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'Stranger Things' Could Be Connected to 'The Walking Dead'

by Sarah Loyd 8 months ago in tv

Did the Upside Down cause the zombie apocalypse?

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The small town of Hawkins, Indiana, is the source of all things weird. Strange happenings like a dark, parallel universe, deadly creatures, secret government experiments, and a girl with telekinetic powers. So, is it possible that the events in Stranger Things could somehow cause the apocalypse in The Walking Dead? Is there a connection between the two shows? I certainly think so. Here's the proof.

Hawkins Lab

The mysterious facility in Hawkins was host to classified government experiments. In these experiments, scientists used elements from the infamous Upside Down as well as an assortment of mind-altering drugs. Who's to say that these tests didn't continue in the future? Doctors could've taken things to a whole new level, a level that created a patient zero.

In season one of The Walking Dead, the group encounters the CDC in Atlanta, where they learned about the attempts at finding a cure. Patient zero could have been there. Did the CDC know about Hawkins Lab? Is the CDC partly responsible for the end of the world?

Now, Who Is Patient Zero?

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Patient zero could be the first walker (zombie). He or she could carry the virus that spreads around the world. When Eleven (aka Elle) was born, she was taken by the scientists of Hawkins Lab to be an experiment. Other girls went through a similar situation. Eleven met a girl named Kali, who is clairvoyant and can cast illusions with her mind. So, as the tests continued throughout the years, one girl may have become patient zero. She was an experiment gone wrong.

Let's also consider Elle's mom. She was subjected to psychedelic drugs that deprived her senses. Consequently, Elle obtained her mind-bending abilities in her mother's womb. Drugs mixed with the Upside Down elements could form a flesh-hungry zombie or a powerful little girl.

But What About The Upside Down?

The Upside Down is an alternate dimension. It is a place full of darkness and grisly creatures, like the mind flayer or the Demogorgon. This alternate universe may carry spores or viruses that can cause people to turn into zombies. Will Byers, for instance, got sick from being stuck in the Upside Down for too long. In season two of the show, something from the Upside Down infected the town's crops. Perhaps, in the future, those spores got trapped in the world's water supply and contaminated the population. Perhaps, patient zero is someone like Will Byers. A person who became exposed to the elements of the dark dimension. Can a person turn into a zombie if they stay in the Upside Down too long?

Then There are the Creatures

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The mind flayer and the Demogorgon could also be carriers of the virus. They may have started the viral spread by biting an unsuspecting victim. When one of the monsters attacked Eleven, she lost her telekinetic abilities. However, those creatures are hard to miss. So, that theory is flimsy.

Still, there may be zombies that exist in the Upside Down. Those walkers could step into our world and ignite the end of days. Eleven made contact with a monster from the Upside Down. Patient zero can possibly make contact as well. Did Eleven or patient zero unwittingly lure out a destructive beast that starts a pandemic?

The events of Strangers Things may have taken place in the eighties, but it could start a chain of events that lead to the zombie apocalypse in Walking Dead. All the experiments, test subjects, and dangerous creatures will set in motion dark days to come in the future.

Do you agree with this theory? Feel free to give me your thoughts on my Twitter.

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Source: Stranger Things Wiki, Walking Dead Wiki

Sarah Loyd
Sarah Loyd
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