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Superman and Lois Season 2 Review

by Reel World Critic about a month ago in superheroes
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Another thrilling season has concluded

Superman and Lois just wrapped season two earlier this week and despite all the delays that took place throughout the run, it truly did end on the best note possible. Superman and Lois continue to defy expectations with high quality storytelling.

Tyler Hoechlin during this season continues to embody everything that Superman should be. Thoughtful, hopeful and a hero for everyone. His ability to remain hopeful even in the worst of times is what truly makes him a hero. It is not all this high powered stuff he can do. It is the fact he remains the core definition of what it means to be a decent human and do the right thing every chance you get.

One thing I will say is that the big bad for the season definitely surprised me a little. When it was first shown that something was causing havoc for Superman in the mines, my mind immediately went to Doomsday. As did many people who watched the show and spoke to me about where they thought this season was going to go. It was pleasantly surprising to see a show throw everyone a massive curveball and go an entirely different direction. Now here is where the criticism comes into play. Ally Alston was dragged out and the Bizarro world was not explored enough. We got small glimpses into everything being backwards and one episode devoted to how the El Family was different. It was somewhat hard to buy into the stakes of all of that in less than an hour.

The season did many things right, including using Jordan and Jonathan to perfection and doing a redemption arc for Tal-Rho. It appears via social media that some people have issues with so much screen time being allotted to the Cushing family but I particularly love the Cushing family and the challenges they bring to Smallville and the everyday lives of Clark and Lois. The Cushing family reminds us that there are still real people at the core of the situations that Superman is facing. Ones who often feel like they fail in the presence of such a god like being because they can never live up to those impossible standards. Spoiler for those who have not watched the season finale but one element that was great writing was Lana not being so quick to reconcile and realizing things may never be the same between them. Adding that in felt very true to how a real world situation would play out. As parents they will forever cross paths but as lovers they have grown apart. It was written very maturely and Lana grew so much over the course of the season.

Something that people need to stop being so harsh about is how Lois was treated this season. Bitsie Tulloch absolutely stole the show many times. Her scenes with Jenna Dewan as she begged for her sister to snap out of Ally’s cult. The betrayal she felt, the loss she felt when Lucy was gone and she thought Clark was trapped in the Bizarro world. Some people felt there was a lack of affection between Clark and Lois but I dont think every episode needs to remind us they are ride or die. The show is called Superman and Lois. It seems fairly easy to comprehend she will always be by his side. A kiss or a long hug does not make this more clear. They are a family and that is apparent.

The last thing that needs to be addressed is the lack of ties to the Arrowverse and Earth Prime. People need to let that go. It is the best creative decision for the show with so much of that Universe having been canceled over the course of the past year. Superman and Lois is a much better product in all accounts. CGI, story, most of the acting. Now they have a chance to connect with what they like from Earth Prime and also distance themselves from what truly was not working and what has come to an end. That is the best position to put themselves in as the future of the CW is all over the place and HBO Max is a prime landing spot for Superman and Lois if need be. The issue is that the answers we were given about where Superman and Lois takes place within the Arrowverse are not what fans were hoping for and anything short of a Melissa Benoist appearance was going to let many down.

I understand the frustration but it was never promised this was how it was going to go. These are similar versions of the characters with deviations where they will see it. Like that or don't like it. That entirely comes down to opinion. I like it and it truly does set the show up for an unpredictable season three with the ability to tell any story they want to tell from the years and years of Superman lore. I love that potential and in my eyes Superman and Lois was a resounding success. Kudos to another amazing season. Can't wait to see what season three has in store.


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