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'Super Mecha Madness'

by Othello Gooden Jr. 3 years ago in entertainment
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Y2K Returns

Protagonist cast of the SMMS: Y2K Returns in 2D anime form.From left to right:Orla/Maxine, Garrison, Cyana, Tyana, 2kReturner, and Ameeka.

Set in cyberspace around the mid 21st century, six AIs known as the Super Mecha Team (SMT) battle the evil Spike Cole, and the one known as Akeem “Y2K” Reiser.

Akeem plans to rewind the clock back to the day when SMT came together against him before the turn of the century. He spent years plotting his revenge. In preparation, Akeem teams up with the General Spike Chad Cole. His goal is to control cyberspace through the general’s large army and influence over the Net.

Both bots continually fail in their efforts to enslave the World Wide Web thanks to a group of vigilantes known as the SMT. While most of Cyberspace cower before Spike and Akeem’s might, the SMT on numerous occasions show they are more than capable in halting their reign of terror.

Who are the ones who make up the SMT... The six AIs that give their lives fighting evil?

Garrison Lee-Benton, a goofy bot regarded as the SMT’s leader. Don’t let his whimsical nature fool you. When evil is en route, him and his fellow bots-at-arms lay the smack down on all those who oppress the defenseless.

Next is his sister, Orla Matthews, the brains of the bunch. The hidden power sleeping inside of her is that of an ancient AI known as the Knight of Cyberspace—alias: Maxine. Legends say it was her that stopped the evil reign of the self proclaimed Queen of Cyberspace singlehandedly—but in an unfortunate stalemate. Interestingly enough, it’s going to take both of them, along with the SMT, to stop an even greater threat from destroying what’s left of the Net in the wake of Y2K’s reign of terror. Alone, Maxine recognizes that neither one can defeat Akeem, even though they are considered as “elders” of the Net.

The Emerald sisters, Cyana and Tyana, are twin royal knights of the Zephyr Kingdom. This once powerful and rich family’s rule first began with their parents, King and Queen Emerald. Sadly, Spike and Akeem’s reign of terror destroyed their once beloved city. Furthermore, the Emerald Dynasty ended on that day with their untimely deaths.

The last member of the SMT is the one known as Ameeka, the self proclaimed “Queen of Cyberspace.” Not much is known about Ameeka except that to her, Akeem’s aspirations are seen as chaos. These views clash with Ameeka’s, and thus she aids the SMT just to keep Akeem from allowing anarchy to destroy a world she once ruled. Yet at one point in her life, She and Akeem walked the same path.

Together these six AI bring hope to a world ravaged by the evil general, a crazed Cyberkinetic, and their army of mindless robo zombies.

While these two opposing forces fight, new players step onto the battlefield. The masters responsible for the creation of Cyberspace make their appearance... Yes, it is us Humans! With the invention of the Cybernetic Mind Transfer (CMT) in the late 2050s, Humans could visit Cyberspace as avatars in this Digital Realm. More advanced CMTs created years later were smaller, and could fit into a wrist band. These improvements allowed humans to travel into Cyberspace via portal or teleportation. The first Human in Cyberspace, however; befriended the infamous duo, and soon fortified their position as a formable opponent for the SMT. With the one known as “Master Wongo,” Akeem’s revenge was nigh. Thanks to Wongo’s augmentation of Akeem’s power, it became impossible for Maxine and Ameeka to defeat him—even with the help of the SMT.

To Akeem, defeating the SMT wasn’t enough for the failed Cyberkinetic, no matter how many times his newfound power allowed him to beat them. Akeem’s M.O. involved cutting off Cyberspace from the human world before the turn of the century—in 1999. Wongo gave him the means to make that dream a reality. Consequently, doing so created a timeline where the failed Y2K event became successful in achieving its purpose—cutting off Cyberspace permanently from the Human world.

Akeem lived his dream for decades, unchallenged by both AI and Humans. The latter were those who tried reinventing the internet throughout the years. The connections these ones made were quickly destroyed by Akeem and his army.

Fortunately, Garrison Lee-Benton from the original timeline, was the only member of the SMT equipped with a functioning device that protected him from timeline changes. With the help of Maxine (AKA: Orla Matthews in this timeline), their computer, and the one known as “the Traveler,” they embark on a mission to undo this new twisted reality created by their archenemies.

Can Y2K be stopped before all is lost? Time favors the decisive! Watch this short film entitled, Super Mecha Madness: Y2K Returns to follow the journey Garrison Lee-Benton as he aims to restore the timeline with a little help from his friends!


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Othello Gooden Jr.

Just a guy who writes stories for fun!

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