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Spider-Man's Future in the MCU in Doubt

by Kenneth Belliveau 11 months ago in movie

Tom Holland seemed to be the future face of the MCU, but now all that seems to be in jeopardy

Spider-Man's Future in the MCU in Doubt

Will the web slinger ever catch a big screen break? Sony and Marvel are back in the public eye for all the wrong reasons as threats loom that Spider-Man will be pulled from the MCU.

First things first, I absolutely do not want this to end with Marvel purchasing Sony for many reasons. That's not to say those cards are available for play at this time, but it would just majorly suck for the market as a whole if that were to happen.

With the DCEU secure over at WB, Sony offers Marvel/Disney its only real sense of competition for box office contention. Look at the top five films of 2019 and the truth speaks for itself as to how much of this market they already control.

2019 was a letdown aside from Far From Home for Marvel. The Avengers for a three hour film had three big moments and they all happened so far apart. It was drawn out and the big sacrifice was very clear to any fan who had been paying attention to things behind the scenes.

We all know what a colossal flop Dark Phoenix became just recently signaling the weakest end to any film franchise based on a long standing series. It's an embarrassment that they let this series go out like this, but that's not my burden to bear.

Captain Marvel was the most generic and lacklustre origin story the MCU has done to date. The humour felt forced, the acting off for an MCU film, and the visuals were on par but not above the rest.

Then came Far From Home the film that changed the entire game for Marvel post Endgame. There was no way after the events of Far From Home that Feige and other producers had any intention of slowing down Spider-Man's involvement. Tom Holland seemed to give all indications he wants a long and prosperous relationship with Marvel execs to do what they want with Peter. He was poised to take over the mantle from Tony Stark and that was one of the pivotal points for character development in Far From Home.

Regardless of where Spider-Man went next his connection to the MCU is undeniable at this point. If this is the case and this in fact the end for Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man then it may just be time to move on from that character. I would not want to see him pop up in the Venomverse at this point as it would feel out of place. It seems like Peter Parker has bad luck at his first sequel on the big screen. Spider-Man 3 was a horrid mess of melodrama and bad acting. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tried to cram too much into one sitting. Far From Home was probably the best Spider-Man film to date but now all this behind the scenes drama may cause issues with the product moving forward.

The Venomverse is actually in a prime spot to add a Spider-Man, but not have it be Peter Parker. That's right if this falls through I believe the Venomverse should move onto Miles Morales. It would be the prime way to enter in a new era and do it their way without the pressure of having to make or break with Peter for the 4th time.

Marvel/Disney came off as the bad guy in this situation, demanding more of the reward and less of the financial burden. Sony never needed to allow this to happen in the first place. Homecoming would not have been the phenomenon it was without Sony willing to even play ball at all. It's nice to see Sony stand up to the big bad box office bully and say no. If you want a character we own the rights to you better pony up the cash we know you have. It's smart and really does zero damage to their own brand moving forward.

If this ends with Sony being bought by Marvel the whole industry has lost. It's as simple as that. We have seen Disney bully their way through the playing field in the past and it would be a shame to watch them continue this over saturation of the same product for years to come. Endgame marks the end of an Era. Marvel doesn't automatically have my viewership because of their established history. It does not work like that. They have to continue to show me that they have a product worth investing in and with all this drama lately they have not done that.

Kenneth Belliveau
Kenneth Belliveau
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