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Surprising Revelation: Bradley Cooper's Unusual Request to Howard Stern for 'A Star Is Born' Role

Bradley Cooper's Unrevealed Offer to Howard Stern for "A Star is Born" Revealed

By Published 3 months ago 3 min read

In a shocking revelation, Bradley Cooper these days shared that he had to begin with set his attractions on Howard Stern to play his brother inside the severely acclaimed movie "A Star is Born." The role eventually went to Sam Elliott, who introduced a stellar overall performance that earned him an Oscar nomination.

Cooper spilled the beans in the course of a candid conversation on Stern's SiriusXM display while selling his new film, "Maestro." The actor-turned-director opened up by means of asking Stern, "Did we ever speak approximately how I requested you to do 'A Star Is Born'?" Stern admitted that he had handiest confided in "two or three" humans about the provide, now not wanting to offend Elliott, who in the end portrayed the pivotal function.

"I've in no way advised all of us due to the fact I felt horrific for the guy who were given the role," Stern confessed, acknowledging Elliott's excellence in the film. Cooper, in a surprising twist, discovered that he had earnestly desired Stern for the part, even going as a long way as inquiring for him to shave his iconic curls for the person.

Stern, along with his trademark humor, quipped on air, "He need to assume I'm lots higher searching." The radio host humorously imagined the dynamic between himself and Cooper within the movie, announcing, "They're gonna be like, 'What the f—, what's it, this movie gonna be 'Twins?' I'm Danny DeVito, and he is Arnold Schwarzenegger? What the hell's happening right here?"

The revelation unfolded as Stern disclosed that he had "toyed" with the idea for approximately 3 weeks before ultimately turning down the offer. The function became then tailor-made to in shape Elliott's strengths while he become in the end cast. Cooper's 2018 rendition of "A Star Is Born" showcased him as the stricken singer Jackson Maine, with Elliott portraying his brother and supervisor Bobby, and Lady Gaga as his love interest.

Stern, acknowledged for playing himself within the 1997 movie "Private Parts," expressed a humorous lament whilst "A Star Is Born" acquired eight nominations, together with Best Picture, at the 2019 Academy Awards. He quipped, "It could have been first-rate, me on the Oscars."

The at the back of-the-scenes revelation provides a captivating layer to the narrative of "A Star Is Born," a film that already captivated audiences with its raw portrayal of the tune enterprise and the complexities of repute. It's intriguing to assume how the dynamics among Cooper and Stern would have performed out on screen, adding a unique taste to the movie's brotherly courting.

While Stern's choice to decline the position paved the manner for Elliott's standout overall performance, one can't assist but marvel about the change universe wherein Stern took on the person. Would the movie have taken on a special tone with Stern's comedic flair, or would it not have added a brand new measurement to the on-display chemistry? These "what-ifs" handiest add to the mystique of Hollywood's casting choices and the complicated dance of personalities behind the scenes.

Stern, who has verified his appearing chops inside the past, specially in his autobiographical film "Private Parts," may want to have delivered a distinct electricity to the film. His presence on the Oscars, as he jokingly estimated, might undoubtedly had been a memorable second, doubtlessly including a hint of humor to the prestigious rite.

In the stop, "A Star Is Born" spread out as a cinematic gem, with Sam Elliott's portrayal contributing substantially to its important acclaim. However, Bradley Cooper's revelation about his preliminary desire for the role serves as a delightful anecdote for fans and movie lovers, supplying a glimpse into the unpredictable world of casting choices and the untold memories that shape the movies we adore.



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