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by Michaela LaBrie 3 months ago in fan fiction

This tv show is so great

For this show I am going to tell you what it is about and then list some facts about it. This show mainly follows these two brothers as they go on fighting demons, ghosts and other supernatural like creatures with close friends and family. They have to go through a lot of struggles throughout life but they always had each other no matter what. For this show I am going to tell you some interesting facts about it.

The first interesting fact is that the actor Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) left the show Gilmore girls in 2005 to star in this show. The same thing happened to Jared Ackles, who was on Smallville.

The second interesting is that the character Bobby Singer was named after one of the producers Robert Singer

The third interesting fact is that this show went on from 2005 - 2020 and has 327 episodes.

The fourth interesting fact is that Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) was supposed to be a one episode appearance.

The fifth interesting fact is that Jared Padalecki dislocated his shoulder and the writers had to write into the story line.

The sixth interesting fact is that Misha Collen (castiel) originally read for the role of a demon in his audition.

The seventh interesting fact is thatJeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) is only twelve years older than his on-screen son, Jensen Anckles (Dean Winchester).

The eighth interesting fact is that Jensen and Jared both grew up in Texas.

The ninth interesting fact is that the role of Ruby was written for Kristen Bell.

The tenth interesting fact is that in the original draft, Dean was supposed to have lots of tattoos but the budget wouldn’t allow it.

The eleventh interesting fact is that the only source of income for the Winchesters were credit card scams and poker.

The 12th interesting fact is that many of the episodes were named after movies or classic rock songs.

The 13th interesting fact is that Jared and Jensen both audition for the role of Superman (Clerk Kent) in some form.

The 14th interesting fact is that Jensen Anckles was a groomsman in Jared Padalecki’s wedding.

The 15th interesting fact is that the role of Cain was written for Timothy Omundson.

The 16th interesting fact is that in season one episode 3 “Dead in the water”, Sam and Dean, posing as U.S. Wildlife Service agents, use the aliases “Agent Ford” and “Agent Hamill”. This is a reference to Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill.

The 17th interesting fact is that Marc Singer and Bruce Campbell were the original choices for the John Winchester role.

The 18th interesting fact is that Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) is only nine years older than Jensen Ackles, who plays her elder son.

The 19th interesting fact is that after the first season, the show was picked up by The CW after the WB (Warner brothers) merged with UPN, forming The CW.

The 20th interesting fact is that as of 2017, this was the longest-running television show to never win an Emmy.

The 21st interesting fact is that Jared Padalecki packed on 35 pounds of muscle for Supernatural.

The 22nd interesting fact is that actor Gil McKinney auditioned for the role of Sam Winchester. Eight years later, he was cast as Henry Winchester, Sam and Dean’s paternal grandfather.

The 23rd interesting fact is that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are one year older than their characters.

The 24th interesting fact is that Ty Olsson (Benny Lafitte) also appeared in season two, episode three, “Bloodlust”, as a different “vegetarian” vampire named Eli.

The 25th interesting fact is that Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have had connections to the characters of Batman and Superman.

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