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The Best Man -End thoughts

The Best Man (1999, 2013 and 2022)

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
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The Best Man came out with two movies and a series (The Best Man-1999, The Best Man holiday-2013, The Best Man final chapters-2022) which I watched and covered.

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The first and second installments in the franchise are 2-hour movies while the third installment is a Peacock original series with eight episodes. Harper is played by Taye Diggs, Robyn(or Robin) is played by Sanna Lathan, Lance is played by Morris Chestnut, Candace(or Candy) is played by Regina Hall, Shelby is played by Melissa DeSousa, Quentin is played by Terrence Howard, Mia is played by Monica Calhoun, Julian(or Murch) is played by Harold Perrineau, and Jordan is played by Nia Long.

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I found out about The Best Man after I saw some clips of the dance scene in The Best Man Holiday. After seeing it on Netflix, I clicked to watch it. I remember feeling like it was intended to be a comedy and it was not. There were comedic moments but it was extremely emotional. Also, I had not watched the 1999 movie especially since I didn't know a prequel existed. Eventually, I watched all the installments.

The 1st installment is okay. It shows the days leading up to the wedding. The 2nd installment is really good. I think it built the characters well and was a good ending for the characters and their stories. It shows the days leading up to Christmas. The third installment is good overall and great at times. Some things felt right, some felt unnecessary and others felt drawn out. They focused on other aspects of things in their everyday life including race, health, mental health etc.

In the 1999 movie, Lance believes in God, loves football and is rigid as well as traditional. Julian is respectful, flexible with his beliefs, has a big heart, can't keep a secret, appears high-strung, and is bullied by his friends. Quentin is knowledgeable, sexual, indecisive, smokes, and doesn't believe in monogamy. Harper is a good writer, wants Jordan badly, is a hard worker, and doesn't believe in God. 

In the 2013 movie, Lance still loves football, still loves and believes in God, and loves Mia(still). Quentin is still philosophical, still carefree, and still straightforward. Julian is still respectful, still loves kids and teaching, and still anxious. Harper is still a hard worker(hyper-focused), is a pessimist, unwilling with technology, and believes in God (a bit)

In The Best Man Holiday, due to Harper's doing the guys narrowed down their principles down into three words. Harper's is "Creativity, Stability and Partnership." Julian's is "Ancestry, Perseverance and Children." Quentin's is "Money, Bitches, Pussy/Getting Head." Lance's is "God, Family and Football." Over time some of their principles changed while others remained.

After watching everything I thought of animal personas for the guys. Harper is a cunning dehydrated vulture (thirsty for even more through the scraps, cunning, exploitative, secretive, private, "snake in the grass" ). Quentin is a supportive smoker owl (wise but questionable most times, truth teller, supportive, straightforward). Lance is a relentless guardian rhino(defender, respected, rigid, charges when he fights and plays). Julian is a reliable passionate panda (considerate, loyal, reliable, has an angry/dangerous side when feels threatened, and avoids confrontation).

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The series was good but I felt most of the heart was in the second movie. It felt drawn out most times but it was a good addition to allow more hope and growth for all characters. Quentin needed to stop smoking because of his heart attack and he developed a love for Shelby and Kennedy. Harper tried to work on his marriage but failed despite his professional success. Jordan was a workaholic still but finally took a break. She also tried to develop her personal life relationship-wise. Lance had to re-learn himself and his family. He took a chance to believe in love again. Julian had to deal with his individuality and self-confidence (used boxing as his outlet). 

It was nice to see them grow along with their children. The inclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic was interesting. This may be seen as good to many people (for them to deal with these important topics) but it could be seen as annoying to make references to reality therefore bursting the escapism bubble many people need when they indulge in entertainment. It was interesting that a series was made to close out the franchise, make statements, end character arcs and show that Harper and Jordan still didn't get together after everything. 

I found it interesting that Shelby's character changed from the 1st to the 2nd movie and onwards. I thought she was more preppy in the first movie but that changed in the second. I felt Julian was the best man and Quentin was the best friend. Julian was thoughtful and a good friend. Quentin loved his friends and gave them tough love. I felt Harper was selfish which is not always but he was so many times. I felt Lance may not have deserved everything or did he? One thing to note is that he didn't turn his back on God or curse God for Mia's cancer and death. His faith never fully shattered showing his true love for God in his life despite his trying times. 

I felt Mia loved Harper more than Lance. Her affection for Harper was shamelessly obvious and she appreciated his care for her. I was happy for Candace. Her life changed, she was loved and happy. I felt Robyn did not deserve all this. She often compromised for Harper despite his heart being split between her and Jordan. He didn't get her the restaurant, he was as around anymore, he convinced her to leave Harlem, and more but she didn't cheat on him with the produce guy despite having the chance. I also felt it was horrible that he proposed to Robyn because Joran told him to. The guys knew Harper's heart was with Jordan because they said he judged his girlfriends because none of them measured up to her. In the first movie, he told her that he was all her's and that's good and all but he didn't have to lie to himself and Robyn. This is why I thought Jordan and Harper could have worked if they wanted it to. They kept missing their shot but he didn't have to propose to Robyn just because he wanted a companion. He's a workaholic just like Jordan and they had said they understand each other and their goals which is true but even after his divorce they don't take a real chance with this. It seemed they only wanted to give it a shot if one person was unavailable. I was happy she took a break though. She was hyper-independent and had called herself "superwoman" but she finally allowed some time for herself. 

I found it interesting that Robyn or Robin appeared to be the only main character without a surname before marriage. We have Mia Morgan, Jordan Armstrong, Quentin Spivey, Harper Stewart, and more but just Robin. It's kind of disrespectful to her character. I liked their friendships. It was tumultuous yet pure. The series ended with a dance number (like in the first movie) and bloopers to mark the end of the franchise.

Image Credit: Screenshot by me

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