SUMMER Bucket FAVS list

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SUMMER Bucket FAVS list

Becoming a homebody isn't easy. My comfortable wear eating great food made from home into reading lots of books throughout the quarantine period knowledge of self-care and awareness of your surroundings full of love and support system.

Working at home spending time would be a great option to stay away from co-workers and classmates. until the close is clear to proceed with working in online vast companies suitable for social contact within big groups.

Being a stay home business can work for people who work in digital, social, traditional, public virtual spaces environment that we need within our homes.

THE FUTUR podcast

Chris Do

Dive into Solutions

Inside peek into the podcast.

THE FUTUR podcast

Chris Do

Dive into Solutions

Inside peek into the podcast.

Chris Do is a man behind interviews and by helping people with all sorts of problems throughout a designer's perspective. He dives in for solutions to help people in design, business, marketing, layouts, and where design is a place where people can analyze the problem's primary source.

Each interview and workshops have different varieties of people who come to ask him questions about him and the department of design—the knowledge concept of different stages' of Verbal Communication, Hand on, and Brainstorming critiques. Organize the way of moving layouts for more advice by cleaning up corrections within the text.

CHRIS DO is teaching, and Creating solutions within a layout is one thing. Still, designing can be something that works for the way you see your arrangements. Saying I'm stuck in areas of designing a text by using what works into cropping and cut in different ways when you're in the process of understanding where you need your directions to go with the inside of a client. Less can be a solution than more. People are afraid of open space with no images too. Work away around the text simplifies for the viewer to read is not hard to break barriers.

Finding the work balances to do a thriving business

Finding work in the field today: Depending on the state and where we live, there are so many opportunities either exploring your options with the design going in the time of technology. At our fingertips, we Research throughout the different functions of operation of being freelance or working in various companies. who may have different guidelines for making a business run smoothly or following director Instruction who give you the options for different jobs and give the rundowns on each project goes every client is looking for a growth factor that

Benefits You

Your Current Boss


An author wrote the book to bring value to design, which is an element implemented to interact with people and grow a business of his own by teaching student workshops—the way we view the world with pictures and words today. Graphic design is by connecting with clients, telling his audience and clients what makes graphic design branches a branding function system as a business. Running a brand and understand that a logo is one of the symbols of building a brand.

Marty Neumeier made lots of novels as an author who wrote as a freelancer, graphic designer, and director building workshop for students or people within the industry. Who needs guides throughout understanding what makes a graphic designer grow in the age of technology.

The novels he has written

The gap brand


The Designful Company

The 46 Rules of Genius

The brand flip

Brand z



Marty number describes in his interview with futur podcast telling what people should learn about the brand the first thing is

Connect with clients

The best thing is to grow as a business, FRIST, is with your clients is to connect the dots to every situation working around the clock in getting to develop connections and build a foundation of communication. Finding what can make or break a company of mine or others. which by learning each pitch is different within phases of

communication, trust, and understanding towards creating a company that can man over stability and knowledge of a client's needs.

History connects with branding

Play a part in Graphic Design

History has evolved around design as looking going to college back in the day and now is different towards the day and age of our world throughout different generations and working around the dollar.

Then and now

MARTY NUMIER when he was trying to land into the best colleges

Marty at that time couldn't afford to get to the biggest and brightest colleges and universities that time; the cost was $50 which himself wasn't enough as a student thinking about what next was to go and test the waters into different jobs with or without a diploma, certificate, and degree.

Marty Numier claimed it expensive now as well too

Which to get there, he started to work and hustle companies and find something suitable content for the portfolio. Marty said it doesn't matter where you went to college; it's what you bring to the table. Anyone can get a job, but it's your work Ethic that defines who you are.







As we can tell, see, view our storylines layouts, we can see everyone has a motif towards breaking the grid and getting to know the elements of design, to do that we can break the network into columns and rows of different layouts.

What makes a person stand out is by using the light bulb to switch, grow, and think of ideas that relate in a way we analyze the story within varieties of passages from any paragraph.

There are many branches of designers within the graphic design industry. The different departments of descriptive design categories; that separate us or combines us of working together in building blocks of careers, choices, and as well as connects everyone in the brand community of graphic design companies and workshops.

Here are the categories

The eight types of graphic design

Visual identity graphic design

Marketing & advertising graphic design

User interface graphic design

Publication graphic design

Packaging graphic design

Motion graphic design

Environmental graphic design

Art and illustration for graphic design

GEM MA O’BRIEN is a known Morals typographer who was known towards her interviews and presenting her work within the branches of art and design standing out with words speaking for themself.

words take actions to spark a conversation as words and louder pictures. As she speaks about reaching people explore creativity with words to you that can have meaning towards you and others. words are what we write in newspapers,in books, in drawing, hashtags, and on social media.

As she overcame with a lot of struggles she discovered writing and typography is an art therapy we need to start building like texting and words of affirmation on a daily like even blogs to people, love ones, family, partners, and roommates.

Finding something you love to do will spark something creative inside of all of us sometimes change can or cannot be a good thing. Like for instance people who are digital or traditional or both may not be the same skills of a variety of characteristics out there but there needs to be a solution in Design and Art.

Start a Conversation

The ways we could do at home is an online platform design challenges to reduce stress and connect with the social and art media platforms within your home by pr acting social distancing towards the Stress-free zone space and getting comfortable within your home. Everyone your not alone it’s better to not take a risk with our health and our well being.

Children, parents, Young, and Elders towards social distancing are having so much stress and anxiety from news and actions. Furthermore, what we are feeling safety action procedures only going what is necessary essentials whether it is: The main source of work, groceries, and pharmaceuticals towards medicine provided. Taking online procedures and stay away from hospitals unless emergencies required to take steps of learning to listen together on a piece of current daily news. Safe lives and protect your selves in being aware of cleaning by washing with soap and sanitize when stepping out into the world.





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Making Medical Illustrations Procedures of what to do during quarantine

Draw with me challenges inspiration from online workshop videos Stefan kunz and more studio blog channels on you tube

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