The Best Movie You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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The Best Movie You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Do you ever scroll through Netflix, desperate for a movie that looks good but you have already seen everything good, and everything you have not seen yet looks a little weird? We have all been there. A bunch of times. When I was in that spot one time about two years ago, I decided that I should pick something where the cover looked a bit strange; something that I would not typically gravitate towards. And that is how I came across one of my favorite movies, Comet. Comet is a romantic dramedy that first premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Comet features Emmy Rossum and Justin Long, who also helped produced the film. You may know Emmy Rossum from the Showtime show, Shameless, and Justin Long from the 2004 movie, Dodgeball. The film was written and directed by Sam Esmail, the creator of the hit television show Mr. Robot.

Comet takes place over the course of six years through varying different parallel universes, in non chronological order. You get to see how the relationship between Kimberly (Emmy Rossum) and Dell (Justin Long) plays out through all of its ups and downs. You get to see the rawness of a real relationship, where things truly are not always perfect.

When you finish the movie, you are left with some unanswered questions that actually make for such an interesting ending. It is not often that a movie leaves me thinking about it for hours following watching it, but it happens every time I have watched it. And I have watched it at least ten times. It is incredible how thought provoking this complex movie can be. What you make you of the ending is up to you, but I know I am satisfied with the ending I have created for myself.

All in all, this film is created beautifully and is so unique. It never fails to leave me in awe. It is witty yet poetic in the most perfect way. It is such a shame you’ve never seen it.

Unfortunately, Comet can no longer be watched on Netflix, but if you have a Showtime subscription you can still view it there!


Now, I thought I would discuss my own personal theory about the end of the movie. Do not read this if you have not watched the movie yet; it will spoil the ending! On that note, we all know that Dell gets his lie for the relationship out of the way right from the start by saying he has never seen The Sixth Sense. He established himself in the relationship directly from the start. But what was Kimberly’s lie? I don’t think her lie was actually about her talking to Jack behind Dell’s back. In a traditional sense of a lie, she was just hiding the truth as opposed to completely lying. Here is what I really think Kimberly’s lie was: I think in the final few minutes of the movie when Kimberly says she is pregnant, that she is lying. I think she is testing Dell to see if he will believe her. I mean, how could Kimberly not still love Dell? They were together for so long, there is no way she just got over it so quickly. By lying, she wants to see if there is anything still there for them. She really is not with Jack anymore, that is why the ring is missing. That is why there are boxes everywhere.

When the film cuts off right as Dell starts to walk towards Kimberly, that is when he realizes it was her lie. He knew there was still hope for them. Their story is not over yet. What is your theory?

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