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Star Wars Episode VIII: Ramnifications of Finn V. Kylo Ren?

by Paul Writes 4 years ago in movie

Star Wars Episode VII saw the introduction of three pivotal characters to the new Star Wars saga. These new roles were introduced with a substantial amount of backstory for each of them built in to their character dynamics.

Star Wars Episode VII saw the introduction of three pivotal characters to the new Star Wars saga, Daisy Ridley in the role of Rey, John Boyega playing Finn, and Adam Driver as Kylo Ren. These new roles were introduced with a substantial amount of backstory for each of them built in to their character dynamics. Daisy Ridley's Rey is the force-sensitive offspring of another force-wielding Jedi within the Star Wars Universe, John Boyega's character of Finn is another Force-sensitive individual in the Star Wars universe who probably is of a lineage that shares Force-sensitive abilities, and Kylo Ren who is played by actor, Adam Driver is the only confirmed Jedi offspring in Episode 7, being the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, cementing his expanded role in the Star Wars universe.

The film sees the three characters go through their own adventures which eventually lead to a confrontational meeting between the three new additions to the Star Wars universe.

Scene Breakdown of Duel between Kylo Ren and Finn, and Ren and Rey.

SPOILER ALERT: Towards the climax of the film, there is a violent confrontation between Finn and Kylo Ren. Finn having obtained Luke's old lightsaber from Maz Kanata's relic library faces off with Kylo Ren in a nearby forested area. A lightsaber battle ensues between the two with Kylo Ren easily gaining an advantage over Finn. Finn is able to adequately protect himself but eventually is stricken down by Kylo Ren. Finn is gravely wounded by Kylo Ren but not killed by him; the extent of Finn's injuries are unknown but quick shots show Finn lying in the snow, not moving after sustaining wounds. Once Kylo Ren defeats Finn, Rey steps in and pulls the lightsaber from the ground with her force powers, where as Kylo Ren attempts to but is unable to pick up the lightsaber. Rey goes forward fighting Kylo Ren with the newly obtained lightsaber, showcasing her awakened Force abilities while using the lightsaber at the same time. Eventually, it becomes clear to Kylo Ren and Rey, that Rey's force powers have been awakened and her force abilities are more powerful than Kylo's Dark-Side power. With the realization of Rey having the upper hand on Kylo Ren becoming apparent to the two dueling, Rey lands some debilitating blows to Kylo Ren, slashing through his lightsaber and what appeared to be part of Kylo's hand; nothing has been confirmed in terms of what injuries Kylo Ren suffered at the end of Episode VII but it appears that he did at least suffer a facial laceration and a ray-gun blast to the chest by Chewbacca. Kylo Ren's injuries seem superficial other than the potential injury to his lightsaber wielding hand, more importantly were Finn's injuries towards the end of the film. Nothing can be speculated to the extent of Finn's injuries, but theories have been proposed by the fan community that Finn's injuries may have permanently damaged his body. We saw Kylo Ren bring his lightsaber across Finn's back, potentially damaging Finn's spine, plausibly taking the use of his legs and his ability to be a soldier in future films. If it were true that Finn has been permanently injured, there are a few different measures that can be done to address this situation.

Result of injuries sustained by Finn after the duel.

Damage to the spine could leave Finn confined to a wheelchair or even completely paralyzed but with Star Wars existing in a universe that prides itself on game-changing technology, we are most likely to see Finn get some medical treatment to help him walk again or an augmented exo-suit capable of compensating for Finn's lack of ability to be a functional solider anymore. No one can really presume how bad Finn is injured by the injuries he receives from Kylo Ren but those injuries could have larger ramifications for the Star Wars universe, as well as Finn's character himself. Aside from the possibility of Finn having his body permanently damaged in his fight with Kylo Ren, the fight itself and the aftermath of the battle could change the dynamic of Finn's character in future films like Episode VIII. With more speculation being noting, not withstanding the known facts proved by the events in Star Wars Episode VII, if Finn has been gravely injured, then the physical trauma he's faced might have awakened latent Force-wielding abilities lying dormant within him. Finn hasn't showcased a major trait of Force power yet, but an intense physical trauma could be the catalyst necessary to awaken Finn's full potential as a Force wielder. This might not be the case in contradiction to a positive outcome for Finn. He could be in a weaker state, unable to tap into the Force after his encounter with Kylo Ren; which could be another possible ramification of their lightsaber duel. Both potential theories possibly have some credence of truth to them, but we wont know until Episode 8 is released.

Possible Plot Threads for Star Wars Episode 8 to expand upon.

Another possible eventuality due to Finn's encounter with Kylo Ren could be that Finn will require an exo-suit just to move around or mechanical augmentations added to his body capable of improving his limited mobility. With that theory being within the realm of possibility, Finn could wind up with augmented body parts similar to the type Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader had implanted on him. Finn doesn't need limb replacement but if the injury he sustained to his spine and back is great enough, along with the filmmakers deciding to add more to Finn's character literally and figuratively, then the body augmentations to repair Finn's injured body would be a conceivable plot device to use in future films. Aside from those potential theories, the filmmakers putting together this new chapter in the Star Wars universe could have future plans for Finn's character that don't involve Finn taking on the role of a soldier but rather an influential leader or strategist. Going along with the theories that Finn will still be injured at the beginning of Star Wars Episode VIII, Finn could be confined to bed rest or is wheel-chair bound then his role in the Star Wars universe may change to see Finn aiding General Leia and the Resistance in their fight against The First Order.

Could Finn be a Resistance leader in future Star Wars films? The filmmakers behind the Star Wars franchise have always kept their fans surprised and excited when it comes to their films, with that in mind, a change in role for one of their new leads is becoming more and more possible. We won't know what Finn's fate is until Episode VIII comes out, but i'm sure we won't be disappointed with the result.


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