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by Nesa Wurster 3 years ago in fan fiction

Fan Fiction

To be quite honest, this is not how I expected my life to turn out. I couldn’t remember who I was for the longest time; I was living a “false” life, a dream, according to this guy named Castiel. The last thing I remembered was some drunken jerk hitting me as I was driving home.

“Is she going to be alright?” I heard a voice mumble from across the room. I felt pressure on my forehead, someone was touching me.

“Her vitals seem fine,” that voice was close, “but just to be sure...”

I felt a surge of white heat travel through my body. I couldn’t understand, it wasn’t painful but I could tell it was doing something to me.

I sat upright with a jerk and blinked slowly as the pain from the crash faded from my mind. The person I made eye contact with was not the person I was expecting, he looked so familiar, so…no it couldn’t be could it?

“Sammy?” I whispered as soon as I caught my breath, the man blinked astounded that I knew who he was.

“How the hell do you know his name?!” A stronger voice said from the doorway. By then the third man whom I never noticed before was up in my face, anger blazing in his green eyes. The other man who had been standing by my side had a slight look of fear on his face, his blue eyes twinkling.

“Dean,” both men said, trying to release the tension, “maybe she heard us talking as she was coming out of her unconscious state.” So the grumpy one's name is Dean.

The familiar man stood up from the chair to walk towards us; he placed his hand on Dean’s shoulder in a friendly gesture, the man named Dean brushed him off.

“I don’t like this, she knew who you were the moment she opened her eyes, how do we know she’s not a demon?!” He threw his hands up in frustration and started to pace the room.

“Dean, we didn’t want to run those tests on some random girl that we saved from an accident,” the taller one said.

Demon, that word sound familiar. I knew what a demon was, but how? I scratched my head thinking. I looked at the familiar man again, the long brown hair, the way his lips sat in that way when he gets frustrated. Then it hit me.

“Can you send that white light through me again?” I asked the man who had been standing next to me. “I’m drawing a blank here, maybe if you help me I can remember so no one is suspicious towards me.”

I stared at Dean as his pacing came to a stop.

“That’s not a bad idea,” the tall one said looking at me. “Cass, help her out.”

“I can try.” He placed his whole hand on my forehead again. “But it may be painful for both of us."

And it all came rushing back.


I blinked against the white light leaning against a gravestone.

“You can’t win this, brother,” my voice rang out as my body moved on its own. No it wasn’t on its own, I knew what I was doing but it wasn’t me making the movements.

“Michael, you fool, this was destiny.”

My eyes met Sammy’s. I knew it I wasn’t myself, I wouldn’t intentionally harm my brother but the voice sharing my head told me that wasn’t really him.

“The Winchesters will die at our hands no matter who the victor is...”

“Enough!” My voice roared with such intensity that made the whole world seem to pause a beat.

I’m not afraid to die to save those I love, I thought to myself and the Angel sharing my body was gone. His whisper in my head ringing as he left, “I will be back.” And I was alone again. I dropped to my knees as the pain and exhaustion rolled over me. I knew I had to keep my composure to assure not only myself but the thing inhabiting my brother that I was indeed still Michael.

The blade in my hand was unfamiliar, it was sharp yes but it was like nothing I had ever used before. It was sleek and silver so light yet so menacing and I trembled holding it; holding it steady in front of me ready to block the blow that was going to come.

He came at me. I parried it well. I was holding my own and then he knocked my legs out from under me dragging the blade across my face and just barely missing my left eye. Blood gushed like a river down my face it just wouldn’t stop.

“This is a means to an end; I will rule this world and bring it to its knees once I finish with you.” His eyes glowed red, I shuttered just looking at him and then there was pain…

“So, you’re not Michael anymore...” He twisted the blade deep in my gut.

“No, I’m not but he will end your life.” Blood bubbled in my chest and dripped from my lips as I spoke.

“Hear this you puny child. I will defeat Michael, your brother’s body will be my vessel until I tire of him and he will burn in hell for the rest of his days.” Lucifer/Sam snarled.

“No!” I screamed, wrenching myself free of Lucifer’s blade and burying my own in his arm, forcing him to drop his weapon. I reared back ready to deliver the final blow but I caught my own reflection in the eyes of my brother. In that moment of weakness I was kicked and soaring through the air.

Coughing up more blood than I thought possible, he was at my side. My clothes clung to my skin soaked in blood as he gripped me by my hair. He began to raise me off the ground and started screaming Michael’s name and cursing.

“Put her down brother,” I looked with what sight I had left and there stood another man, dark skinned with the Angel’s glow behind his eyes.

“You ran,” he snarled, shaking me. “And left this puny woman to fight me.”

“Yes, I did,” Michael looked at me with sympathy in his eyes; I looked away ashamed and angry. “I’m no coward though.”

He had a new blade in his hands ready for the fight. Lucifer tossed me like a rag doll, like he was a child throwing away a toy he was done with, and he sauntered towards Michael’s new vessel.

“Sammy…” I whispered as black dots pooled in my vision. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was fading fast; every time I would blink it seemed like an eternity would pass and I had to give everything I had to wrench them back open again. Then there was a white light and someone was cradling me in their arms...

“I’m sorry.” Michael said.

“No…it can’t be…” I sobbed but the pain was so unbearable I went silent for a moment “Just let me join him…please…he was my family, my life…I have nothing now…”

“I have a gift to offer,” Michael said, placing his hand over my wounded face. “If you choose not to take it I will understand.”

I nodded for him to continue, I was losing a battle with death.

“I will give you a new life, a family, a home,” he was watching me closely, “You won’t remember anything from this world, I promise you that, your true self can only be resurrected if another angel or demon comes into contact with you.”

“Just ease my pain, please.” I whispered fading into blackness.

“You will have a better life.” The voice followed me until I couldn’t remember anymore.

fan fiction
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Nesa Wurster
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