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Superman and Superwoman vs Kratos: God of War.

by Calvin Smith 7 months ago in superheroes

Episode 1

Superman and Superwoman vs Kratos: God of War

Ever had that epic battle that could have been resolved with just a few minutes of good old fashioned communication? Sometimes I wonder, in a world full of powers, how often we categorize power in terms of the intimidating attributes we know of instead of respecting the multiple expressions of power we overlook. (Perhaps even the one’s we don’t know readily about.) There are some levels of power through which we are not familiar. The power to connect is not always through force. The power of love seems often underrated as one struggles to make sense of the seemingly indifferent actions of others. For that, the undaunted response may be to retailiate to the extent that we have experienced or perceived the wrong. Do we cover the expanse of allegorical perfectionism in our retaliations without understanding the facts behind the facts? Failures of taking the initiative to understand why did this offensive action precipitate in the first place? This is not speaking towards the compliment of our abilities to demonstrate our mastery of insightful understanding that flows in equal balance with the power we wield. To leap before looking, a tragic story of miscommunication. How often does that story play out in our lives? Perhaps if we took more time to understand one another before becoming ready to administer our brand of justice, we’d have a lot less skirmishes and a lot more celebrations of relating.

When I created this video with the title: Superman, Superwoman, Vs Kratos, God of War, (which was fun to do) it embodies this post, we see the clash of titans, but the real travesty is that they seem to miss the contributions to heroism that they bring. Inevitably, giving the call to wisdom a deafened ear as the empending fight is engaged between them. I think the ideologies are really in conflict here. Cherishing wisdom but whittled down to brute force. Whether Superman, Superwoman, or Kratos, we see also here the conflicting views of what we deem powerful versus what others perceive as powerful merged into battle.

I realized this video jumps into the “Who would win this fight?” without asking the question why were they fighting in the first place?

Putting in our votes for who we think should win, we find the struggle all to real to pick a side without listening or understanding the context for the disagreement. In this I think the lesson of the video is that we must caution ourselves to look before we leap understanding that to merge as brothers is better than to fight as enemies. Instead of matching powers for the sake of seeing a good fight. Unfortunately, coalignment cannot be possible without reason.

So it is left to our imagination, without understanding a thing. I’m not saying there are some perspectives that do not work together well at all... what a travesty of suggestion to learn from. Possibly we can extrapolate from this brief take...”Never let someone else’s perceptions replace your own ability to think or the picture will be painted for you. Causing you to miss an opportunity to heal rather than wage a war. but this is not our topic tonight.

Here we explore the possibilities of understanding each other. What would that world look like “pre” fight if we applied healthier communication skills?

Join with me in this first episode which undoubtedly will be developed should it get recognition worthy of the second episode.

Found on my Calvin’s Creatives YouTube channel. Feel free to watch the episode.

Here is the link to my short film video.

Titled...”Superman, Superwoman, verses Kratos: God of War.”

But maybe it could be called “Why didn’t they talk first?”

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Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith
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