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That Sinking Feeling: 'Game Of Thrones' Actor Says They Are 'Utterly Defeated' In Season 7

It seems that if you find yourself taking to the high seas on HBO's Game of Thrones, a pirate's life isn't all singing sea shanties and swilling rum.

By Tom ChapmanPublished 6 years ago 2 min read
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

It seems that if you find yourself taking to the high seas on HBO's Game of Thrones, a pirate's life isn't all singing sea shanties and swilling rum. There is more nautical nonsense ahead and the show is giving us that sinking feeling again that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are keen to send its seafaring Greyjoy family to a watery grave.

With that typical Thrones twist of the blade, Yara Greyjoy's world came crashing down at the end of "Stormborn." Captured by her Uncle Euron, and now paraded through the streets of the capital as a "gift" to Cersei Lannister, can things really get any worse for Yara? Well yes, yes they can!

Not Jumping For (Grey)Joy

We have already seen Yara's brother Theon quite literally jump ship, while the life of his sister now hangs in the balance, all thanks to that simple handshake with Daenerys Targaryen back in Season 6. Things had been looking good for Yara — she was captaining the Greyjoy fleet, locking tongues with Indira Varma's hot to trot Ellaria Sand, and it looked like her and Theon had escaped their nefarious uncle.

Speaking to Newsweek, actress Gemma Whelan revealed exactly what is going through Yara's head during these troubled times and if there are any hard feelings after Theon saved his own skin:

“She feels betrayed, but I think she gets it. The one thing about Yara is that she loves her brother. She’s really upset at this point that they’re defeated, and she sees that he gets spooked and has no choice [but to save himself].”

Apart from being born into a family of salty scum, Yara hasn't actually done anything wrong and you can't help but feel a little sorry for her. We have already seen Cersei Lannister exact her revenge on Ellaria Sand for killing Myrcella, but will Yara escape an equally dismal fate just because she hasn't wronged the Queen? No matter what is next, fans shouldn't expect that Greyjoy spirit to go down with their fleet. Despite a grim prognosis, Whelan says that Yara will keep fighting until the end:

“I think she feels utterly defeated in every way. This isn’t what they set out to do, and now the wheels have come off. She has a lot of fury and anger toward Euron. And she was about to get some below deck—so she’s pissed off about that as well.”

He's got no balls.

As for Theon making that leap overboard, it didn't take audiences long to take to social media in disgust. Among the best, some clever so-and-so even crafted their own Finding Dory parody of the cockless coward:

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

However, while all hope may seem lost, Whelan says she knows why Theon did what he did and hopes for another redemptive arc for Alfie Allen's character:

“I think people have made some really good points on social media. I follow what people say.... It’s true: He has PTSD. He gets spooked. He can’t do anything to help her at that stage. I don’t know if he has the thought, ‘If I quit now, I can save her.’ I think he does have PTSD, and afterwards he will be pissed [off] at himself. He might do something about it.... You never know.”

Of course though, we have seen Theon come back from worse before. The last son of Balon Greyjoy shocked us all by casting off his Reek persona to save Sansa Stark from Ramsay Bolton at the close of Season 5. With the promo for next week's "The Spoils of War" teasing a Theon/Jon reunion, surely the cowardly custard won't fail to mention his sister's dire straits? Who know's though, the Ironborn maiden could've quite literally sealed her fate with a kiss.

In the meantime, let's hope that Yara can sit tight in the Red Keep and avoid becoming the Mountain's latest sex doll — RIP Septa Unella. Even if Yara is on her way out, Uncle Euron may not be far behind her, and we can imagine the whole Greyjoy brood is sailing toward some spectacular sendoff, Thrones-style.

(Source: Newsweek)


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