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Spoilers and Theories: Captain Marvel and Her Impact in 'Avengers Endgame'

by Josh Fayne about a year ago in superheroes

Spoilers! 'Avengers Endgame' Implications

Spoilers and Theories: Captain Marvel and Her Impact in 'Avengers Endgame'

Okay, so this is going to be a spoiler-filled breakdown and add to my previous theories about Avengers Endgame. Now is the time to turn back if you haven't seen Captain Marvel. Okay, you have been warned, everything after this sentence is your fault.

'Captain Marvel' Breakdown

I just saw Captain Marvel, and I am in complete awe. There is a lot of negativity towards this movie, and it is so unjust. This is an awesome origin story, introducing us to a powerful new weapon in the Avengers arsenal. I think everyone was worried that Captain Marvel would steal thunder from all the ground work our current Avengers did. In reality, she is going to add to it! She is going to be a monumental key to the Avengers and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie is literally just introducing us to Carol Danvers and laying the groundwork for how, with the help of the current Avengers and heroes, Thanos will be defeated. I will go into detail explaining Captain Marvel as a movie, and what it means for us as fans.

As I suspected when I watched all the trailers for Captain Marvel, this is going to be a story of how Carol Danvers got her powers, her figuring out her past, and realizing the cause she fought for was a lie. The movie starts with a flash of a crash, and Vers, her Kree name, in a pilot outfit with blue Kree blood on her nose. She wakes up on Hala, the Kree home planet, and Yon Rogg (Jude Law) says she needs to let it go because it distracts her from her purpose. That banter between them has a mentor student vibe, and probably why the running theory was Jude Law was playing Mar Vel, Captain Marvel's mentor in the comics. More on that later. They go into a mission to go after Talos, Leader of the Skrulls. They lay groundwork that Skrulls are evil, a threat, and the sole purpose of the Kree is to protect the Galaxy from them. Vers gets captured by the Skrulls and they start going through her memories. To Vers these memories are lies, planted by Skrulls because she sees herself as a pilot on Earth, with who she sees as The Supreme Intelligence, Kree A.I ruler. The Supreme Intelligence takes the form of who inspires you, when you talk with it. Vers sees Annette Benning's character in this case.

One big thing about Captain Marvel is they show you how good Carol is with technology. She has been a Kree soldier for six years at this point, and has access to the most advanced tech you can imagine. She is incredibly tech savvy, and able to modify technology, shown when she phones Yon Rogg on Earth, from a pay phone using a game boy. Remember this is set in 1995, that will be important later.

Ok now, she is on Earth and meets no other than Nick Fury. A young, two eyed Nick Fury who is a field agent, with rookie Agent Coulson. The CGI used to make them look young is very well done. Fury asks her some questions, she explains her name is Vers of the Kree Starforce sent to capture Skrulls. Fury has his hesitations, until a Skrull shoots at them and she blasts a photon beam at them. Fight ensues and ends with a dead Skrull. Fury takes this seriously and now tries to find Vers. Fury meets up with Vers, she explains she needs to know what Project Pegasus is, as this is what the Skrulls are looking for. Project Pegasus is a S.H.I.E.L.D project for light speed aircraft. They find that this project was covered up after two pilots steal the craft and crash and burn it. They show a picture of Annette Benning's character and in the background is Carol Danvers. Fast forward they find Carol's friend from the Air Force and Talos finds them, and plays a black box recording of the crash, it is here that Carol remembers everything.

Annette Benning's plays Captain Marvel's mentor, Mar Vel, and was on Earth to take Project Pegasus to the Kree, to eliminate their enemies. Mar Vel however discovers the truth about the Kree and instead tries to steal the craft, to help find a new home for the Skrulls. Yon Rogg shot the craft down, then kills Mar Vel, after Mar Vel explains it is important to destroy the craft before it is stolen. Carol blasts the craft, explosion happens, and this blue energy hits Carol. Carol absorbs this blue energy and is rendered unconscious. Yon Rogg decides to take her because he realizes she absorbed its power and didn't die. He takes her back to Hala, when they inject her with Kree blood and erase her memories. Obviously, Carol realizing she was lied to, now her mission becomes destroy the Kree and help the Skrulls find a new home. Seriously, take this movie for what it is. An origin story like we had with every other hero. She is amazingly overpowered, but meant to help the Avengers, not replace them.

Ok now let me break down what this means by explaining her powers, where they came from, where she has been and then finish this up with how this reinforces my Endgame theories.

Captain Marvel's Powers Explained

So when the plane explodes, Carol absorbs some blue energy blast, and takes on its properties. Project Pegasus was a light speed aircraft project powered by, pause for dramatic effect, the Tesseract. That's right, the Tesseract also known as The Space Stone! Who else was born from an Infinity Stone? Scarlet Witch. Now she was almost dead after this blast so to save her, and assist with the memory loss, and weaponizing her, they injected her with Kree blood. In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D they explain Kree blood is powerful and can bring people back from dead and also enhance their abilities. The Kree blood makes her super strong and super durable, not unlike Thor and Hulk. The power she gains from the Tesseract gives her the power of energy manipulation. Meaning she can absorb, and redistribute energy, hence her photon blasts. So when Carol confronts the Supreme Intelligence, after she finds out she has been lied to and manipulated, she tells her she will end the war, rips out the chip they implanted and now can accesses her full potential. Soon after, she discovers she can fly, and fly fast. When you mix all these together, you get a super strong, super durable being that can use energy to fly and blast things. She stops a ton of Kree nuclear warheads from hitting Earth, then with ease destroys their ships and blasts through a war ship like it was paper. Ronin the Accuser just looks at this in awe then retreats because he knows he wants no part of this. Yeah. I see what Marvel Studios is talking about when they say she is the most powerful character they have ever introduced. Scarlet Witch with the strength and durability of Thor and Hulk.

Where Has She Been? Why Did Fury Wait to Page Her?

The relationship building they did with Carol and Fury is really good story telling. They gain a major friendship and help each other discover themselves. So where has Carol been? After Talos helped her gain her memories, and help her defeat the Kree fleet, she decides to help gather the Skrulls across the universe and find them a home. After she unlocks her full potential and realizes how powerful she is, her first act is to help the Skrulls who helped her. Fury knew this, and I think he realized it was important morally, and also how important that mission is to her. Carol gives him the upgraded pager, which I believe is connected to her suit. Her suit is just really awesome tech, can change colors and used as a communicator, a translator and changes to the environment she is in. She tells Fury, "This has a range of at least two galaxies, but only use it in an emergency." Wasn't the battle of New York an emergency? What about Sakovia? Well to be fair, Fury had Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow and a few other discovered, more than capable, heroes that really were holding their own in those fights. He respected her wishes and his heroes enough to just not call her whenever anything happened. Besides Avengers took those fights, not without casualties, but they still won. What greater emergency is there than half of life turning to dust? Hence the wait.

The Mid-Credit Scene:

So before I explain this scene, a lot of people think this is fake footage. Marvel Studios are the kings of misdirection and trickery, in trailers. Never in post and mid credit scenes. Ant Man had a post credit scene for Civil War that was in the movie. Same with the Doctor Strange post credit scene showing him meeting Thor in Thor Ragnorak. So with that being said...

Scene starts with Captain America, with a beard, and Black Widow, with short hair, starring at a screen, with a rising dusted count on Earth. Rhoadie, War Machine, comes in and tells them something is up with "the device." Now joined by Bruce Banner, they look into a enclosure that has these blue tubes and in the center is the pager. They say it turned off despite them over riding the battery. Cap says turn it back on, Rhoadie asks if they are sure, because they have no idea what it is calling. Black Widow says, "Fury thought it was important so turn it on and come get me when somethings happens. I want to know the second whatever is at the other end shows up." She turns around and there is Captain Marvel, with longer hair, and she just says two words, "Where's Fury?"

I am going to reinforce what I said earlier, Marvel Studios doesn't mess around with mid credit scenes. Sometimes they are vague, like when Fury paged Carol, or the Adam Warlock Tomb in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Seriously though Marvel, where is my Adam Warlock!? Ok anyways, the only thing that can even remotely bring its authenticity into question is, how did they get the pager? Other than that this is our first look at actual footage from Endgame! This is how our established heroes meet our newest hero. Granted there are gonna be questions Carol wants answered. If she learned anything in her origin movie it's to not trust anyone. It will take some convincing. Still, I am hyped even more for Endgame!

Above is a link to my Avengers Endgame theory that involves Doctor Strange's plan and how that ties into other important characters that will be pivotal in reversing Thanos' deeds. However, this was my theory Pre-Captain Marvel. So my above theory still holds the closest to my heart, but now like to add what I now know about Captain Marvel. Carol's powers come from an Inifinity Stone, the space stone to be exact. Scarlet Witch slowed down Thanos pretty good until he used time stone to bring Vision back and complete the gauntlet with the mind stone. Vision's hypothesis, proven true, is only a power of equal or greater strength can destroy the stone. Scarlet Witch, born from the mind stone, used her power to destroy the mind stone. Captain Marvel is born from the space stone. See where I am going with this?

She is also a genius in creating technology, as she showed upgrading the pager, her suit, and the pay phone. Captain Marvel, Tony Stark, Shuri, Rocket and Bruce Banner are now going to be working on a way to defeat Thanos. That is five engineering genius. Combine that with Captain Marvel's powers, including, but not limited to countering the stones power and being able to destroy stones. Combine all that with Ant Man's knowledge of the quantum realm, Tony's B.A.R.F tech, Doctor Strange sending the time stone to them in future, the quantum tunnel in the back of the security van and a very injured Thanos, it is very safe to say the Avengers have more than enough technology, power and will to defeat Thanos and undo his work.

Sorry this was long winded, but as you can see Captain Marvel movie had a lot of implications on Avengers Endgame. That and Captain Marvel is such a great standalone origin story. I am very excited for her to join the Avengers. After all it was called the Avengers Initiative after her, Captain Carol "Avenger" Danvers. Sorry Thanos, you are in for a fight.

P.S. Goose the cat is amazing! Another great part of the story. Truly most entertaining understory in the film. I hope to see Goose again.

P.S.S. I am very much so laughing at how Nick Fury lost his eye. Nick Fury in a very serious manner to Captain America, "Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye." Bad Goose! Hahaha.

Josh Fayne
Josh Fayne
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