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The 8 Show Review | Better than Squid Game

To be honest, this is the show where you remain tied to the screen and the whole time you want to know what next. Now what next?

By Ayush VermaPublished 28 days ago 3 min read
The 8 Show Review

Often, Korean shows have been giving us a very different kind of vibe in which the stories inside are absolutely amazing and do not give the audience a chance to move away from the screens.

Let me tell you that a new Korean show has come on Netflix whose name is The 8 Show. I stayed up all night to complete it. Now stay connected so that you know what my opinions are about the show.

Well, The 8 Show is based on a webtoon in which you get to see the story of eight such people who are yearning for money, which means that everyone is facing a shortage of money in their life, and now they are suddenly offered a game where there are eight levels for eight people, where they have to spend time and earn money, but there are many twists and many things about which they are not aware.

The 8 Show Netflix Review

If I wanted to review The 8 Show for you in one line, I would just say that this is a brilliant show. To be honest, this is the show where you remain tied to the screen and the whole time you want to know what next. Now what next?

To be honest, in the beginning, I was not enjoying much of the show. When we were introduced to the life of the main character and how big a problem he was facing in his life regarding money, he even tried to attempt suicide. But then, as soon as he gets the offer from the show, some interest starts building from there when the show people initially transfer millions of won to his account.

If you have seen the Korean show The Squid Game, then I liked The 8 Show even better than that. There was a lot of brutality in the Squid Game. The brutality factor is not here, but things have been presented here in a satirical way.

What type of society is this? How do the rich get richer, and how do the poor get poorer? What is the difference between richness and poverty? By what type, every type of person is needed within a society? We have to live together and share. There is a need for balance.

All these things have been given very good attention in the show.

I am telling you the truth: This show teaches us a lot. There are many things that I will not be able to reveal, but, mark my words, you will enjoy this show a lot. There is a thrill in the show, but not that much mystery.

I found the way the rules of the game were described or explained to be a very good factor.

We get to see some very good characters, like the character on the first floor, who is very good and brings an emotional touch to the show; or the girl on the eighth floor, who is unique but her mind works too much.

The art design or set design of the show is very good where this game has been created; the world that has been created here is quite good, and the mind becomes refreshed after seeing it.

BGM did not seem to me to be of much A1 quality; some scenes should have been a little more intense where BGM was quite light. Moreover, it was not known who started the show; although the story is completely over in the first season itself, there are some questions whose answers I would like to know, and that is why I want season 2 to come.

Moreover, there is also a post-credit scene where a slight hint is given that season 2 may come.


All in all, The 8 Show will prove to be a worthwhile experience for all of you, as it has been for me. I highly recommend you give your time to this show; it is not going to disappoint you from any angle.

In terms of parental guidance, although there is no nudity in the show, you will see the use of strong language in some places.

I have seen this show in Hindi dubbed, which has been a good experience; I did not notice anything lacking.

So, guys, this was my review of the Korean show The 8 Show on Netflix. I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe, like, or comment.

See you soon...

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