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Ten Netflix Shows Worth the Hype

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Let's Netflix and chill for two days straight!

Ten Netflix Shows Worth the Hype
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I’ve always been somewhat of a dangerous binge-watcher. Now, more than ever, am I stuck at home wondering, what’s next?! Enjoy this Top 10 List of Netflix shows to binge. These are not in order from best to worst.

1. The Order — This show came to me a bit off-guard. I didn’t think I would like it, but boy did it prove me wrong. It’s about a prestigious secret society at a university, and the secrets and the cliff hangers throughout are why this show made my top 10. They currently have two seasons, and the most recent season was released this year.

2. The Haunting of Hill House — This is also a show I underestimated greatly. I was in and out of sleep during the first few episodes. To my surprise, once I started paying attention, I was SHOOK. I've watched the entire season twice because I had to show it to my boyfriend, and I wasn't even bored the second time around.

3. Lucifer — The show lives up to the title. This was the type of series you would go on strike for if that meant you would get another season ASAP. I believe I even signed a petition once that they renew the show on Netflix. The good news is that since then, they've come out with a season five. The bad news is that there are two parts to season five, and the first part was only eight episodes. We are still patiently waiting on the second part, but production may have been pushed back a bit due to quarantine.

4. The Adventures of Sabrina — If you used to be a fan of “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” you will STAN this series. It’s somewhat of a spin-off, and I could not be more excited for more! They currently have three parts (seasons) and are working on the last and final season currently.

5. Dynasty — Dynasty is the show I watched when I didn’t have much else to binge. It doesn’t make it any less than the others. The twists and turns on this show make it feel like your modern-day soap opera. The more I watch of this show the more in love I am with it. It runs for three seasons and there is to be expected a season four.

6. No Tomorrow — She's an oldie but a goodie. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love apocalyptic ANYTHING. It always makes for a good topic, and when you throw a love story into it all, I’m a sucker for it. To sum it up, it's the end of the world! Unfortunately, this only has one season, but they've done a good job at wrapping things up.

7. Locke and Key — I was obsessed during the first episode, which is rare. Usually, it takes a few episodes to want to binge, but this series was instant! I am anxiously awaiting the second season because the way they left season one was just unfair.

8. October Faction — This show is much like Locke and Key, and for sure will draw you in for all the right reasons. This show only has one season.

9. The Circle — This show is more reality TV centered, but still something worth bingeing. There’s a U.S. version, France, and a Brazil version.

10. Haven — Now, this show is an oldie, but oh-so-good. On a scale of if you should binge or not binge, you definitely should. This show has five seasons. I actually haven't seen this in a while but I am planning on going back to watch them all again.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Top 10 Netflix shows to binge.

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