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Sunday Studio

by Christopher A Edge 2 years ago in art
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Ep. 1

Christopher A. Edge | Ep. 1

The Sunday Studio is a weekly/ sometimes bi-weekly series I began as a means to promote my art, mingle with art enthusiasts, and to give myself a fun mode to practice, discover, and create engaging, unique art while exploring a new frontier .

Art, for the most part, has been a wholly private task for me. Most days I wake up, draw a little, then focus on a project like a painting or a collage. Other days I devote myself to researching new pathways to expand my business, to promote my visibility, as well as any and all information to develop new techniques and of modes thinking.

Finally, there are those days of action- rebuilding a website page, adding or subtracting a post, checking budgets, engaging with e-mails, or simply improving SEO. I do these things on a near-daily basis.

For almost five years now, these tasks have always been accomplished quietly.

There are reasons behind this methodology and privacy - it is easier on the mind to complete anything privately, as opposed to socially, as art is often not just an application of knowledge, but an arena of experimentation.

And as we all know. Being human and social we sometimes step into a momentary field of what if’s and fears. We want to portray our best images, the ones with superb feedback. We want to show that there is an ease to our abilities, as if all those trial and errors and hours of study and devotion are simply not true. Even in Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power he discusses the importance of such appearances.

I am finding through a shift in focus, yet a consistency of craft, that there is an untold and immeasurable value to showcasing the entirety of a process- from its very spark of inception to its sometimes arduous completion.

Traditionally the studio, or the lab if one chooses that word, is a sanctuary where even the zaniest, antithetical ideas can come to fruition. Often at artist will eschew the traditional principles in favor of a deep sense of wonderment. After all, it is not just the social sphere or the marketplace of ideas where things can progress or improve, but also in the internal, thought-laden world of trial-and-error, what if’s, and simply that insurmountable drive of a childlike curiosity.

I decided then upon creating the Sunday Studio Series.

I want to not just bring the finished piece to an audience, but also go into the full complexities, highs and lows, and even great beauty that is the process itself with my Sunday Studio series.

It is of incredible importance to my fellow creators, inspired souls, and simply to our species as a whole that we maintain a transparency at all levels so as not to fool ourselves, nor trick the course of our dreams down paths of false premises.

Things do not simply appear, nor happen immediately. Nor are they always indelible products of genius and foresight, but often are the outcomes of frustration, labor, and self-discovery.

In episode 1 of artist and poet Christopher A. Edge’s Sunday Studio Series I create one of my interchangeable drawings.

Interchangeable drawings are a series of works I have been completing since late 2018.

They are done almost exclusively in sharpie on various types of paper of various shapes and sizes. Each drawing can take anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours depending on complexity and energy.

Each interchangeable drawing is entirely stream-of-conscious, using only a toolbox of repetitive textures, patterns, and shapes that is developed organically from the artist’s internal sensibilities.

Sometimes the drawings can lose their balance and aesthetic. Other times, however, they form into fascinating abstractions or subconscious and natural objects!

Each episode runs from 1-5 minutes and are a surprising expose on a specific sort of creative process. So subscribe and please check out episode 1 above.


About the author

Christopher A Edge

Christopher Alan Edge (b. 1986) is internationally selling neo-expressionist painter, he has works hanging all over the world from Lima, Peru to Los Angeles, CA. He is the author of two collections of poetry, bastards and Scarcity.

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