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Stranger Things Is Inspired From Real life True Stories!

by Prasad Gajinkar 10 months ago in entertainment
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Stranger things on netflix must be everyone"s favorite right, But did you know that it was based on a real life story, It was originally named as montauk before they changed it too stranger things , Lets dig in deeper to know more.

Netflix is known for its for its amazing series, Stranger things is one of the of their most popular series , which is everyone's favorite, stranger thing is a science fiction horror show , Which revolves around a group of young friends and how do they encounter this supernatural mysteries happening around in Hawkins , and how they unravel the mysteries when one of their friend suddenly disappears , And eventually they discover that even the government is involved in these experiments, This show had lot of dark elements in it including demons, creatures, portals , Alternate dimensions.

But there's one thing that even shocked me was that a lot of the sub plots from stranger things are inspired from real life incidents, Though there's no proof for these stories to be true , But the people involved in it have claimed it to be true.

So lets unravel from where does this real life stranger things story begins from.

the Montauk Project - This story starts from camp hero, An army base which is not functional in today's time is situated in New York at a place called Montauk , this army base was functioning from 1800"s during the war period and was used as a training ground till world war 2, But many later this place lost its worth.

During 1950's the U.s Air force took control over the place and around 1960's they installed huge radar dishes all over the place ,And later on they also installed a big satellite dish, which was claimed to be a advanced technology used.

1990's Timeline - So in around 1990's we are introduced to a man named Preston Nichols , who decides to declare a statement in public and tell the world that he was involved in a lot of military projects and many secret weird experiments, And he also said that for many years he had no memories about this thing in his life , But now after many years , he is slowly recollecting his memories back , Which were wiped from his brain to hide this information.

Preston worked on many weird experiments including mind control. teleportation, telepathy and even time travel, which he said were done at the army base in montauk.

1992 Timeline- Around this time Preston and peter moon published a book called the montauk project - experiments in time also need to know Preston Nichols was an electrical engineer, who had an expertise in electromagnetism.

1974 Timeline - One of the experiments that Preston was working on was psychic telepathy which is basically mind reading and Preston wanted to prove that this wasn't true, so he worked with many psychic's and discovered that daily at the same time their physic connection used to break and he thought that all this was happening due to a interference of an electrical signal, After a lot of research he discovered that the signal was coming from the air force base in montauk.

Timeline 1984 - So finally in 1984 Preston decides to visit the air force base in montauk, But after visiting the place he founds that the place has been abandoned and no one was there but the weird thing was that all the machinery was left as it is, And when Preston was investigating the place , he founds a homeless man and the weird part is the man recognizes him and claims to have worked with Preston on the experiments as Preston was his boss, now after some months have passed, A man named duncan cameron reaches out to preston at his lab and shows him an equipment which preston doesn't recognizes, so after some discussion preston takes duncan to the montauk base, And duncan recognizes it .

So now lets hear the story of Duncan cameron, So the time line is 1943 in philadelphia, So around 1943 the U.S government was working under philadelphia experiment to hide their ships from the radar's, so their battleships can be used to attack without being detected, So their was to build an electromagnetic field around the ship, So no other radars could detect them.

The battleship used for experiment was USS Eldridge, A battleship with all weapons loaded on it, So one day when the experiment was going on something weird happened and the ship just disappeared suddenly for some seconds and then came back, But when the ship reappeared the crew members were badly disfigured , some badly injured and according to the book a lot of people were fused to the ship metal.

Timeline 1984- So around this time Duncan and Preston are trying to regain their memories back by sharing their memories with with each other to connect the missing parts of their life, And while they were trying to regain their memories , preston suddenly remembers that he was apart of the montauk project and duncan also remembers that him and his brother ed was also present on the USS Eldridge during the experiment and they both climbed off the ship in between of its disappearance and got lost in time.

Timeline 1970's - During this time period the U.S Government started working on the montauk project in the army base , doing a lot of experiments on projects such as telepathy, mind reading , teleportation,mind control, Time travel.

So, Preston nichols mentioned in his book that most of the experiments were done on Duncan Cameron , Who was 12 years old when he was kidnapped and was used for experiments due to his psychic abilities, They used to tie him to a chair called the montauk chair and hook him with wires and machineries and whatever duncan used to think was seen by them on a screen.

Over the time, Duncan's abilities grew stronger , now whatever he used to think of would appear in reality, but you can't touch them, but as time passed he started creating things which you can touch, One more experiment was done on duncan which was the seeing eye, Through this power you can see through any person's eye in this world and ffel what they felt just like eleven in stranger things, After a period of time duncans powers started affecting time.

Timeline 1979 - So around 1979, They started experimenting on time bending & time altering and decided to work on a time vortex in 1981 , And discovered that there was a time portal in 1983 and it goes back to 1943, Which is divided in 20 to 20 years gap.

Timeline 1983 - So around 1983, Where they found the time portal, When all the machineries and transmitters were on, Something very weird happened And the USS Eldridge appeared in 1983 which disappeared in 1943, And the brothers Ed and Duncan, Who Climbed from the ship were discovered over there .

So Duncan from 1980's now visualizes of a big hairy monster and it appears in reality and does too much destruction killing many people inside the army base, And it didn't stopped until the transmitters and generators were shut down totally, And after everything is shut down, The monster disappeared .

So at this time after seeing so much destruction, They decided to send Ed and Duncan back to 1943 using the time portal and also told them to destroy everything on USS Eldridge, And they abandon all the experiments leaving the machinery as it is after wiping off everyone's memories.

So i hope you enjoyed this story , Real or not is a still a question.


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