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'The Belko Experiment'

by Megan Davis 5 years ago in review
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A warning to not work for them.

Whoaaaaaa, look at me! Yet another review is up, and unlike the last one for It Comes At Night which I could have done without — this is a gem!

In a twisted social experiment, eighty Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogotá, Colombia, and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company's intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.

Compared to It Comes At Night, this is like Citizen Kane to me, (even though I really really hate that film, it is considered to be one of the best...), and compared to the horrors I have watched this week, The Belko Experiment has hands down been the best.

The Belko Experiment is a pretty damn original idea, and one that I really really liked. I love cat and mouse type stories and games, love a good game in a film — and this is pretty much an hour and a half of cat and mouse and games. Not only do you have the voice of 'God', telling them that people have to die or else even more will die, but you also have the people working there going into fight or flight. Eighty people going into fight or flight! Eighty!

People start trying to save themselves, and after being told if 30 people don't die, 60 people will die, all hell breaks lose and you start seeing the thought processes and actions of humans in fear. Putting people into categories and against the walls are just the start... It's tense, damn tense, not only are you worrying about the characters but you're also worrying about what would happen if this actually happened in real life, I mean, if this actually did happen... Lord take the wheel if it did, I would try my best at being some MMA fighter and I'm a-fighting!

The Belko Experiment creates some pretty creepy thoughts to be fair, especially with recent changes in technology; being how much cameras and cameras on phones are used nowadays, people could be watching at any given moment, and if people go outside, you are probably on CCTV. That is not the creepiest thing though; I really don't mind CCTV. The creepiest thing is the tabs that are put in people's heads at Belko! People just allowed their work to put tabs in their heads, no questions asked, and recently, this has happened in real life — not in the head though, in hands. But still, it's scary and I wouldn't do it myself...

As you can see by the list in which this review is placed, I did not watch this alone, I watched it with my lovely parents. Does anyone else find it so hard to actually watch a film with parents, like to get them both to sit down and watch an actual film, and not TV that needs to be caught up on? I need a segment of the day when I can just sit and watch any horror film, that's what I need.

Getting back to the parents, they both really enjoyed this, I have to admit, it didn't stress mum out as much as say a zombie film would, but it still stressed her out a fair bit. Not only with the lock-in of the building, and the 'voice', but people turning on each other — it is a pretty stressful time.

Dad enjoyed it as it kind of mixed a thriller type horror but with some really good comedic moments, which I approved of too, must I add. He also did that dad thing, ("that dad thing", such a good description there, Meg...), where the gore is kind of over the top, where he watches it and laughs — that means it was just right. So bravo there, the parents approve of my choice of this film.

Actually, one thing I haven't mentioned, shockingly, is the gore — which is two thumbs up by the way. There are exploding heads to start with, and throughout, guns are used and a fair bit of bashing in heads — all great in my eyes, and they don't cut away from it either. That is one thing I am not a fan of, cutting away from the good parts. Gosh, I sound so weird... I swear I am not a serial killer...

The Belko Experiment is a little gem of a movie. It's kind of original in terms of a story, but it feels original, and mixes horror and comedy really well. Not only that, but the music is great. I know that is a really out of nowhere comment, but there are a fair few brilliant versions of well known songs throughout this whole film, that shouldn't work but really do.

It's just a good movie, more than good actually, I would happily watch it again soon, and recommend it to random people who ask as well as people that I do actually know. A-okay of a fan.


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