugo(Sam Seder)- "No Bob, No refunds".
  • Daryl(Aziz Ansari)- "Yes, you did!…. Yes, you should!"

And this interaction between Bob, Hugo, Louise and Gene-"You're an awful man", "I'm a lawful man", "waffle man", "falafel man".

These are the lines I like or something like these from varying episodes which could be from the context, from the tone when saying the line or the line just being great.

The Bob's Burgers appreciation

Video Credit: People Vs Food on YouTube.

They have their following and this has been shown by the number of content created to show that appreciation in multiple forms like Simon Chong's video on YouTube. Simon's video mashing up Archer and Bob's burgers went viral and got him a job with Bentobox animations to work on Bob's burgers. Archer from Archer and Bob from Bob's burgers share the same voice actor, H. John Benjamin doing the same voice, so a mashup was only in a matter of time. 

However, unlike an episode with the Archer style,

Video Credit: Top Clips on YouTube.

He did it in the Bob's burgers style calling the video, I Had Something for this Burger.

Video Credit: Channel Owner/Simon Chong on YouTube.

His video was posted on July of 2017 and before his 2020 follow-up video detailing how this project changed his life, he said in the comment section of this video:

Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments on this. It's been a very odd few months, but as the result of this, I moved from London to Los Angeles because now I'm a storyboard artist on Bob's Burgers! My first episode I officially worked on was the Christmas episode that aired at the start of December ^_^

There have been conspiracy videos, curiosity videos, reaction videos, character trait comparison videos, fact videos, artwork, restaurant themes and other forms of a large variety.

Bob's burgers is musical genius.

They have great songs that are catchy and harmonious from almost every episode highlighting the theme of it or of complete randomness such as:

Electric love

Video Credit: DuhCets 2 on YouTube.

Bad stuff happens in the bathroom

Video Credit: Firstname Lastname on YouTube.

Work Hard or Die Trying Girl

Video Credit: Kraken Niz on YouTube from 2:25

and Not the forgiving type.

Video Credit: Button Studios on YouTube.

All these and more which include the cast as well as other musicians singing are available on their soundtracks either on Spotify or on Apple Music.

Will you be watching the movie?

Video Credit: 20th Century Studios on YouTube.

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