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Season 2

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 4 days ago 5 min read

Well as we continue with our SuperWhoLock series we get 1 more season into Supernatural. Now at this point we are really still just getting into the show. It had found its sea legs by this point but we were still very much at the beginning and we are about to get into the first real storylines and character work that Supernatural had so far. So here we go with season 2.

We start with all three of our Winchester boys coming out of the car accident that ended season 1. Dean is in a coma, Sam is fine and John is awake. God I love Jared Padelecki but his acting is so bad. Anyway we’re back to John being a terrible father, Sam and John get into a screaming match and of course John is wrong. He is so driven by killing this demon that he doesn’t seem to give a shit about his dying son. With that wake up call from Sam, John sacrificed himself to the yellow eyes demon in order to save Dean’s life.

Sam is trying to finish what John started, Dean is isolating and trying to fix his car and we get to meet Ellen. This is a hugely important episode for setting up what’s to come, also I love Jo and she’s so awesome.

This is a very emotional episode for the boys as they deal with the aftermath of John’s death, Sam is kinds trying to make up for the fact that he has always opposed his dad by doing what he thinks his dad would have wanted now. Dean straight up tells him that it's too late. So we know Sam is carrying a lot of guilt, whereas Dean doesn’t seem to be dealing with it at all. He wails on the impala at the end of the episode and he’s just carrying a lot of anger.

Sam trying to get Dean to deal with his emotions is really funny because like it's obvious Dean isn’t dealing but it's also pretty obvious that Sam is projecting a little. Like when they go to visit Mary’s gravesite and Dean finds something to hunt, Sam thinks it's more about processing his grief. Of course he’s wrong and there’s actually something to hunt. But it's really clear that neither of these boys really know how to process their grief. Dean is angry and violence seems to be his outlet and Sam is guilty and avoidance seems to be his.

Sammy starts having more vivid, and aggressive visions, and so he’s decided to find others like him. When he does it's clear that Sam is immune to the other kids mind control. It also gives us a starting off point as far as their ages Sam at the moment is 22/23 years old and we know Dean is about 4 years older. Really this episode tells us that Sam isn’t the only connected to the yellow eyed demon and it shows us that Sam is kind of scared of himself, and what he could potentially become, we also see that Dean is a little scared of that too.

As the season continues we get to see more of Jo when she decides to follow Sam and Dean on a hunt. Her and Dean bond but more than that we find out that supposedly John got her dad killed when they went on a hunt together and Ellen still blames him and by extension blames the boys.

When dealing with a crossroads demon, the boys learn that their Dad is in hell, being tortured. Now this is excellent foreshadowing for a lot of reasons, the biggest being that the concept of Hell becomes a lot more tangible as the seasons continue, as well as the fact that our Winchester boys become very familiar with Hell as a place.

God on the next chapter of John Winchester sucks, Dean tells Sammy that John told him that Dean is either going to have to save Sam or kill him. Now we know that Dean would never in fact another hunter is after Sam and Dean does everything he can to protect his brother.

In episode 14 Sam basically has a blackout moment, Dean finds him and Sammy remembers nothing. Sam is obviously concerned but Dean just puts his head down and starts investigating. He really won’t acknowledge that his brother might be dangerous. Sam basically tells Dean to kill him after realizing that he had killed another hunter. And Dean can’t do it, he loves his little brother too much. Very obviously Sam is possessed by a demon who is trying to kill hunters so he goes to Bobby who is too good for his shit.

And now we get to the meat of this season, the yellow eyed demon has summoned all the people he infected with his blood to a single location and told them only one can get out alive. Dean is desperately trying to find his brother. And so starts the trend of the end of season cliffhanger being one of the boys dying. Yeah last season it was Dean but a single time doesn’t inspire a trend, a second time however…they even switched which brother was in danger.

When Sam gets stabbed in the back, Dean has an extremely difficult time dealing with it. Bobby tries to help but he knows that there is really nothing he can do. As Dean is working through how to help Sam we get to see how incredible of an actor Jensen Ackles is, all you The Boys fans are super late to that party. Jensen is so incredible in this episode, as Dean has this hard time he decides to summon a crossroads demon to save Sam. The gate to hell is opened and we are about to see some awesomeness from Dean next season. This yellow eyed demon is taunting my Dean, and we get possibly John Winchester's only good parenting moment ever when he attacks from behind giving Dean enough time to grab the colt and fire. Then we have a silent and very in front of a green screen interaction between John and his boys that gives them some kind of closure.

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